How can krishna take birth.

in bhagwatgeeta krishna says that God does not take birth he is Ajanma and he does not die. But krishna born and also died. So this shows that krishna is not God.This was a qustion asked to me by one trueseekar friend. Pls explain prabhus and matajis.Hare krishna.

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  • Hey Vishal

    Good day and Hare Krishna.

    Kindly observe the following:

    Bhagavan Ji says Fools deride Him etc.

    He also says knowledge and forgetfulness comes from Him.

    So if He has made some jiva a fool in it's current body and driving false enjoyment with such intensity try to visualize His state of thinking resulting in such actions.

    Knowing this well that if the right knowledge is given to any fool created by Him, that /those jivas can immediately awaken their Gopitatva, He has come in the Internet Avatara (Magnetism is Bhagavan Sankarshana) giving knowledge to all at the flick of a finger which would have taken jivas life times to even fetch them. Let alone study and imbibe into ones existence.

    He can convert spirit into matter and matter to spirit by just willing for it. Either in totality or partially.

    These material spheres are now in the administrative process of mutation to spiritual realms through the advent of Psycho Convergence Integration (thereby eliminating the very thought of sin/crime), Transcendental science of GOD soon coming through the UGC umbrella etc.

    So Chill.



  • And further to my previous message, most importantly Vishal please remember the following as a 1st level recall and also inform your true seeker friend:

    All jivas are actually pure devotees of Dear Lord by constitution. Be it you, your true seeker friend, Barakh Obama, the jivas in the devotee bodies at ISKCON and outside, the jivas in the grass in lawns, jungles plants, trees etc, the jivas in the worms in the stool, the jivas rotting in  un destroyable bodies in various hells for their tenures, the jivas enjoying heights of sense pleasures in various heavens etc. Any living body consisting a jiva in the maithunyagaras.  Bhagavan Paramatma is there with each one of them micromanaging the body(that is the pity from His point of view. Such a raw deal we have given Him. Shame on us). It is only that some have forgot, some have been given the wake up call, some are waking up, zillions are in the queue to become humans first and many have not gone to sleep at all (those who have not gone to sleep do not trouble Bhagavan as Paramatma. They are ever conscious eternal servants) 

    It is about time all will realize that Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead.


    Hare Krishna


  • Hare Krishna

    Bhagavan Ji does not take birth in the conventional form through a womb of a sakti sarira as we are used to seeing day in and day out in various mammal species.

    When He appeared in the karagraha of kamsa which is a jail within this jail we are living on called maithunyagara (Bhagavad Gita page 207 3.39. Study it and retrospect on it.), He appeared in His Sriman Narayana swarupa with Four arms. The arms were touching his knee levels (none of ours do if you observe). He was carrying His Shanka the Panchajanya, Disk the Sudarshana, Gadha and Padma. After giving darshana to His so called worldly parents, on their humble request he assumed the form of a two armed baby and kept quiet.

    His deemed death as it looked to anyone after the disappearance did not leave back any body unlike a conventional death. In order to honor the curse of some saintly persons with whom Yaduvamshis played the fool with by showing a false pregnancy and a subsequent curse that the ball of steel that would be born will be the cause of the elimination of the entire race which included Himself, a piece of that ball which took the shape of the tip of an arrow pierced Bhagavan Krishna's toe. Subsequent vanishing of His chariot, Balarama Bhagavan Ji taking Jala Samadhi as an illusion (Basically He is Bhagavan Sankarshana) and Lord Krishna Himself creating the illusion that His body merges with the pancha bhutas (similar to the battle field illusion created that His body bleeds due to arrows striking Him).

    His entirety from arrival to childhood activities to Vishvarupa Darshana at Duryodhana's court and to Arjuna during the Gitopadesha to disappearance were all illusive. Because actually there is no birth nor death to Him as pure spiritual body just like us. Just as Narasimha Bhagavan Ji appeared out of an atom of the material of a pole Krishna Bhagavan Ji appeared out of any where (Anor Aniyan Mahato Mahiyan - smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest) in the karagraha and disappeared into nowhere (He made Himself so small that he could enter into any atom of any particle of matter in which He Himself is present as 'n' (in each atom of each pancha bhuta of this and all macrocosms).

    Try to visualize from mundane technology perspective - n mux (infinite multiplexing), n band (infinite spectrum), n switch (infinite switching and transmission). Then you will understand.

    It is like saying that the electron that came via the power cable entered the computer and died when it reaches the display. But all of us know that it is not so. Electronics of switching and transmission is continuous in a loop the size of which only each power grid knows. When the power is shut down the transmission minimizes greatly but no electrons die. Energy only changes from electrical to whatever - potential energy I guess.

    Or let us say there is a mobile number sitting in a sim card. You can clone as many sims with the same number and all of them will work even simultaneously if permitted by the GSM. The number is eternal. Numbers have always been around. Some of them collectively took the shape of this mobile number. All the numbers that existed, that took the shape of this mobile number, the cloned mobile numbers and the numbers that will continue to exist apart from these mobile numbers are all eternal. They have remained created from the time immemorial when this "n" macrocosm was created (as your true seeker friend will understand) will remain as 'n' for ever constantly flowing in various forms such as - number of Japa rounds chanted and to be chanted, money/legal tender of various currencies, mobile/PSTN numbers, IP addresses, the number of jivas on these material worlds (maithunyagaras), the number of atoms of all material (so that many Bhagavan Jis or "n" mux). But 1 minus "n" is still 1.

    Numbers used in codes can detonate a nuclear weapon or even send a Space shuttle to the moon.

    Numbers for example the speed of the earth (its rotation on its own axis, revolution around the Sun and the suns own speed around the milky way plus the speed of the milky way away from the core is 16400 miles per second or rather 57 million miles per hour and we don't even feel a jerk and moves with such precession.


    I am only trying in futile ways to give you analogies. He cant be understood that way.

    Just try to love the person who has over 80% control over your own body. Let that be the starting point. He will then reveal to you Who He is Where he is, How He is nobody but Krishna and all that you need to know


    Ask your friend not even to think that way let alone bring it to the public domains.

    I am sure Bhagavan Sankarshana who is the Paramatma Swarupa in each living being's heart will not only forgive him for his innocently illogically query but will also bless him with all knowledge and reveal Himself to him in all possible ways.

    Request him to read on from: The Glories of Lord Ananta

    and be attentive.

    Jai Sri Krishna


    Sankarshana Dasa


  • Volunteer

    Dear devotee Hare Krsna.   Krsna says in Gita.  7.24-25

    Unintelligent men, who do not know Me perfectly, think that I, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, was impersonal before and have now assumed this personality. Due to their small knowledge, they do not know My higher nature, which is imperishable and supreme.

    I am never manifest to the foolish and unintelligent. For them I am covered by My internal potency, and therefore they do not know that I am unborn and infallible.

    and 9.11

    Fools deride Me when I descend in the human form. They do not know My transcendental nature as the Supreme Lord of all that be.

    So when Krsna The Supreme Personality of Godhead appears here He plays like a human being and keeps Himself hidden from the nondevotees.

    Krsna reserves the right to not show Himself to them and says He only shows Himself to the devotees.

    Only the devotees can know Krsna in truth.


  • Volunteer
    Krishna appears. And disappears. First He entered to the Heart of Vasudeva then to the heart of Devaki and then to her womb. He could appear anyhow, but just out of love for His devotees appears as their son. Krishna never died. who told You that? It says He departed from this world or from our vision. In the reality Krishna never leaves Sri Vrindavan Dham, Mathura, Mayapur. He is always there and performs His lilas even nowadays.
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