Hanumanji.....the greatest Vaishnava

hare krishna to all!

today is Hanuman jayanti....Hanumanji who is the greatest Bhakt of SriRamji....is so inspiring as in how he always lives in Ram naam.Should we then also pray to Hanumanji and recite Hanuman Chalisa...to have his mercy...so that he can give us Ram bhakti.I was wondering how can Hanumanji be of worship to struggling devottes like me.Kindly elucidate!  Hari Bol!

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  • shrImathe rAmAnujAya nama:

    shrIlakshminArAyaNabhagavanthau namAmi

    shrIlakshminrsimhaparabrahmane nama:

    rAmAyaNa glorifies the heroic past times of Lord rAma and his consort and is done gloriously done by sage vAlmIki. one of the rAmAyaNa's DhyAna shloka quotes : 

    Yatra yatra Raghu nada keerthanam,
    Thathra thathra krudha masthakanjalim,
    Bhashpa vari pari poorna lochanam,
    Maruthim namatha Rakshasanthakam. 7
    I pray and salute the son of wind god,Who brought to end the rakshasas,Who is always present with eye full of tears,With head bowed in veneration,Wherever the praise of Lord Rama is sung
    Kindly concentrate in developing the divine loving relationship with Lord rAma by means of hanUmAn by reciting his lord's nAma ( which is actually included in the nAma manthra extolled by kalisaNtharaNopaniShadh - rAma rAma ) .. And if possible kindly recite the verses of vAlmIki rAmAyANa ( especially sundarakAnda ) during these auspicious occasions. Always remember Lord Ram's charama sloka which is one of his kind - Only remember that you are his possession and he is your rarest divine possession and with this thought surrender to the Lord of Hanuman all auspiciousness will be there and that's the statement of Lord Rama himself. 
    adiyen rAmAnuja dhAsan 
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Yes, Hanuman ji is a very big devotee and like all the devotees in our parampara, we can observe half day fast on his appearance day and pray for pure devotion to God. There is no harm to that at all. The problem is we become entangled and start asking for material benefits. As long as our target is bhakti and that is what we are asking, we can pray to Hanuman ji. Not a problem at all.

    I am aware of ISKCON devotees who observe half day fast on Hanuman jayanti. It is not advertised because he is not from Gaudiya Vaishnava parampara.


    Your servant,


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