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Hare Krishna!

Hi everyone... I was wondering if and when you say "Hare Krishna" to people who are not obviously devotees (grocery shop, post office, customer service, phone rep, etc.)?


Personally, I really like saying HK to non-devotees, especially if I am not dressed in devotional clothing or have on tilak. The only persons I don't greet with HK is co-workers and the only place I won't wear tilak is work (not allowed). I don't work with the public, so outside of work, anyone and everyone is in danger of hearing Lord Krishna's name from me. Also, I live in Texas, so that maybe a factor on the frequency which I get a "Hare Krishna" in return. It's fun seeing who does and doesn't have a reaction (always positive!).


I hope you can answer my fun question above... Thanx and...


Hare Krishna!


- Bhakta David

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Hi David, 


To answer your question, I can only tell you what I have learned to do in the 23 years that I have been aware of my Krishna consciousness, and like you, wanted so very much to spread it to everyone. Well, for me, I couldn't deal with all of the feedback by directly getting into everyone's face. I learned to use the soft sell approach. Like, I wear Krishna Tee shirts and baseball caps. I have Krishna decals on the bumpers of my car, so that other people driving behind me can see the Mahamantra while stuck in traffic or the red light. I found that as long as they see and hear the Glories and presence of the lord and the holy name, then it doesn't have to wreck my nervous system. At 50 years old, and having done this for 23 years, my answer to you is use the soft sell approach.


Hare Krishna/ Hari Bol!


Sriman John Martini :)


Caitanya Mahaprabhu (please correct me if I am wrong), used to stop people in public and beg them to chant the Holy Name of Krishna.. just once.

Prabhu, please forgive me, I disagree with your soft sell approach.

I sometimes chant in downtown Sacramento, with the homeless people and we stand outside bars/restaurants when people walk out, we stop them and ask them,

"Can you say Hare Krishna?" and when they say hare krishna softly,

we ask, can you say it Louder? HARE KRISHNA!

They say Hare Krishna (slightly louder)

Say it LOUDER  Say HARE KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!

They go HARE KRISHNA !!!

Such joy you get when this happens.

HARE KRISHNA !!!!!!!!!

Hare Krishna Shravan!


I am very pleased to hear of your "hard sell" :-)


I had not thought of doing this before and am actively trying to think of when and how I can do this form of harinam here in Houston! Hare bol!


Your eager servant,


Do it this week before you forget it.

and Maya takes over.


Why is Religion so Often a Source of Conflict?

Sorry Idid not follow towards the end, where he talks about the dog and that he can recognize you no matter what clothes you are in... and ...?


Hi Shravan,


I am certainly not against the "hard sell" approach either,and have done plenty of it in my day too. 

I support your views and encourage them. ;))))   Hari Bol!!!! Ki Jai!

"and have done plenty of it "in my day" too"

Sriman Prabhuji, if you say that, what can we neophyte devotees do? We look up to you Senior devotees for example.

Thank you for your ideas on the softsell approach. I need to remove all my A&F (Abercrombie) with HK, so when someone asks what HK (instead of AF), stands for, I can tell them Hare Krishna.

It seems to me that all your into doing is judging me, as if you somehow know better and that I am being insincere. You don't know me at all. You have no idea of what I have experienced in my Krishna consciousness. I am not you and you are not me. Lord KRSNA as Paramatma is residing within both of us, and in all of us. I am a Jiva (an individual living entity) with my own karmic history, as you are. But somehow you fancy yourself as more Self realized than me because you are more than willing of making yourself into an unnecessary disturbance in society through basically being a madman to the public. AS IF THAT IS GOING TO TURN ANYONE ELSE ON TO KRSNA. But hey, knock yourself out. Rather anyone listening to you, I think the young devotees should only look to Prabhupada as any kind of example of how to live their Krishna consciousness. He didn't get all up in peoples faces. He was a Mahaprabhu, a great gentleman. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (an enlightened great gentleman). NOT AN EMBARRASSMENT.

Sriman Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisance and respects


Prabhu, dont underestimate the power of chanting the Holy Names of Krishna even once!

Thats more than sufficient to lose ALL negative karma acquired in millions of lifetimes. Namacharya Haridas Thakore said, "All reactions from bad karma are dispelled, even before one about to utter the Holy Name of Krishna, just as the darkness is dispelled even before the sun rises"

Srila Prabhupada said, when accused of creating unnecessary disturbance, "Yes we do create a disturbance by chanting the Holy Names in public." He went on to say that we are trying to wake people up, that this is not their home.... Back to Godhead.

Why is Religion so Often a Source of Conflict?

Hare Krishna John Prabhuji,


Yeah, good ideas and I agree with you. I have had folks come up to me with they see a tshirt I have on whether with Srila Prabhupada or "HARE KRSNA" on it. Ive only had positive reactions, same with the sticker on my car.

And luckily I have not had any bad reactions to my telling them "Hare Krishna", at the worst so far they just give me a "What?" expression.

Better the Mahamantra than promoting Nike, Armani Exchange or whatever "trendy" brand fashion folks wear to be cool. Nothing cooler than the Holy Name! :-)


Your eager servant,




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