Harekrishna how to preach an athetist ??



respected devotees,

my child hood friend has grown up as an athetist... but how to get her back to god consciousness.. ??

the more u convince her she will become firm in her stand.. she is very good lady and strongly believes in her efforts but no love or faith in god..

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      • Harekrishna one more friend considers her own father who has disappeared from this planet as god. she says my father is god for me. she offers all food to her father photo and talks to him...how far is this correct..... all her friends tease her why u r talking to ur father he is dead.. she is a believer in god. 

  • i would advise you to stay away from her and aavoid her sanga as she is an atheist it is very difficult to get her to krishna but the best option is to avoid her sanga and think more about yourself how to attain krishna. Let me tell you one interesting point leave her and instead make a similar relationship with radha rani. she would maintain the relationship better and you would uplift to innerself. Best of luck with krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Since she is a childhood friend, you may delve into the past and find out what her experiences were which made her believe there is no God. Those experiences, when she narrates, you can give another dimension to it by giving your view point that the same thing can also be interpreted in another way. This way, you have to slowly sow the seeds of belief in her and pray for her. YOu have to feed her Krsna prasadam all the while and handle her carefully.

    You can pray to Krsna for mercy so that she develops basic faith. After you have fed her sufficient prasadam and in a weak moment for her, you can hand over one copy of Bhagavad Gita As It Is to her and ask her to read ait as an acedemic interest to find out what is written in our scriptures and then to reject it.

    Since she has decided she is an athiest, it may not be easy to bring her to the temple to the association of other devotees. YOu can expose her to soulful kirtan, maybe playing in your car, when you both are going somewhere.

    This is pretty much what you can do mataji.


    Your servant,


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