I have changed my diet as recommended by the movement which is essentially lacto-vegetarian however as one of my ISKCON friends put it, Krishnatarian :) 

I have found after doing this for quite some months now I am finding it hard to get the protein and vitamins I need to stay healthy when I was a meat eater.

I never used to be such a big meat eater anyway but eggs I ate quite alot.

I know being on a vegetarian diet can be quite healthy if we can still take eggs because we can get Vitamin B12 as well as high protein.

Can any body please help to steer me in the right direction? Perhaps some good advice, websites or diet plans?

At the moment I eat alot of dairy, cheese, beans, lentils and of course lots of vegetables and rice.

I am finding my energy levels have been weak and nervous system not quite what it was. Only the last two days I started to eat eggs again. This has made me feel quite sad however I need to stay healthy on my journey to doing this properly.

Thank you in advance.

Hare Krishna!

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  • Your statement that "if we can still take eggs because we can get Vitamin B12" implies that there is no other way to get vitamin B12 in a vegetarian diet. That is incorrect. B12 is found in dairy (milk) products. And dairy products are quite high in protein.

    I've been a vegetarian since 1972... 46 years now. I am quite healthy for my age (64). 

    • Hare Krishna Pamho,

      in spite of being an indian, i am also facing the same problem of vit b12 and d3 deficiency for last two years. i have lost almost 16kgs of weight and have become very weak. i am on this diet for last 7 years and initially these symptoms didn't manifested so much, but now it has become a real issue. on fasting day's i become so weak that in the evening time i don't find any strength to even stand up on my own feet, i just wish to lay down and sleep. so this year i couldn't  perform fasting on Nirjala ekadasi and on Janmastami day. my energy level goes down on normal ekadasi day also. on the suggestion of Dr's i have taken Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg capsules (for b12) and Cholecalciferol 60000 IU / week for eight weeks and then monthly ( for D3).But this is not making much difference as the level of weakness is not improving. Recently i am experiencing tingling sensation on my toes also. have consulted 2-3 dr's but they are prescribing supplements only, and suggesting to go for b12 injection as they are suspecting supplements are not properly being absorbed in my body. i am little doubt full about these injections, but have to go for it if situation doesn't improve in a month or two.

      i am sure this has something to do with karma as there are plenty of devotees who are living a healthy life with a vegetarian diet. whatever it is , ultimately it's the mercy of Krishna , His plans of protecting the most fallen soul's are inconceivable. 


      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


        Dont read so much into B12 and D3 deficiency. Vitamin D3 can be solved very easily by being in the sun - morning before 8.30 am and afternoon after 3.30 pm. In a tropical country like India, this is the best remedy. Otherwise, any doctor can give you medicines for D3 deficiency - even available Off the Shelf in India.

        For B12, you can take supplements if there is a deficiency, or take the medicine intravaneous for immediate results and continue with supplements. Take cow's milk, buttermilk (after hand churning the butter out), make ghee of that butter and have. You will realise you have never been healthier. 


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • Thank you very much Mataji for your suggestions.

          Yes i am trying to stand in the sun for 30mins a day and taking cow milk for last six months.

          Other options will surely try to follow. Thanks a lot.


  • O U A
    Once upon ah time
    I had exclusively (HK) PahshodM
    For many years in a row,
    lost a little waight, but not much.
    We eat for energy, we breath 4 energy, we sleep for energy energy is the why we exp.
    cognasent intelligence!
    This discipline of renunciation[s]
    Is a helpful primal(truth) yet an accuiered taste* one might say.
    I.e. it's good & natural for us, but contrary (sometimes) to the -
    "Worm & Fuzzy" /more enjoyable comforts of TOGETHERness, Oneness etx. So the truth being reveled by the *practice,
    of the chanting ^
    We may be in you shivering on some level, well investigate that reality- With Krishna's. help& in so doing find comforts in One's abilitys to be "accually Free i.e. exp. Free with God
    & with devotions i.e. Daily practices/Darmah* piCe w/G's
    Stuff! ;
  • Well it sounds like things aren't too drastic thanks to the help of this website https://cronometer.com/#diary

    I put it what I was eating and basically I am eating waaaaay too much carbs and fat and not enough protein. Looks like the Vitamins and minerals are ok.

    Basically my carbs/protein/fats ratio is all out of wack (macronutrients)

    Now, just trying to find more those Protein sources at sea.....
    Cronometer: Track nutrition & count calories
    A web app for counting calories and tracking your diet and health metrics.
    • Divine Frequency & vibrations are the nourishment of the Bhakties Krishna & Krishna's energies are the Source of all things the root of all that is hence Hi's Cognasent awareness of-us, is thr aim, our only nourishing resource required- that is the bond to trust Him with our energies & it's personnah. Regulation Calories & sweeting The Vitamin balance etc. i.e.
      a HareKrishna LifeStyle
      Is not about reasing your nutrient intake it's about, that opportunity to' through, the/this opportunity to express the intence Subtal-passion a willingness to truat in the fruits of their austaraties & minimalism are intintional. & the rewords are a relationship with The Mother Father Gods!
      Trust the bond that the devotions creates. & Know that being all aterative (Like Krishna) is-all-attractive. Or how are you expecting to hang out woth Him/them till the maturaty of you're understandings of Hi's eternal position of absolute sonvernty over Hi's creation.i.e
      God's cognasents & Realization)
  • Thanks again for the replies. Yes that is true about the spices. Western food is actually quite bland in comparison. We miss out on so much good stuff like Tumeric etc.

    I will google A2 milk.

    My difficulty is working at sea, I have the food cooked for me.

  • well 2 main differences in eastern & western diet :

    - indians always have consumed A2 milk (please google), now even other countries are importing indian cows for A2 milk 

    - indian food have lot of spices like turmeric, red ( & green) chilly, rai, jeera, hing (pl search the english names !)

    maybe you need to increase the quantity of something , best to consult doctors & other converted vegetarians !! 

  • Wow....still getting the jitters and feel shaky and tired. I am obviously not doing something right or deficient in some vitamins.

    What I can't understand it, some people in India and other countries have been Vegetarians for 1000's of years and they would not have had to take supplements or extra vitamins.

    Why is it in the western world this is so hard to do without supplements? What are we missing?

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