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Hare Krishna to one and all.

 I had a question that, if in Satyayuga, there was 100% dharma and people were all spiritual and Krishna conscious then why everybody didn't get liberated?. Because even we people of Kaliyuga would have been there in Satyayuga, then how is it that we didn't go back home, back to Godhead?. Looking forward to your enlightening response.
Your Servant,
Avinash G.
Jai Shree Krishna.

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    During Satyuga, it is true that the Dharma ( represented by the Bull ) was on 4 legs. ( Austerity, cleanliness, truthfulness and compassion) were present in 100%. The general public in those days constitued mainly of Rishi, muni jan. Their main was to attain Self realization thru Tapasya and meditation.  

    If you study SB creation chapter, you can get to know that  there were three kinds of beings majorly during Satyuga.  Suras ( devatas) and  Asuras( demons), and Danavas, and rishis'.

    There was a constant war between the suras and asuras and danavas supported asuras daityas ( You know this from the Churning of the milky ocean). 

    During Satyuga the demonic people were a seperate class.

    KAShyap Muni + Aditi ( wife)==>Suras ( devatas)

    Kashyap Muni + Diti ( wife)==> Daithyas ( Asuras /demons)

    Kashyap Muni+ Danu ( wife)==>Danavas

    Kashyap Muni + Vinita ( wife)==> Birds all birds in bird kingdom.

    Kashyap Muni+ Kadru ( wife)==> sankes ) all snakes

    and so on. All living creatures were born from the 13 wives of Kashyap muni.

    Kashyapa is attributed to be the father of the Devas,  Danavas, Yakshas,Daityas.. and all living creatures with various daughters of Daksha Prajapati.

    In those days the bad people were seperate and good people were seperate. Lord Vishnu came in the form of Boar to rescue Earth restablish dharma Kill the DEMON  Hriranyaksha, Lord Vishnu came as Matsya avatara and recused Vedas and handed over to Brahma again. Lord Vishnu came as Kurma avatara, Dhanwantri avatara to help aid in churning the ksheera sagara. 

    Lord Vishnu came as Narsingha to kill Hiranyakashaypa, and protect Prahalada.  

    Lord Vishnu came as Vamana avatara to send Bali to Patala loka.

    In all there avatars you may notice that Lord comes and Kills the demons and protects the good. 

    towards the ending od Satyuga... there was some mixture of demons and human blood. new race began.

    Rishi Vaishrava marries a demoness Kaikasi. ( who is the daughter of Sumali and takaka) they give birth to Ravana, Kubera..etc.

    Now you can notice that previously Asura were marrying only asuras ( though Kashyap Muni was a sage, Diti was having some bad intentions for her own sister Aditi , and wanted to beget sons who are powerful then Aditi's sons' and so she made Kashyap muni fall for her trap and made him to have sex during the Asura sandhya time ( bad time) to beget Hiryanaksha & Hiranyakashyap)

    See, the seed of hate, jealousy started in Diti's mind for her own sister Aditi and she made daityas against Aditi's sons Devatas.

    till end of Satyuga there were demons seperate, Demigods seperate and rishi muni who did penance for self realization seperate.

    Now Rishi Vaishrava marries a demoness Kaikasi and Our Ravanaa came out as offspring. Ravana is a brahmina Because his father is a Brahmin and he has mixed qualities of demoness mother's blood too.

    This type of marriage led to the start of fall of dharma.

    If you see that whenever vanrna ashrama dharma are obliterated the dhamra falls.  Brahmin's should marry brahmins, Demons should marry demons. then there would be bad and good people seperate so that Lord can come and kill the bad and establish the dharama and protect good people.

    In Treta Yuga Ravana was killed by Lord Rama and establishment of Dharma happened.

    when you come to Dwapar yuga Banasura's girl( Usha) was...marrying  Krishna's own grandson  Anirudha.

    You can see even   Hidambi marrying  BHeema.

    Here you can  see now that the demons are marrying ordinary people and  The satva guna is getting diluted.

    In  kaliyuga you see intercaste, intercreed, inter religious and so many complex hybrid marriages.  Now there is no seperate bad and good people.

    Bad and good both exist in the same person at a give time. One time the person is in  the mode of goodness, another time the same person is in the mode of passion and another time the same person can become tamsic. Now if God wants to come down and establish dharma by killing demons. It is tough because good and evil are coexisting in each and every individual itself.

    Previously in Satyuga it was easy God came killed demon established dharma went back.

    now Why did we not all go back is because one reason is not all of the rishi muni's were all able to practice the self realization the fullest extent.

    Some did charity and did yagna and tapasya to please get some benefits temporary benefits like siddhis'. 

    When one does tapasya as soon as some stage is crossed some luring is shown by the demigods to stop the process, they will be offered boons, sometimes some siddhis' are got and they  discontinue the tapasya.

    Not all could reach Brahma jyothi. Some could reach heaven, some could reach, jana loka., some tapa loka, some brahma loka, some even were just able to reach the heaven and be there for sometime as guest and some returned back to Earth to continue the journey.

    there are 7 lokas above the Bholoka and  7 lokas below so many could max go to brahma loka and fall back. Very few those who succeded in reaching the Brahma jyothi they fell off because they didn't realize the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are just self realized beings. Mukti and moksha was their main goal after achieving that they didn't care to go ahead to see where is this effulgence coming from. They touched the Effulgence and came back.

    Because The effulgence ( brahama Jyothi) is coming from the Lord's body , they needed to go beyond the brahma jyothi to find out where from the rays are coming from. The very few you reached Braham jyothi didn't know the process how to proceed further .... beyond many fell back

    Those who fell back became brahmans ( the one who have seen the Brahman).  Thats how the name came Brahmina. 

    Like You have Valmiki Rishi in Tretayuga. He is a Brahmin to start with but he was lost in jungles and raised as a tribal by his tribal parents later on he got initiated by Narad muni to Lord Rama's name. And repetative chanting of the Lord Rama made him not only a gyani, a self realized but he also realize the Supreme Personality of God.

    That is why the gyan yoga is not so perfect compared to Bhakti yoga.  One must do karma and while doing karma practice nishkaam karma and then thru strong knowledge ( gyana) cut the cords of bondages and practice self realization thru dhyan yoga and fianlly surrender to Sri Krishna and take up process of Bhakti to realize Supreme Personality. 

    Until one realizes Supreme Personality of Godhead there is always coming back. Once you realize Lord there is no coming back.

    Even if you do mistake and fall down from Vaikunta or Goloka then it will be for doing some leela along with Lord. Lord takes special care of the devotees who reached his permanant abode and He will make sure you come back faster. and also you are going to be a part of Leela of Lord on earth even if you fall from Goloka or Vaikunta loka.

    But rest all places are temporay pit stops.

    One does some charity ( good karma ) he can got to heaven for only some time until his fruits of good karma exhausted he can stay there and falls back.

    If does lot of meditation and tapasya he can got to Tapa loka, Jana loka, Brahama loka or even Brahama Jyothi and stay there and fall back to Earth because he has not realized God yet.

    so the 7 lokas bove the bhooloka are all temporary pit stops and you can always fall back anytime.

    So,  we have become number of time Indras  and even Brahmas  but we have fallen back as that positon is temporary.

    We have been in Satyuga and did some meditation also maybe or maybe not.. we could get to heaven or satya loka or jana or tapa loka and fallen back. We could have been born in demon family also and could have gone to Patala loka also. We cud have been born as snakes or birds, trees or grass.. now we don't know what was our past. What we have right now in our hands is the present momment so lets utilize this momment to create our future.

    not all can get back to Godhead in this life itself but we can try. devotional activity to Lord Krishna goes no where it is never lost. It is carried forward.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji.

      Thanks a lot for your enlightening response. Yes, our aim is to go back to Godhead as fast as possible.

      Jai Shree Krishna.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    In Satyayuga people were dharmic. But that doesn't mean they were spiritual. They were caught in dharma, artha and kama. They were mostly in mode of goodness. But goodness is not enough because it is not spiritual. It is still material. As time progresses, modes of passion and ignorance increase. SO in Kaliyuga iot is largely ignorance and passion. 

    Hare Krsna


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji.

      Thanks a lot for your response. It has dispelled my doubts.

      Jai Shree Krishna

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