We are in the process of starting out first Harinama Sankirtana Temple. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. I would especially like to hear from devotees who perform Sankirtana on a daily basis. This plan for now is primarily for the United States. Goal is to inundate the streets in the USA with Harinam. Prabhupada said, what ever is accepted in the US, the world will accept also. I have a couple of pieces of land in my possession that can be used in Krishna's service if Lord is willing to allow it.


Purpose of the temple:

1. Perform Harinam on a daily basis for 8-10 hrs a day, in the streets.

2. Nitai Gour Deities and Jagannath, Subhadra and Baladev Deities. Lord will go out for 8hrs everyday to visit people(most of whom are disinclined to come to the temple) instead of people coming to the temple, everyday.

3. Harinama Sankirtana Temple will not compete with Iskcon Krishna temples, but support them in the Sankirtana and book distribution while performing Sankirtana.

4. Preaching through Sankirtana, as prescribed by Namacharya Haridas Thakore, when asked how does one preach a non believer without committing Namaparada offense.

5. Some day, hopefully Harinam Sankirtana temples will become like BBT, a separate arm apart from ISKCon. Harinam Sankirtana temple for Sankirtana what BBT is for book distribution.


Some Ideas:

-Accept donations from contributors. Donation of no more than $1 per devotee, per month. Donation will be accepted only from devotees who are willing to commit to be a part of the Sankirtana at least once a month. It takes about 1-2000 devotees committed to once a month Sankirtana for one temple. Donors dont have to live near a Sankirtana temple but anywhere in the world.

-Serve only organic food (free from dyes and preservatives) for prasadam.

-Produce our own cow milk

-Provide food to full time devotees, and brahmacharis the kind of food that will even cure cancer. Tulasi water, wheat grass guice, Salad green juices with green apple (Gerson therapy search Youtube). All organic of course. Later on expand it into cancer cure living (a natural cancer cure) to devotees/anyone, using satvic food and Sankirtana.

-create living area for non full time devotees to generate income to run the temple (devotees working as engineers, etc). Also to rent to people with cancer, that want to spend the rest of their live peacefully or cure cancer with satvic food and Sankirtana.

-Distribute prasaadam Free to university students and homeless people. Create non profit like Action against hunger, to support this. (These are 2 groups of people that are receptive and willing to do Sankirtana in the United States) We dont have the hippies any more, like in the 60s.


Please give your ideas however bad you think they may be. Also if you are interested in donating a dollar a month, along with a commitment to a minimum of once a month Sankirtana/Harinam, let us know.

All devotees please send your blessing that we may become successful in our preaching through Harinama Sankirtana.

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Prabhupada was empowered to be able to achieve what he had with what little he had.  Please support him in this cause and don't be "a separate arm apart from ISKCon".  ISKCON still needs devotees who are able to do all of the above that you have stated without the need to be "a separate arm apart from ISKCon".


    This is my humble prayer..


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      Manoj Prabhu, thank you for your response and you have a Good point.

      Srila Prabhupada has adopted many of the methods of worship of the Lord, followed by Sree Vaishnava Sampradaya (Lakshmi Ramanuja Sampradaya). Yet Sree Vaishnavas do not adapt the principles of Brahma Sampradaya (Brahma Madavacharya Caitanya Sampradaya), even though Caitananya Mahaprabhu Who Is Krishna/Vishnu Himself and took birth to start the Sankirtana movement.

      Unfortunately we too have joined them, forgetting Sankirtana, being fully satisfied with other forms of worship of the Lord.

      I can get homeless people to join me in Sankirtana a lot easier than getting Iskcon devotees here to go on Sankirtana.

      So what is the solution?

      Once you have a regular temple, there is so much work to do, that Sankirtana is put on the back burner.

      Most temples are run by able administrators, based on seniority in most cases, their goal is not spread of Sankirtana Movement, but how to raise the money for the temple to meet the day to day expenses.

      I am not saying that in a -ve sense, however, it does take money to run temples and they are under pressure to meet the needs. (Although they dont realize that Sankirtana is a great way to sell books and whereby generate income for the temple. Thats a different topic altogether.)

      There may be other reason that I am not aware of, why there is no Sankirtana happening in many temples run by ISKCON.(weather, traffic, my wife wont let me do it, I have to take my daughter to karate lessons, among others)

      When you call the temple, Harinam Sankirtana temple, or Nagar Sankirtana temple, then all future temple managers will be clear on what the purpose of the temple is.

      Purpose of the Harinam Sankirtan Temples will be to spread Harinam and sell books as a natural result, (which will have the information of the ISKCON Temple.)




  • hare krishna

  • Prabhu Ji,

    I think That is the best way 2 spread Krishn conciousnes all over the world.

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    Focus on Kirtana as the mode of worship in the temples: Kirtana of Bagavata Saptaham

    Recitation of Bhagavatam every 7 days as a part of temple service?

    Do you like this idea? Do you have any other ideas?

  • Hare krishna

    Thx prabhu ji

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