Sudhama ji and all other people from Vrindavan had seen lord and all his leelas. They were present there physically and seen everything that the lord did. It is very natural for them to feel the true love for the lord. However people like us have only read about the lord and his pastimes in scriptures. We only have the information via books and I guess none of us have ever seen the lord except a very few people. So how can we get the same level of love for the lord from inside? I know it will be really difficult for all of us because most of us have neither experienced the lord nor seen him. But we can try to the best of our abilities. How can we generate the true love feeling for the lord from inside us as I believe lord has given us everything and everything is already present inside us but we just need to realise it! If once we feel the love for the lord from inside us, then for sure lord will notice us and everything in life will be taken care of. How can one truly love the lord without any selfish motive of ours? Most of the people worship lord with some motive in their minds. How can we stop worshipping like that? If we don't have any selfish motive only then we can love the lord completely.

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  • Love others as much as you possibly can, and the Love of the Lord will become fully manifest within your heart. Hare Krishna.

  • With all respects & acknowledgement's of your Victorys in reintroducing the "Most High God. Congradulations to all Vishnavas! All Victory All glory to you all! Sincerly Shaktimanah dahsa hear & at you"r service. 

     On the topic of the prosess of Personally experiencing internaly,

    the "internal Love of God, known as "Hi's Internal Potancies"

    Or "Hi's Heart's-internal potancies. Krishna has already stated in the Bahgavaht-Gita "the Supreem Scripture, 't

    That by no Other means Can He be approached "internally" other than this Single-prescribed-methud. If you are ready to know, then hear it is.-

    Bhakti-karma, and of all BhaktiKarmas, this Chanting of the three names of Haray Krishna & Rama, when chanted & Pronounced Properly, are the most pleasing and gratifying. Kreshna has all wealth all fame, all glory & all power i.e.  He needs little or (nothing) from us from moment to moment, howe er Not even He can resist the All atrative vibrations of these HolyNames when chanted in tandem. No we need to become Hi's servents in this way. Pleasing Him Hi's heart His mind & Hi's individual form.

    How to please Kreshna most & access the "inner realms" known as Hi's internal potancies? This is you'r question?

    So hear is the prosess I employed when training as a Bramachary at age 24 the 1st. Year I meet the Sainkiertonnah Bhaktie's, and entered my study's

    Within the Shelter & compound of The VishnuRam Temples.

    I learned for the time that the same principals that serve us in an attempt to calm controll, clean & observe the actions of this mind whille praticing yoga are also indicative and applicable. To meditations including These HolyMost name's of The most auspices' Head God's. Begin with these-certin mintel mindSets or dispositions- With a carefull*Respectfull modest, gentle approach, 1st. Bowing down at the feet of immage or deaties. (2) Let the eathers of that level of shakti wash over and minamise your presence further. Indeed I feel. That one SHOULD not lift the head to begin to chant or cast one's focus twords the immage or likeness untill one senses and physical identity is directly conchusly expereincing the "abandonment" of Miya's preview which only takes about 30 seconds to a minutes. Then begin chanting the mantras. Focusing 1st. at the feet & ankels, gradually lifting one's gaze to Hi's Calvs & knees-while keeping the preveus lower areas-also always- (within One's field of vishion).

    And so it goes. The eyes tracking Slowly upwards as this most valuable & unique alchemy of your Spiritualized sound vibrations are excepted & reciprocated by God. This requiernment for 1st. Personallty renouncing the attachments we naturelly incounter and incure in daily life 'is essential, for the mind to be at it's most focused and least distracted. If you feel like,

    You'r atentivness has been to disturbed from withouT or within simply repeat the eatherWash af bowing down again i.e. rence & repeat. Also one of my most exciting experiences has been to, after a long day of compleet consumation of devotional activaties is to "Chant myself to sleep. I'd swair Krishna will personally speak to or about you verbaly & the energies at that moment will be the "Sweetest tast of ecstatic experience of Overwhelm imaginable & then some. So that's it, 2-ways, (1) early morning Mantra "Offorings and. (2) Going to Sleep at nite call-out how to experience God's infunent internal glory energetically! Strive to become perfectly renounced by Vertue of Vishnu's light & loving presence. & not by use of "anyKind of aggression or overt energetic diminstration of profound proklamatiins of 

    renunciations. Being peacefully renounced is the more lasting & learning/memorable results. Indeed it is said that withOut Vishnu's being 1st. Homored w/(OM) Sri Vishnu Sri Vishnu, SriVishnu or at least (OM)

    "NO offering will bear the desiered fruits" krishna said in the Gita.

    So Vishnu's presence is of parramount importence in the begining and end of all attempts to present anything to anyone including The Head God" Himself. i.e. Never forget (Vishnu OM) Om Om & (Om TaT-Sat)-in closing all Medditative sessions! Thank you for your Query & this chanc to share with the Sa

    Incearly devoted Vishnavas! Shakti mamah dasah at your service 10,000 years! Hare Haray hariBolah! Mail forwarding service メール転送サービス
    Seven Angels Service Mail forwarding service. メール転送サービス
  • Ggg

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna. Thank you for this wonderful question. 

    How can a bhakt get pure love for the lord from inside ?

    A bhakta/devotee/living entity does not get pure love for lord. Every living entity already has love for Krsna inherently within their heart. But this love for Krsna has been covered. 

    His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada explains this core philosophy superbly in just 5 minutes here. Please listen to this very carefully and understand it thoroughly.  

    This love of God is now in a dormant state in everyone’s heart. And, there, love of God is manifested in different ways, but it is contaminated by material association. Now the heart has to be purified of the material association, and that dormant, natural love for Kṛṣṇa has to be revived. That is the whole process. (Bhagavad Gita As it is Purport 12.9)

    We only have the information via books 

    The terminology of "Information is present in books" is applicable for subjects like mathematics chemistry etc. Srimad Bhagavatam is not a book like that giving information on activities of boy in vrindavan who played with cows 5000 years ago.

    Srimad Bhagavatam is the spiritual sound manifestation of Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna Himself . This spiritual sound vibration when received properly allows the faithful devotees to witness the pastimes of Sri Krsna as they are being enacted/performed. The spiritual sound vibration of narration of pastimes of Sri Krsna is so enchanting that Sri Krsna Himself is mesmerised by it. Examples of this are Lord Jagannatha and Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

    Srimad Bhagavatam is the only shelter of Dharma in this world. Srimad Bhagavatam is the only source of light in this dark age of Kali that is capable of dissipating the ignorance of lazy people. Srimad Bhagavatam is that rope which hangs all the way from the spiritual world to this material earth right now by clinging on to which we can completely and effortlessly attain the supreme abode. It is that boat/bridge on which the ocean of material creation can be effortlessly crossed over like many many saints of the past have crossed over.  Srimad Bhagavatm is the only source of permanent warmth for the devotees. It is the only nectar which the devotees crave for and the only one which can satisfy them. 

    Srimad Bhagavatam can fully and easily bestow/ revive love for Sri Krsna upon ANY conditioned soul who  takes shelter of it faithfully. So shravanam of Srimad Bhagavtam is the true seeing of Sri Krsna just like Sudamaji and gopas did. 

    So how can we get the same level of love for the lord from inside?

    This question is beautifully answered in Srimad Bhagavatam as follows.  

    naṣṭa-prāyeṣv abhadreṣu
    nityaṁ bhāgavata-sevayā
    bhagavaty uttama-śloke
    bhaktir bhavati naiṣṭhikī

    By regular attendance in classes on the Bhāgavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact. ( SB 1.2.18)

    How can one truly love the lord without any selfish motive of ours? Most of the people worship lord with some motive in their minds. How can we stop worshipping like that? If we don't have any selfish motive only then we can love the lord completely.

    The selfish motives we have in our minds are called anarthas. When we listen to the spiritual sound vibration of Srimad Bhagavatam and the Hare Krsna Mahamantra, the anarthas present in our minds, heat are destroyed. Then when all the anarthas re removed, then we can love Sri Krsna in the purest sense. 

    Hare Krsna

  • Today is the "Easter Collaboration" for many- the day their Lord was rising-up from the death of Hi's body do to Hi's Provadence/destany brought on as the resultes of Marterism. I.e. the Concoring the illusion of the death of the Eternal Soul which is' a profound demonstration of the eternal truth that Krisna affirms in the (BG) We the Vishnavas (those who have taken as their religion (this calling-out of God's ever perfect names as the mosT PERFECT religion of this age.) We get to See God rise-Up in Hi's direct awareness and ingage in a direct reciprocation with God Himself 24/7/366. We are the champions of the resurrection process & experience! We are the teachers, we/our knowledge and our understanding of the inherent nasesdaty of the daily pratice of DARMA-or service directed selflessly twords the LotusLike / ever exspanding sweetness of God's feet. /awairness & enerjetic prowiss. For Us God's resurrection is much more than simbolic, indeed it is ever at our service & at our disposal. So chanting selflessly & properly is the way & means to arose Hi's spirit any & everyDay! We are & have been perfectly blessed, now we must Ourselves strive tp present ourselves "perfectly as all things that are God's are perfect. Hare Hare Krishna Haray Rama.all glory & all victory on all stratums goes too all those who chant The Most High Most Holy Sounds of the names of The Head God. Congratulations YOU HAVE FOREVER WON THE VICTORY that comes with the perfection of all yogas now plz. Honor it by Chanting Properly. Thank you for your consideration. Haray Bola everyday is Easter Sunday for the Vishnavas. The day that God concurs all ! Yeah* 

  • Chanting is a form of Yogic activity, it cleanses us & our minds from disturbing distrating outside interruptions & influences. Basted on "The Highest or greater truth the energies of the mantra elevating for the mind body & intellect to the realm of the highest perfection of being and existence. "Strive to become perfect, as all things in God's heaven are perfect" Jesus said" So' Perfection is the cattalist to knowing both heaven & God & the greater truth. Yoga then, is the work that matters most i.e. is most effective on the Spiritual platform., which means yoga is the original seed or foundation of Good karma/(works) DARMA means works, works in & on the platform of the divine. Hence perfectionists in the area of Chanting The Holy names of "The GodHeads" are the most perfect yogies-as they are not Simply liborated & purified indeed they are active workers. Perfectly serving in their eternal/ natural position of servatude to GOD. This attentive chanting is the perfect Yoga, the perfect pleasher-pastime, in the most meaningful manner that any offoring of service to God can be made. From our perfect or eternal position. This- Haray Krishna Hari Rama mantra is the perfection of our ability to serve God. It brings us directly & indirectly into communion (favorrably) with all God's creations. Only this Mantra can offer this but it like common yoga- must be presented and praticed with the focused intintion of acomplishing in as-perfect/yogic correctness. Perfect posture, perfect enunciation & with a perfectly selfless attatude of faithfulness in serving the HeadGoD. Please Chant Properly & pronounce their names perfectly, & the internal energetic (creeper) or connection and attraction & bonding/love of & with God will naturally accrue. Except; if you don't bother to be attentively doing your service's i.e. chanting & pronunciations of their names as properly as you possibly can. You'r results will reflect personal truth of false pride & confidence & you progress & experience will suffer. In my oppinyen this chanting should be/ is dine with best results by abserving ABSOLUTE REVERENCE, Not giving lean or varryince to any other disposition or attatueds while Jappa is being preformed. This is my experience thank you for you"r time! It Sounds like-

    Haray Krish Haray Rama 

  • Hare Krishna,

    "Sudhama ji and all other people from Vrindavan had seen lord and all his leelas. They were present there physically and seen everything that the lord did. It is very natural for them to feel the true love for the lord."

    Duryodhana and Shakuni were also moving close by to Lord. They also could see HIM in real. BUT WHY DIDN't they develop love???

    If seeing and being physical presence was only required to feel the natural love of God what about People like Surdas?? who was blind since birth???? 

    What about.. Ras Khan, Meerabai, Dhanna Jatt, Karma bai, Narsi Mehta, Tukaram.. and so many others... contemplated on lord's form mentally and could develop love for Lord.... they never were eternal associates of lord. 

    You will say they are gifted.. they got mercy of Lord what about us??

    Nothing happens as magic ...It all happens as a result of previous Sukriti done...When their sins gets burned off by the Sadhana, or Sukriti, or by Mercy of Vaishnavas, Guru's Mercy or by Lord Mercy or Nityananda prabhu's mercy or Offenseless chanting or by Radharani's mercy.  Either Sadhana siddhi or Kripa siddhi something must have led them to experience this stage. 

    Dhruva Maharaj didn't even know how lord looks like until Narad muni gave him the full description of Lord to meditate upon.

    Brahma ji also didn't know what to meditate upon when he came out of lotus flower. He didn't understand .. then He meditated to realize Lord in the region of heart.

    We atleast have some deities to meditate upon. And these deities are made in accordance to the scriptural description of Lord. 

    Meerabai was told by her mother this deity of Muralidhar is ur pati play with it when she was a kid. She really believed in the words. 

    Belief is what that matters.

    Dhanna Jaatt believed in the words of the Pandit ji who just gave him a grinding stone and said this is ur Thakur ji pray to it and don't eat food before offering to it. Dhanna Jatt really believed in the Stone and the Stone reciprocated to him. 

    Its all previous lives sukriti and devotional service that is carried forward. When all the bad and good karma get neutralized u become akarmi then Lord enters your heart when ur heart is cleansed of all sins and material attachements  no desires left for material things .. .. it is the right time. Till then we keep on doing Sadhana.. chanting, devotion activities and all so that one day in some life time our Sadhana will come to the siddha stage. Sadhana Siddhi can happen.

    SOME GREAT PERSON SAID <<" DESERVE AND DESIRE".>>  How true it is. Let us first make ourself deserving ( with perfecting our sadhana) and then let us desire.

    Natural love also doesn't happen simply.... Everything is and happening since many many life times. cleansing of your...( Heart) antahkaran is taking place... since many life times.

    How can one truly love the lord without any selfish motive of ours?

    when you realize that Lord is present in all and when you lose this body conscious, when you become soul conscious. When you stop identifying with all the things around you and identity self with Supreme consciousness. Identifying oneself as part and parcel of the Supreme Lord.. That day you will  have no selfish motive.  You will see lord in all beings.. You can never hurt anyone..!!!!!! not even an insect or animal also. When you see Lord in all beings you cannot think of hurting any being at all you will lose ur identity pertaining to this body alone.. You become one with the Supreme lord meaning you become one with the universe. 

    Srimathi Radha rani and other gopi's were in lost in love and seperation...when  Sri Krishna had left Brindavan. They completely lost themselves though they were present bodily in Brindavan their minds were fixed on Lord. They had no selfish interest in them. They lost identifying with the body. They become one with the nature. Gopis' were talking with brids , trees, river, leaves, bees... even sand particles .. When you lose ur identity.. You have nothing left no selfish interest or motive. This stage is sheer madness.. in material worldly terms.

    HEHEHEHE... we are striving to become mad.  Some people go mad lose identity. psychiatrist says he lost his mind. Losing mind to the Supreme Lord is surrender in love.  We love to be surrender to other in love. That is called Falling in love. Fall is surrender. Falling is truly fall of the ego the "I" our identity. Until you have "I' u have selfish motive. Lose "I" you have only our or Your left. 

    I am yours..All is ours... When this happens within you.. then you have no selfishness.. How can you then hurt others when you find urself and the other parts of the supreme lord. Can you now cut and eat a part of lord???? You will have no selfish taste buds left now. A chicken also belongs to lord a fish also and you also.. How can you cut and eat fish and chicken to eat it now??? They belong to part of Supreme Lord too.  Neither you can hurt anyone with words or deeds becoz all is part and parcel of the Supreme Lord.

    If you know all are part and parcel of lord become selfless.  Not knowing by mere words.. It should really come from within ur heart... that compassion.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare krishna Gayatri ji,

      This answer of yours is perfect since it is complete as well as easy to understand. I really love the answer. Anyone who reads this answer even in future will benefit a lot since everything is explained in a very simple manner. I am pretty sure that someone who does not know much about spirituality can too benefit by reading it because people can relate to it and easily understand it. This is the USP of this answer. I really appreciate the time and effort which you put in while writing the answer. The answer written surely involves a lot of research and it really takes a lot of efforts as well as patience while reading the scriptures. And writing the answers so that they are precise and not too long is also a challenging task. The answer looks simple to read but i can understand the effort involved. This makes the answer an excellent read since it is easy to understand and provides the reader with all complex concepts which are required. Kindly keep up the effort because people really find the answers to be helpful. Thank you once again.

  • Hare Krishna Harshit Prabhu ,Please accept My Humble Obeciences

    As shravan Prabu already mention about Nitya siddhas & Nitya baddhas , we fall into the category Of nitya baddhas

    Idd like to add to it,

    Without the mercy of Nityananda, it is not possible to attain the highest goal, pure love (prema).

    “The love for Krishna in the mood of the gopis which is described in the Bhagavata is attained in the world through Nityananda.”
    Caitanya Bhagavata, 3.5.303

    In Krishna-lila, Nityananda Prabhu is Sri Balarama.

    Sri Balarama is assisting Sri Krishna in His enjoyment as Master of Lilas.

    Everything in the spiritual world which assists in or enhances Krishna´s lila is an expansion of Sri Balarama.

    Krishna Das Kaviraja Goswami says:
    Nityananda is Balarama, Krishna´s elder brother. Just as Sri Krishna of Vrindavana appeared as Sri Caitanya of Navadvipa, Balarama of Vrindavana appeared as Nityananda of Navadvipa.“

    Sri Krishna is the Supreme Person, Bhagavan Himself and Sri Balarama is His first manifestation in a different body to assist Krishna in His lila.
    Sri Krishna is Sevya, the One who is served. Balarama is Sevaka, the One who serves.

    So Nityananda is the perfect servant, in all respects.

    Just as Balarama serves Krishna in numerous ways, Nityananda serves Sri Caitanya.

    Chanting Nityananda name/Mantra  Before Chanting Hare krishna maha mantra Nullifies the 10 Offences towards the Holy Name

    Sriman Nityananda Dvadasakam

    sri-krsna-premanama parama-sukhamayah ko ’py achintyah padartho
    yad gandhat sajjanaugha nigama-bahumatam moksam apy aksipanti
    kaivalyaisvarya-seva-prada-gana iti yasyangatah prema-datuh
    sri-nityananda-chandram bhaja bhaja satatam gaura-krsna-pradam tam [5]

    (5) My dear heart, please eternally worship that gracious giver of Gaura Krishna—Sri Nityanandachandra. It is He who bestows upon us pure unalloyed divine love for the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna (Sri Krishna-prema), composed of the most supreme and intense ecstasy. The love that He distributes carries an inconceivable import—it is of such ecstasy that the sadhus who may experience only a hint of its fragrance, hatefully cast away all thought of liberation in the ‘One’ as propounded in the Vedas. Furthermore, His Avatars, who bestow the divine love of service in the transcendental majesty of Vaikuntha, are but expansions of His expansion.

    praptajno gaura-chandrad akhila-jana-ganoddhara-nama-pradane
    yah prapya dvau surapau kali-kalusa-hatau bhratarau brahma-daityau
    gadha-prema prakasaih krta-rudhira-vapus chapi tav ujjahara
    sri-nityananda-chandram bhaja bhaja satatam gaura-krsna-pradam tam [8]

    (8) My heart, please constantly give thyself to the divine service of that gracious bestower of Gaura Krishna, Sri Nityanandachandra! It was He who received the divine instruction from Gaurachandra to deliver all souls by bestowing divine love through the Holy Name. Showing the extremity of His divine love, He delivered those two fallen wine-drinking brahmans (Jagai and Madhai) ruined by the degraded inauspicious nature of Kali-yuga even after they had attacked Him and blood was oozing from His body.

    saksad gauro gananam sirasi yad avadhutasya kaupina-khandam
    samdhartun chadidesasava-yavana-vadhu-sprsta-drsto ’pi vandyah
    brahmadyanam apiti prabhu-parihrta-kanam api svesta-pitah
    sri-nityananda-chandram bhaja bhaja satatam gaura-krsna-pradam tam [9]

    (9) Please worship eternally, dear heart, that gracious bestower of Gaura Krishna, Sri Nityanandachandra. Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu ordered all His beloved followers to accept with worshipful reverence any small piece of the kaupin (loincloth) of Nityananda Prabhu, the topmost of personalities above all social norms and strictures (avadhut). Even if He is seen to touch an immoral drunken woman or yavani, He is nonetheless worshippable by all the gods headed by Brahma. And He is the beloved leader among those exalted devotees who lovingly captivate the heart of Sri Chaitanyadev.

    gaure sraddham drdham bho prabhu-parikara-samrat prayachchhadhame ’smin
    ullanghyanghrim hi yasyakhila-bhajana-katha svapnavach chaiva mithya
    sri-nityananda-chandram patita-sarana-dam gaura-dam tam bhaje ’ham [12]

    (12) Dear Lord, O Nityananda Prabhu, emperor of the associates of Sriman Mahaprabhu! Graciously grant this fallen soul firm and faithful devotion for Sri Gauranga, the supreme embodiment of the taste of the sweet nectar of the ecstasy of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna’s Pastimes. By neglecting the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu all sadhana or bhajan—spiritual practices, services, or worship—become an illusion, just like a dream. I worship and adore with all my heart that gracious giver of Sri Gaura, the benevolent bestower of His shelter to the fallen souls—Sri Nityanandachandra.

    • we should see Nityananda prabhu atleast on the same lvl or higher than Chaitanya mahaprabhu.

      He goes door to door to give krishna naam & gives krishna prem to all

This reply was deleted.