Hare Krishna to all Prabhu ji and Mata ji's.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!!


You all are very much advance in KC, I need ur valuable advise....

Yesterday while I was coming from office around 5.30 pm one of my neibhour aunty stopped me there and started talking to me about ekadashi fast, she knew that I am into KC and she too has Ladoo Gopal in her home.. she worship ladoo gopal, she takes all navratri fasts, she is a devotee of Lord shiva.. she do everything...she fallow everyone.....so what ever she was asking me yesterday i was telling her... like how i came me in KC and dreams about Lord Krishna n all...now what that aunty did.. she BACK BITE EVERY THING TO MY MOM infornt of all her friends,  my parents r non devotee.. and moreover she told my mom that now its impossible for u to take ur son out of KC, he is deep into kc now.. and dis is not his age of doing all dis, taking fast an all...she backbite everything to my mom by adding loads of spices... then at  home my mom loses her temper and scolds me badly.. and said y my son is not like a normal son and abuses me a lot.... but dats ok i don't care.... WHAT ACTUALLY IS DISTURBING ME IS YESTERDAY she  SAID VERY VERY ABUSIVE WORDS TO LORD KRISHNA ALSO...... i den burst into tears and locked myself into my room.. she also started crying...  but those abusive words dat my mom used for Lord is not going out of my mind....Please advise me... if i become non devotee.. Krishna wont hear at least those abusive harsh words again....

Your Humble servant

Amit Mehra

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  • As others say it is just a small test. Do not take all these things to heart. Be patient with people , do not mix with pseudo-devotees and do ur routine in a normal manner. Visit the temples and chant your rounds. Also move away or avoid people who criticize Krishna. About your parents; do not worry. The Lord has promised Prahlad Maharaj that once a devotee ; the devotee's 7 generations will be made devotees by the Lord. No cause for worry at all...


  • Volunteer

    Lord is unfathomable,If you try to know him fully you can't know.

    If you surrender unto lord you can do with his mercy.

    Same way if you start telling about Krsna as the only one to be worshipped,

    then also people will fight with you,but if you let them free by giving krishna and  let them do what they are doing.

    one day lord will guide him/her and they will understand.

    It's very hurting when someone abuse the one you love,but one day when they will have mercy of lord they will repent on what they said about him.We should do right on our part,and try to be tolerant.

    Your Servant

  • Hare Krishna to all..


    Thanks for all ur valuable adivse... u all r just like my second family, prabhu ji's and mata ji ur counsiling r best as always...and helped me a lot.... m not on watsapp but soon L join devotee watapp group also...

    Thnaks once again..

    Hari Bol

    Your Humble servant

    Amit Mehra

    • Hare Krishna

      Sometimes, its like walking alone...doing service alone and in a lone way ... no one understands us... sometimes people scold us for being serious about the Lord, some people warn us to slow down with things regarding the Lord.

      Then sometimes we are so alone and passionate about the Lord, we start to think that is it an abnormality that we are carrying - we get scolded by seniors in the family, spouse, neighbours etc.... then I sometimes feel that it is actually the prasad given by the Lord - not necesarily that prasad needs to be sweet always...it can be bitter also, we should be ready for everything that Krishna gives us.

  • No one can take away Krishna away from your mind, you simply should choose to fix your mind on him.

    Keep thinking of him and he'll make a way for you to get to him.

    My parents too don't encourage me in Bhakti, so its not something uncommon you're experiencing. 

    I pray to Lord KRishna that he gives you support from within to walk towards him



  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Neighbour aunty - Stay away from her and people like her. Like she doesn't exist in the world of Krsna consciousness. No need to preach to her, no need to talk to her, no need to insult her, no need to praise her or her navratri stuff. No interaction with her. She is not going to keep quite, but the only way to quieten her is by ignoring her. If u try retaliating to her, or arguing to her, she will become more excited and will do her nonsense with more energy. MOST IMPORTANTLY  - DON'T LISTEN to HER

    There are going to be people who will exhibit envy towards Krsna and Krsna consciousness. As you practice more, you will see them in all forms all over. We have to learn to ignore them and continue in our own practice

    Parents - They will appreciate Krsna consciousness by your good Krsna conscious behaviour and not so much by shastras or other things. 

    Hare Krsna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Amit Prabhuji,


    SO sorry to hear about this whole incident. I know things are tough for you anyways. Remember one thing - you are responsible for your and only your karma. What you and your mom are going through - every single son who has come to KC in India has gone through with his parents. It is typical of relatives, neighbours and so called well wishers to always tell parents that this is not the age for your son to get into spirituality. Then if someone decides to become brahmachari, the same angst that parents feel are then downloaded on the guru of the son. Having said that, I am completely empathetic towards you - all I am trying to tell you is that you are not alone. Most boys have gone through all this.

    Now is the time for you to be absolutely firm on your KC. This is a test that maya devi will keep giving before she passes you and tells Krsna that you are fit to go back to Godhead. YOu be firm and continue your devotion, at the same time completely respectful of your parents and more humble than you have been. Be more adjusting on everything except your KC. By KC, I mean you have to chant your committed rounds everyday without fail, be vegetarian, read Gita or listen to lectures as much as you can.

    Are you a part of any Whatsapp group of KC ? If not, maybe you could get whatsapp activated on your phone and become part of such a group. YOu will keep getting updates, photos, texts related to Krsna and you can jolly well be on the phone without parents checking every second. All youngsters are hooked onto their phone these days, so it will have the approval of your mom and neighbour aunty also, normal youngster behaviour.

    When the air cools down a little, sit with your mom and chat with her - as two adults. Ask her that how can you abuse the lord, dont you accept that Krsna is God? You can say what you want to me, I am your child, how can you say to God? and leave her at that - let her do her own reasoning. She is still your mom - still older than you, so she may not like your preaching to her, thats fine. All you are trying to do is to put your point across that there are some lines one should not cross.

    Once your parents realise that you are not moving from KC at all, gradually they will accept and make the environment in the house conducive to your staying there. Just persevere prabhu. A new beginning is awaiting you. I see in your mom a very good devotee in the near future - provided you continue and behave like a devotee.

    Is it possibel for you to bring some senior devotee couple to your house, who are rich and successful in material life also, and make them speak with your mom. That would be very nice.

    Have faith in Krsna and keep chanting the maha mantra.

    Do keep in touch prabhu, will be worried for you.


    YOur servant,


  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Prabhu, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    If you become a non-devotee, you're moving away from Krishna and that's something you don't want. Everywhere in the world, there is at least one person criticizing Krishna but that doesn't mean we walk away from Krishna just to "protect" Krishna. It's sweet that you think that way, but Krishna is Krishna - he is beyond all this. 

    For example - recall the pastime of Kalyavana and Jarasandha. Krishna was in Mathura and both Jarasandha and Kalyavana were leading their armies to attack Mathura. This is when Krishna transported the members of Mathura to Dwarka and led a small army to fight Kalyavana who came first. After leading Kalyavana to a cave so Muchakundha could burn him to ashes, Krishna returned only to find that it was Jarasandha's turn. Tired of all the fighting, He and Lord Balaram fled to Dwarka. He got the name Ranchhod which means someone who has run away from the battlefield. It's not necessarily a positive name compared to Krishna's other names; it's like calling a person a coward. But Krishna accepted it because He is all merciful.

    My suggestion is to ask Krishna to forgive your mother for the harsh words and pray to also give her some mercy so she can understand Him better. I'm not sure what the situation is with that auntie and whether she was praising you or telling negative things about you, but forget about that.  Focus on chanting and reading Srila Prabhupada's books, associate with devotees.


  • keep that in mind that krishna is testing you trough all this.

    seeing your mother like the one of the krishnas actors, you shouldnt  be offensive to her.


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