As said that until and unless we dont detach ourselves from the material world we cant detach us from the cycle of life and death, then how can we survive avoiding our environment which is embedded with materialistic things only????????

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  • Simply "add" Krishna to ur life and HE will take care of the rest .. u need not worry !!!
  • Hare Krishna.

    Yes.Everything around us is motivating Pravritti. Too many distractions and attractions.

    Nivritti (detachment/renunciation) is what you need to achieve. Target.

    Practice (abhyasena tu kaunteya) Nivritti from the core of Pravritti by constantly thinking about Him (anan yas cintayanto mam). It is definetly going to yield target achievement.Concentrate on Bhagavan Sankarshana. He is non different from Bhagavan Sri Krishna and is called Dhrida Sankarshana (strong in conviction/stubborn for a valid cause)out of love and affection. That stubbornness to achieve your desired target will be infused by His Divine Grace

    Then study (copy paste on your browser please) and visualize from the following Bhagavatas links:




    Any thought of cutting off from material contaminations and leaving (ditching) Him to continuing his micromanagement of the material worlds which He does not like to itself is colossal sin by itself. It boils down to

    escapism/selfishness/self centered  ness and similar thought patterns.


    Warm Regards

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna .  You say your enviroment as embedded with materialistic things only.   Is it true that there is only materialistic things all around you?    Or shall we say all YOU THINK of is materialistic things?    There is nothing wrong with the enviroment.   Everthing here is just perfect for serving Krsna.   So anywhere we go our mind goes with us.  Even in the temple you can be lusty because you have a dirty wicked mind.   The enviroment cannot be changed.   Everywhere is the objects of the senses.  Even when you dream at night your mind is active and if your mind is clean and pure you will see everything is perfectly aranged.   No problem.

    As far as getting free fom the cycle of birth and death Shastra says

    One can attain the path of liberation from material bondage only by rendering service to highly advanced spiritual personalities. These personalities are impersonalists and devotees. Whether one wants to merge into the Lord's existence or wants to associate with the Personality of Godhead, one should render service to the mahätmäs.For those who are not interested in such activities, who associate with people fond of women and sex, the path to hell is wide open. The mahätmäs are equipoised. They do not see any difference between one living entity and another. They are very peaceful and are fully engaged in devotional service.They are devoid of anger, and they work for the benefit of everyone. They do not behave in any abominable way. Such people are known as mahätmäs.  S B 5.5.2.

  • As most of us have observed/seen Lotus flower. It flourishes in mud but it is so beautiful and completely detached from mud and its surroundings. We as human being should also use materialistic things but without having or controlling attachments towards materialistic things. Thereby we can gradually develop controlling our senses and concentrate on Sri Hari in all times. Eventually we will cutoff ourselves from material world.


    Hare Krishna :)


  • Hare Krishna prabhu,

    It shows that you are very thoughtful. If we can understand & realise that since nothing in this world has been created by us so nothing is owned by us then we'll realise that Krishna is the real owner.

    This is called detachment. "anasaktasya vishayan yatharham upayunjatah / nirbandha krishna sambandhe / yukta vairagya ucyate".

    This kind of detachment is very difficult to achieve and this is real detachment. This is not external but it's the disposition of the heart. Some people talk of detachment as not using the things of this world. But that's not possible because as you rightly said that all things - our body included - are made of matter, then how can we run away from matter.

    Therefore, real detachment means to realise and not just know that everything is owned by Krishna. This will save us from a lot of unnecessary anxiety that we take in life. i'll give a simple analogy to explain this - supposing that you see a car broken on the road and it's owner sitting beside it crying. Will you feel pain for it?? Whereas if your car breaks that way then you will feel much more pain, right.

    Now try to understand, why damage to your car pained your heart is b'coz you feel you own it. So that implies that your are attached to your car and detached from the car on the road. So to become detached from your car you should transfer it's proprietary rights to someone else. And the ideal proprietor of everything of this world is the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

    But unfortunately, when we work hard to acquire something then it becomes very difficult to see Krishna as the owner of that thing. That's what Krishna tells us in the Bhagavad Gita - "prakrteh kriya manani / gunai karmani sarvashah / ahankar vimudhatma / karta 'ham iti manyate" := that a living entity thinks oneself to be the doer and thus the proprietor of everything that one surveys.

    How to achieve detachment then?? This detachment is the mercy of the Supreme Lord. We can't achieve it any other way but prayers. The best prayer for this yuga is "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna / Krishna Krishna Hare Hare / Hare Ram Hare Ram / Ram Ram Hare Hare". If we regularly and constantly(best) chant the Holy names of the Supreme Lord then Krishna one day will bestow His mercy upon us as He promises in the Bhagavad Gita - "tesam evanukampartham / aham agnyana tam jamah / nashayamyatma bhavasto / gyana dipena bhasvatha". Our attachment is only due to our ignorance. So Krishna by giving us true knowledge removes our ignorance. Once we are fixed in the true knowledge of the real owner of everything then we will get detached from everything.

    So, in conclusion the answer is that we have to do what Krishna tells us to do from shloka number - 9 & 10 of chapter 10. Then He will give us the result as in BG 10.11.

    Your servant,

    Pran Govind Das

  • Hare Krishna


    Simple. You are any way logged on to it. Just unsubscribe.

    Subscribe to Bhagavan Ji. Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra.

    Help Him unsubscribe to material world micromanagement that too at such colossal levels.

    Become pure perfectly devoid of all contamination and serve Him eternally and relentlessly.

    Devoid Him of the need to contaminate, infuse jivas into it and micromanage it too.

    He does not like it. refer Srimad Bhagavatas 5.25.6 purport.


    Om Sri Sri Bhagavan Sankarshanaya Namaha



  • hare krishna

    please accept my humble obeisances

    all glories to srila prabhupada

    always remember that to cutoff himself/herself from the material world is not our goal...of course that is important but its not all in all i mean...chaitanya mahaprabhu incarnated taking the mood of radharani in this kaliyuga and only prayed that he get pure devotional service unto lord krishna birth after birth...keep in mind that he came just to teach us how shall we execute devotional life we must follow in his footsteps...and actually that should be our main get pure devotional service....rupa gosvami says that one who acts with his body,mind and words for krishna is a liberated person even within this fixed in ur it properly,attentively...once u become absorbed in chanting or any of the 9 devotional process ,this very material world will turn out to be spiritual for you...and the point is that even if we go to spiritual world we will just serve krishna personally..nothing more... which can also be done when u r here and are transcendental to the 3 material modes...of course there are certain things more in the spiritual world but dont take it too deeply...else it will take long to explain....

    conclusion is .....purify yourself completely...your body your mind your words(only possible through chanting in this age) ur sadhna very very seriously along with prayers and when you come to the brahma bhuta stage you will feel this very place as spiritual world...

    hope i am able to clear your doubt...if not pls reply back...

    ready to serve you

    srila prabhupada ki jaya


    • pr.. i m unable to get this part

      "chaitanya mahaprabhu incarnated taking the mood of radharani in this kaliyuga and only prayed that he get pure devotional service unto lord krishna birth after birth......."

  • Hare Krishna. Practically, the detachment to the material world automatically happens. Now you will ask when and why? It is when the matreials you are attached to start giving pains and problems.  Then you realise the false attachment you had towards these. During this time if you attach yourself to Krishna, you get Moksha. The cycle of life and death makes you go through the compulsory punishment Krishna has decided for you. Thereby, you will go through the environmental attachments and the pain associated with it and detachments from it afterwards.
  • Volunteer

    Attachment was there, is there and will continue to be there until we leave this material world. Only question is how to make this attachment to detachment. actually the answer is very simple. Any thing animate or inanimate in the whole creation belongs to Krishna. Even the body we are currently having, the money we posses, the property we own, the material knowledge we have gained, the beauty we are proud of, everything if a gift given by Krishna. When we understand this, we will no longer be attached to anything.

    Having said that, we should not just let everything go on its way and call it detachment. No that is not detachment. What ever is given in our disposition has to be taken care of properly for its the property of the Lord and we have to return it when he asks for. This is very easy to say but very difficult to practice. As Deepika mataji has suggested reading SP books will definitely help. The more serious you are in KC, the more detached you shall become.


    Hare Krishna.

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