Gross and subtle body

Hare Krishna, 

Please accept my humble obeisances and all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Would someone be able to direct me to information about the subtle and gross bodies, but specifically MISMATCH BETWEEN THE TWO, i. E. When there is male subtle and female gross or vice versa.

I just read something about varna sankara and how souls/minds are confused about their duties, genders, etc so I would like to understand more about this. 

Thank you 

Your servant 

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  • Hare Krishna,
    Hmm, you are grouped to a family only based on your choice and desires.
    For example, You don't decide and chose your parents or brothers and sisters. You get them according to the desires you had and you will be grouped with like minded desirous people.
    your choices and affinities all are as per you desire in the previous birth.
    That is why its called Runanubhandam.
    every person that comes in your life even if it is just like exchanging glances on a street. It is said that we had some unfinished karma with them so we had to meet them again in this life.
    Sometimes you may assume a female body or male body the desire to fulfill remains the same.
    In whatever body you are the subtle body (mind +intellect+ ego which carries all the data information from so many life times that chip will be same) and the soul though untouched is genderless and ageless.
    its the affitines and desires and choices which we make all previous life last desire of the individual.
    EXample. -
    King Bharata whose katha is mentioned in Srimad Bhagwatam
    King Bharata was a great king he ruled over his kindgom very nicely and gave all the burden to his sons and grandsons and left the palace to practise penance in jungles.
    But alas! ( long story short version) when he found a small baby deer lying helplessly without mother .. He became overly attached to that deer to so much extent that he couldn't get over it. He became a deer in the next life .. though by God's grace this deer was remembring its previous life and understood that this birth of it is only becoz of his strong desire to be with the deer. He still continued practise of Penance in deer body by always eating dried grass and avoiding luxious fresh grass and being near to asharama where sages recited vedas and spent his life time remaining aloof from other deer group.
    Though his body changed to deer his previous affinity for going back to godhead was remaining with him and he continued in the deer body also.
    next becoz of that pious nature of deer again this Soul of king bharat got a chance to get a human body again this time he was called Jada Bharata.
    Becoz this life time he was luckily having memory of all the previously life times its also by the Grace of SUpreme Lord.
    This life time he got a male body but he was very very cautious while talking working or even walking also becoz he didn't want to get attached to anyone. and remained mostly silent to just go back to godhead as he remember everything why he became a deer and why he had taken birth again.
    Yes so if you have a desire ... The wish needs to fulfilled.
    Until you fulfill the wish and get over it and say... You have no more desires left and having only one desire that is to see Lord.
    Then comes mukti or salvation or coming out of this cycle of birth and deaths.
    Even if you have 1% of attachement left to the mateiral world or people ... You keep taking births until u completely lose all desires.
    All the people you meet even me talking to you right now.. We had some connection which is why I am explaining this to you.
    Its in my karma that I have to meet you like this on this platform and give you advice. Though not physically.
    Even while you go out on street u smile at any one.. It is ur past life karma that made you meet him today. You had something to do with him.
    even it is just exchanging smiles.
    be it male body or female body the experience to heat or cold or touch is the same, thirst or any experience thru ur senses are the same.
    you experience it with the body and store the expereince in ur subtle body.. ( aha this desire is fulfilled you add to ur data base the mind notes it..)
    that is how that desire is fulfilled.
    Your choices ane selections are based on that desire only and you meet like minded desired people only.
    Their choices and ur match to say 80% so you have been grouped in one place that is why you taken birth in that family, or you get married to certain girl/boy.
    Hare Krishna.
  • Hare Krishna,
    Thank you for your response.
    So when there is confusion about gender, duty, etc. Is it because of modern society disregarding proper roles and duties? Or because of desires developed in a previous life in say a male body and now those same desires are there but the gross body is female?
    • Sevak
      Hare Krsna

      The source of all confusion is ignorance of our true spiritual identity that we are spiritual - sat-cit-ananda, part and parcel of Supremely Spiritual Personality of Godhead Sri Krsma. All materials desires are a consequence of first ignorance. The details of such confusing material desires and their fulfillment is not as relevant as the revival of our true identity of being servant of Sri Krsna and the methods of reviving our identity.
      The whole world is full of darkness. In darkness nobody can identify what is what, hence all sort of mis-identification and confusion exists. There is no point is trying to resolve individual material desires of mis-identification because the solution to eradicate all small darkness and entire darkness is the same - Light or knowledge.
      The knowledge given in Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita is the only solution to resolve small and big ignorance of the world.

      In short all confusion is due to lack of Krsna consciousness and Ksna consciousness is the only ultimate solution.

      Hare Krsna
  • Hare Krishna,
    To be clear and specific let me put it in a straight forward way.
    Gross material body is also called sthool shareer the physcial body which is formed by 5 elements or the pancha bhootas.
    Subtle body is made up of Mind, Intellect, false ego.

    Please note this below statement.. read it carefully.

    "So this subtle body—means mind, intelligence and ego—that carries me to another body according to the nature of my mind."

    Let us say you are sleeping. You see you are in deep sleep your body is not moving-->>but in dream your mind is active and intellect also active.. even ur false ego active. that means now your body that is gross material body is not working its just lying down no movement. Right.. But the Subtle body is still active.. In dreams the subtle body is taking YOU ( SOUL) to various places. You may go to himalayas in dreams also .. without even moving ur gross physcial body OK. clear till here??
    So, also.. When you die.
    Your body is lying down just lifeless. The Gross body is simply waste now. Just has no life. it is cremated..
    But what is seperated????? fromt this gross material body???????
    The Subtle body is seperated which takes You which actually you are
    What are YOU? You are not that body which is lying there
    You are the SOUL okay
    Now Soul along with SUBtle body is moving out of the Gross material body when you die.
    This Soul + Subtle body is now searching for another Gross body to enter. according to the desires of the person which are carried in the subtle body that is the mind, intellect and ego.
    The next body is got.
    FOr suppose the person who just died with a craving to become a rich man. He sgets next body according to the desire which is carried in the subtle body.
    Suppose the person have very strong affinity and affection bonding with the family which which he was while living.
    He doesn't want to leave that body and go away to take up another body.. The the SOUL+ SUbtle Body is always roaming around that house that family like ghost and wants to be the family.. Until someone does Kriya karma.
    Once Karma Kandha procedure done.. The Soul + subtle body( mind, intellect , ego) will try to find another body to fulfil the desires which he or she had during last birth.

    I don't know the MISMATCH i never came across that condition where..
    Male subtle body and female gorss body this is totally wrong conception.
    there is no male and female to the subtle body.. Subtle body is only mind, intellect and false ego.

    Varana Sankara means.. Marriage between two people who belong to different varnas.
    Like a kShetriya girl marrying a brahmina male.
    Or a Vysha marrying a shudra or a Brahmin marrying a shudra. This type of hybrid marriages are called Varna sankarna jaati.

    Hare Krishna.
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