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please accept my humble obeisances.

My Dandvat Parnaam to Lord shiva who is the greatest Vashinava among all the Vashinvas.  I came across to a statement and question while having some discussion with my friends. The Topic was that Lord Krsna is the supreme personality of Godhead as  Bhagvaan  Lord krsna is himself telling in BG.  

But Few of my friends counter this statement that even Lord shiva has announced himself as Bhgavaan in Shiva Purana according to my knowledge Lord Shiva never said to worship him but I don't have any reference of it. Does anyone have come across to any reference where Lord Shiva claimed that He his God (Param Bhagvaan) 

Hare Krsna 


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  • The word bhagavan is used to describe the devotees of the Lord as well. There are some scriptures where Narada is referred to as Bhagavan Narada.

    The key phrase that separates the supreme Lord is the phrase Svayam Bhagavan.

    Krsnas tu bhagavan swayam.

    I hope this helps.

    Your servant
    Bhakta David
  • krishna is vishnu and vishnu is shiva.

    havent u also heard that?

    why do people select the information that compares and separates, when the message is every about union , which is yoga.

  • Bhagawan is a very special World. This is never used in the Puranas to reference anybody else other than Visnu tattva. The word Lord is used to reference Guna Avatars but never the term Bhagawan.

    Please spread the Teachings of Lord Chaitanya

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