"Hare Krishna" Greeting/Farewell to non-devotees

Hare Krishna!

Hi everyone... I was wondering if and when you say "Hare Krishna" to people who are not obviously devotees (grocery shop, post office, customer service, phone rep, etc.)?


Personally, I really like saying HK to non-devotees, especially if I am not dressed in devotional clothing or have on tilak. The only persons I don't greet with HK is co-workers and the only place I won't wear tilak is work (not allowed). I don't work with the public, so outside of work, anyone and everyone is in danger of hearing Lord Krishna's name from me. Also, I live in Texas, so that maybe a factor on the frequency which I get a "Hare Krishna" in return. It's fun seeing who does and doesn't have a reaction (always positive!).


I hope you can answer my fun question above... Thanx and...


Hare Krishna!


- Bhakta David

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  • Hare Krishna,dear Bhakta David.
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-maharaja.
    Dear Bhakta David, just say Hare Krishna to everyone and see what is the result. Beeing attaches to results we don't want to do our duty,witch is nothing else then to say Hare Krishna. Because we are afraid to get a nagitve result.
    Radha Radha.
  • Volunteer

    The more direct and straightforward we can be, the better. I go up to people in my dhoti, shaved up and wearing sika and tilak and say, "Hare Krishna!" As a result of doing that for several years I ended up in India married to the Jagannatha pujari here in the ISKCON temple in Vallabh Vidyanagar. I assist her in deity worship and we both go out on Nama Sankirtan every day.

    I would go up to people in America and say, "Hare Krishna!" They would nearly always say, "What?!" Then I'd say, "It's my job. I have to get everyone here in _________ to say Hare Krishna. That would practically always get a Hare Krishna and then I'd immediately raise my hands in the air, look straight up and holler, "Oh my God, y/You're beautiful. They'd then be slightly taken aback, surprised but somehow also always pleased. Then I'd ask them, "Aha, you said Hare Krishna. Do you know what that means?" They would usually say they didn't and then I'd tell them the fact that they could say it without even knowing what it means shows they know how to live from their heart. Then I'd tell them that I was too much up in my head but that, "God is in your heart. You're there with God. God directs your steps. You don't have to worry. You've got the secret to happiness." Then I'd immediately put a Bhagavad-gita in their hands mention that everyone is giving something and they would happily pitch in a nice donation. The last time I did this was in Honolulu, Hawaii and in no time at all it covered my ticket to India. Here in India when I say Hare Krishna to people they simply respond by saying, "Hare Krishna".
    • Volunteer
      Sarvopama Prabhuji, by your sukruti, you have been matched with an intelligent devotee who wants to perform Sankirtana with you.

      It is unfortunate that many women who consider themselves to be devotees drag their husbands down, ever so intelligently, the minute their husbands want to perform Sankirtana.

      Ideal Krishna Conscious society, in our Brahma Madva Caitanaya Sampradaya, must not allow unintelligent women who dont understand the importance of Sankirtana. Although some of these women have great devotion for Lord Krishna, in other forms, like Sravanam, Kirtanam, Archanam, Padasevanam, Dasyam.... It is really putting a damper on the Sankirtana movement due to their assigning Sankirtana to "just another spiritual activity"

      My appologies to all Devotee Matajis, if I offended you. Many of you know that your husbands are mere puppets in your hands and without your encouragement we cannot carry on Sankirtana, The 1st Instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the ONLY method Instructed by Caitanya Mahaprabhu as a path to Krishna Prema.




      • Shravan Prabhuji,

        I am a neophyte and ignorance of such issues in our Sankirtana Movement, but I recognize that tendency you speak of and would like us all to encourage our spouses to join and support us and our associates by the most blessed action of Sankirtan, Harinam and Book Distribution. Same goes for the other spouse to help lift them up by encouraging singing Kirtan, reading Srila Prabhupada's books, attending temple and being active there, etc. I hope us devotees can uplift each other and strengthen marriages in KC! I know ISKCON has been putting forth counceling services to this end, and am very encouraged by their efforts, as we struggle to become more worthy devotee families.


        Again, thanks to all the repliers and your measured words and wisdom shared. I bow to your kind efforts to me ,who is very unworthy for such mercy.


        Hare Krishna! Hari bol!

        - David

        • Volunteer

          Rebecca Mataji,

          Please accept my humble obeisance and respects. Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner.

          I am pleased to hear that I did not offend you.

          You said "my wish to make progress further and to give my whole love to Sri Sri Radha Krsna only"

          Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given us instuctions in "Shikshashtaka" , meaning 8 instructions to achieve Krishna Prema. 8 instructions of 4 lines each.

          Try to understand the 1st instruction,

          Ceto Darpana Marjanam Bhava Mahadavagni Nirvapanam

          Shreya Kirava Chandrika Vitarnam, Vidya Vadhu Jeevanam

          Anandambhudi Vardanam, Pratipadam Purnamrutasvadanam

          Sarvatma Snapanam Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam!!

          Following the 1st Instuctions, in essence Sankirtana, also called Harinam, loud congregational chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna, will lead us into higher levels of instructions 2-8.

          Please go outdoor with your son, a park or a public place and perform Sankirtana, Sing as loud as you can, the Maha Mantra

          Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

          Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

          You will realize your voice will grow melodious and louder over time, and focus on Chanting Krishna's names with 10 times less distraction.

          You have my blessing in your performance of Sankirtana. Kindly bless me too. Without blessings of other devotee's performing Sankirtana, I know that I cannot progress.

          Also, book distribution is a cinch because Lord Krishna Himself will be selling the books without you saying a word!!

          Vijayate SriKrishna Sankirtanam

          (all Glories to Congregational Chanting of Holy Names of Krishna)

        • Hare Krishna.

          Well done, mataji. Keep it up like this and you will be blessed.

          Radha Radha.

        • Wonderful practice Rebecca! I feel sure the Lord will draw you close to his energy and the blessing of Sri Radha-Krishna will shower on you. Oh, and raising your son in KC is a real gift from mother to child.  I would be content to have such devotion in my family as is in your efforts (and great cellphone idea!).
    • Volunteer

      Very inspiring Sarvopama Dasa Prabhu. Thank you.

      Great lesson learnt.

      Any ideas on how to get people to chant Hare Krishna(sing) like bhajan in public?




    • Hare Krishna Sarvopama Prabhuji,


      Wow, what a wonderful story you tell. So inspiring! You have a blessed life in KC and thank you so much for your comment.


      Your eager servant, David

  • Hi David, 


    To answer your question, I can only tell you what I have learned to do in the 23 years that I have been aware of my Krishna consciousness, and like you, wanted so very much to spread it to everyone. Well, for me, I couldn't deal with all of the feedback by directly getting into everyone's face. I learned to use the soft sell approach. Like, I wear Krishna Tee shirts and baseball caps. I have Krishna decals on the bumpers of my car, so that other people driving behind me can see the Mahamantra while stuck in traffic or the red light. I found that as long as they see and hear the Glories and presence of the lord and the holy name, then it doesn't have to wreck my nervous system. At 50 years old, and having done this for 23 years, my answer to you is use the soft sell approach.


    Hare Krishna/ Hari Bol!


    Sriman John Martini :)


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