Hate and envy

1.How can I get rid of my envious nature? Not only do I feel envious of successful materialistic non devotees but also  devotees doing wonderful work in terms of distributing the mercy of Krishna to others by book distribution or preaching work to whom I should actually feel gratitude!


2  I have seen a quote of Maharaj saying that if you  hate a person, actually you are hating an aspect of Krishna. I shall be happy if devotees could elaborate on this powerful statement with scriptural quotations and personal realisations.


Hare Krishna!

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  • Hare Krsna Subramanian Prabhu !
    Once you have surrendered to Krsna by doing his Nama Japa, then even if you don't do anything else Krsna will take you out of all materialistic habits.
    I have personally experienced . My materialistic desires, habits have been removed by mercy of my Lord Krsna within in no time. Only you do Nama japa and be in satsang of devotees and acharyas that's all . Everytime you prey to Krsna "Please take away all my bad habits I have been following. I am your's Lord howsoever bad I may be, you are mine. Please accept me as your Bhakta, Das, or in any way as you like. Please elevate me from my materialistic position.
  • hare krsna
    first of all ther is no need to feel envious .infact you should be proud that people are such great devotees in todays world where every relationship is full of selfishness.and devotees are really wonderful that any time they come for help and guidence.i can give you one example by just saying that .............
    if you keep two candles together one burning and other without burning.you wil find that the one which is burning wil collapse after sometimes but the one without burning remains cool like that only.so if you feel jealous then it wil collapse you ,you should get the encouragement by looking at others and try to do your best .krsna wil surely help you and your life wil become sublime.hare krsna
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    • Thank you very much mathaji. I recollect Maharaj once saying that the person who appreciates the good work being done by another devotee will please Krishna even more than that devotee himself! Maharaj always emphasises loving cooperation and affectionate dealings more than any kind of seva. He is very hard on those who offend other vaishnavas while trying to do some exemplary seva . Hare Krishna!
  • All our Acharyas say only two things are necessary :- "nama seva , Vaisnava seva".If we just only serve the Holy name and serve the Vaisnavas constantly to the exclusion of everything else all perfection will be achieved[getting rid of envy included ]So that is our aspiration , the means and the end all in one and will just take some time, patience and determination .

    Radhe Radhe
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