• Jajaja, Hari Hari! your answer is funny

  • Yes, monkeys are pranksters that's for sure. A monkey tried to steal my passport when I was in India. Fortunately, I was able to hold onto it and was able to keep my passport lol. Anyway, I heard about langur monkey abuse in India. Monkeys being abused, that sort of thing. It's even worse in the USA. They take the monkeys in the USA and torture them in horrible useless lab experiments.

    • It is too bad, and a shame that we treat these little fellas so poorly in the science labs.

      Kali-yuga is an ever increasing, terrible time.

      • Yes it is terrible the way the monkeys are tortured in labs. I recently discovered that there is a monkey Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida USA called "Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary" They have rescued over 200 monkeys!

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