Harekrishna how to preach an athetist ??



respected devotees,

my child hood friend has grown up as an athetist... but how to get her back to god consciousness.. ??

the more u convince her she will become firm in her stand.. she is very good lady and strongly believes in her efforts but no love or faith in god..

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  • Hare Krishna. So it is best to ignore the atheists?  But then if we ignore them who is going to save them? I do a little preaching sometimes on the internet and I am amazed that there are so many atheists in the world. I wish there was a book that would have specific instructions such as "When an atheist says this then you say that". Like have 100 examples of what an atheist might say and what our answer would be. 

  • Volunteer

    Its a Nam Aparad, 7) To instruct the faithless on the glories of the holy name.

    You will lose taste for Holy Names if you preach to those who are not interested in confidential knowledge of Krishna.

    Jesus, put it in simple words. Do not cast pearls in front of swine. Because they do not appreciate the value.

    Even believers sometimes become atheists because of committing offenses against other devotees/practicing devotees.

    Here is the list of 10 offenses one must avoid at all costs... Source: Harinama Cintamani free Pdf on Google

    Naam Aparad - 10 Offenses against Holy Name of Lord Hari

    1) Blasphemy of the devotees of the Lord.

    2) To consider demigods to be independent of the Supreme Lord, and to similarly think Lord Krsna's name, form, qualities and pastimes are separate from Him.

    3) To disobey the spiritual master who reveals the truth about the holy name.

    4) To criticize the scriptures that describe the glories of the holy name.

    5) To think the excellences and divine qualities of the holy name are imaginary, and to so interpret the scriptural glorification of the holy name.

    6) To commit sinful activities on the strength of the holy name.

    7) To instruct the faithless on the glories of the holy name.

    8) To equate chanting of the holy name with auspicious ritualistic activities recommended in the karmakanda sections of the Vedas.

    9) To be inattentive while chanting the holy name.

    10) To not develop love for the holy name after learning the name's glories because of maintaining attachments to the body and things related to the body.

  • Hare Krishna mataji

    You can only pray for her, philosophically refuting her won't help that much. I've spoken to many atheists they take refuge of modern science which is certainly atheistic and keep probing me to prove God. I tell them, in mathematics we have the concept of infinity, is there any proof for that? No. Similarly God is an infinite being, how can we expect to prove him? 

    This makes them silent and they make no further arguments, still they don't accept God.

    May Lord Krishna give conviction to your friend from within

    your servant


  • How can our faith grow from initial interest to full conviction?

    Faith is vital for the discharge of devotional service.
    In Bhagavad-gita(9.3) Krishna says, “Those who are not faithful in this devotional service cannot attain Me, O conqueror of enemies. Therefore they return to the path of birth anddeath in this material world.”
    Srila Prabhupada writes in his purport that without faith we cannot attain Krishna. Faith, he says, is developedby associating with devotees. Without such association, we cannotbecome fully faithful.

    There are three degrees of faith. The lowest type gives only enough faith to bring us into the associationof devotees but is not based strongly enough on scriptural knowledge or belief in the truth of scripture to keep us there.
    The second type is firmer, and althoughwe may not be conversant in scripture, we believe in the truth taught there.
    A devotee with the highest type of faith has firm conviction as well as firm knowledge of the scriptures.
    When we as aspiring devotees consider the question of faith, we often assume we already possess it.After all, we are faithfully prosecuting our sadhana, our regulated spiritual practices. But faith is a live issue. It is not some- thing that once achieved remains vibrant without further thought. That is especially true for those of us who grew up in an environment of skepticism and were taught to challenge faith.Therefore, we should understand both what faith is and what our own faith is.

    Besides the three types of faith listed above, the scriptures define faith as initial (shraddha) andfixed (nishtha). Sraddha, according to Prabhupada, is shown by a person who is willing to wander into the temple and who is able to feel good about what is going on there. It sounds almost like a kind of favorable curiosity. That initial faith is enough to bring us into the association of devotees.Nishtha means conviction that cannot be changed.
    Prabhupada writes that a devotee with such faith feels that if he can attain Krishna consciousness, all his desires will be fulfilled. There is nothing more important than the development of Krishna consciousness. A devotee with nishtha may not have attained the goal but is fixed on its importance and value.

    The dictionary defines faith as “unquestioning belief in God; unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.” Faith is trust in God—in His actions and promises. This is the kind of faith required for a devotee. Although we can provide scriptural evidence to support our Krishna conscious conclusions about the nature of the soul, the nature of God, transmigration, and so on, we have little empirical proof that any of it is true. Somehow or other, however, we have become willing to accept the authority of guru and scripture on faith, and we have molded our life’s principles around their teachings.
  • the verse is from srimad bhagavatam 5.5.18
  • Rajashree Mataji,

    "Always remember Krishna....Never forget Krishna."

    This is what we are taught.

    We have FAITH in Krishna.

    Then we begin to really BELIEVE in Krishna.

    Then we gain bona-fide KNOWLEDGE of Krishna.

    Then we start to actually know who Krishna is.

    AND, we SERVE Krishna.. in Faith, with our hearts Belief,

    and with the Knowledge given by Srila Prabhupada and our Gurus.

    Then Sri Krsna becomes very attracted to us, and we to HIM.

    Humbly submitted, Bh. R.

  • Our father and mother are to be honoured and respected like god.
    But that doesnt mean they are GODS ,instead they are GOD'S ie. they are god's servants whether anyone accepts or not.
    it is also necessary to know who is a father and mother --refer the teachings of Rshabadev to His sons from srimad bhagavatam --
    "pita na sa syat ......"
  • In the sastra there are 4 types of dealings for a devotee.
    1)one must love the supreme lord
    2)one must make Friendship with devotees
    3)one must be compassionate towards innocent (who are ignorant of god but are not envious or disinterested of god) and should instruct them if they are receptive .
    4)one must ignore the atheists (those who are averse to god and dont accept god ).

    ("ignore means a devotee must deal with such people as much as necessary .ie.one can associate with such person for material dealings of daily life .but should not discuss spiritual topics before them .
    that will cause harm to both .

    therefore lord chaitanya has said
    " Bharat bhumi te manusya janma haila jar ,janma sartaka Kari karo paropakar "
    --those who have taken birth in this holy land of india should make his/her life perfect by practicing krsna bhakti and then must help others do the same .

    therefore best thing u can do is to preach only to those who are innocent ,submissive and not argumentative.

    hare krsna
    • haribol   krishna iccha without his mercy no grass will move.... but i am happy she is a believer she has not stopped beleiving.... 

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