• hare krishna

    I asked the same question to one of Srila Prabhupada's disciples

    He said Prabhupada said once to control our senses and overcome fear.

    Hope this helps

    Yes HH Radhanath Maharaj said once that you just have to be under the shower of mercy

    And you will be cleansed.

    do not know when how

    but you will


  • Hare Krsna !
    Before coming to ISKCON, you cannot stare in your own eyes for long time standing before a mirror. As you progress in Bhakti marg by taking Nama Japa and sadhu sanga you are getting purified, and as such the time of stare directly inyour own eyes increases. Your style of thinking changes. You start realizing about your mistakes and do not try to cover them or disguise them so that others could not realise your mistakes. You are more ready to accept mistakes and apologise not simply acting but from the bottom of your heart you feel apologising. No body forces you. Just by uttering the name of Radhe Rani or Krishna your eyes are full of tears. You can singout name of Krsna loudly from your throat, but no sooner you try to sing Krsna from deep within your heart your throat will choke all the sound. When you start seeing Krishna and Radhe Rani in all objects and subjects around you, in every human being or animal or plant or physical objects. These are the symbols of progress in bhaktimarg. Only you will be the judge. No one else can judge. Your behaviour may be an acting to show out to other devotees that you are progressing in KC, but real "Andar Kee Baat to Tumhe he maloom padegi".
  • To progress you ideally need guru....either diksa or siksa....The diksa guru gives initiation.Which in Iskcon means the initiating spiritual personality.He provides the bija or seed of devotional service.Which is is planted within the heart of the disciple.Whom chants 16 rounds and follows 4 regulative principles.But also endeavours to always remember and serve krishna!However almost as important are the siksa gurus,generally they are older devotees,whom daily give nourishment and spiritual advice and encouragement regularly within the temple!They are usually his godbrothers and are formally trained, disciplined and determined like the diksa guru .They also having been trained within the ''sankirtan furnace of preaching and temple surrender''!Like in the creation of a powerful sword ..the metal is honed down to an extreme degree needs extreme heat and shaping to create the perfect weapon,devotees also need this unique'' preaching cauldron'' environment to mature and become empowered to spread krishna conciousness potently!When you have these great Souls around you literally every day ...they simply tell you when you are progressing.Wether you are pleasing krishna or not!.In other words you need the superior devotees with whom you can regularly submit to,whom can find fault and attempt to rectify us.This genuine submission was displayed by arjuna by his personal surrender to krishna.Which he illustrates to us within the Bhagavad gita As it is. ..The rest is simply sentiment and your own mental concoction.....Therefore the hare krishna movement is for the serious practitrioners!...This ''army like preaching ''mood was created by Srila Bhaktisiddanta saraswati takura initially within the gaudiya matha!Srila Prabhupada naturally attempted to refine it within the modern context.......your servant!
    • hare krishna prabhuji
      dandwat pranam
      hari bol!!!!!!!!!!!
      • This question becomes difficult to answer when we are not getting any reciprocation from Krishna in terms of realizations. But in this situation also, best way to check whether we are progressing or not is to analyse our past: HOW CONDITIONED I WAS, how much i was suffering ? And we can compare with present condition.--------words from my Gurumaharaj
        Hare Krishna
    • Hare Krishna prabhuji
      dandwat pranam
      hari bollll!!!!!!!!!!
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