hare krishna

pls tell me wat happens to those who dont pray to krishna like muslim catholics.how do they get spiritual progress.wy dont they understand wy do they end up fighting.then we loose our temperbecause we love them and we want them to follow,atleast pray.even hindus dont belive sometimes
some body please answer how to solve this problem

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    Kartik Agrawal has given you some very good advice here. I might also add a quote from Gandhi. He said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

    The business of animal slaughter is not something that we can either condone or even tolerate.
    • thank you so much prabhuji for your guidence bt some times there questions are so irritating that you cant bear which makes us disappointed hope gopinath saves me from this hari bol
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    hare krsna.
    srila prabhupada told - "Poverty means poverty of knowledge". Preachers'work is to enlighten these type of people only. To be a catholic, muslim ,etc. is not bad, but they do not follow their own religion properly. If they follow the path shown by jesus, mohammad,etc. they will one day attain devotional service of krsna and radharani. Unfortunately one the name of so called religion they are just fighting and trying to show others low. For example, Bible says"Thou shall not kill". But christians are very busy to show themselves superior to others that they are neglecting the basic teachings of bible. This is the misfortune. We can tell them that all religions tell how to love god and to chant the holy name. So they should chant the holynames of god. "namnakari buhudha nij sarvasakttis". krsna has many names, according to taste anyone can chant. These teachings are not sectarian. Also please give them books. Srila prabhupada told that "What is the use of two minutes of preaching?person will listen and go away. But if you give him a book he will be benefitted eternally". If hope this will help you.
    your servant,
    • very well said.thanks for your reply hope to keep on getting guidencefrom you always
      hari bol
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    They are proof of just how kind, merciful, tolerant and forgiving God is. Even though their sources are so incomplete, faulty and fallible, because some of them are sincere, they can make some spiritual advancement anyway. Srila Prabhupada said that if they chant any name of God they will derive some benefit. If they read the Bhagavad-gita or any of our books they will become a better Muslim, Catholic, Jew or whatever. Eventually they may qualify to take full advantage of the Absolute Truth we are offering.
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