• Sevak

    Yes Maral Mataji you are actually right. GBC did forbid the consumption of chocolate.

    ISKCON Law Book (1997)
    Ch.8: ISKCON Members
    8.5.1: Prohibition of Chocolate
    As it contains various stimulants like caffeine (contained in coffee), theine (contained in black tea) and theobromine (contained in cocoa), chocolate should not be eaten by ISKCON devotees.

    (Letter to: Surasrestha, Los Angeles, 14 June, 1972)
    In answer to your questions, the red incarnation who appeared in the Treta-yuga is Yajnapati. Lord Mohammed is accepted by us as Saktyavesa Avatar, but we do not recognize the Bahai faith. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu appears once in the day of Brahma or whenever He is required to come. So far attending pujas at the houses of the Hindus there we can go and hold our kirtana but we should not take prasadam there. We can accept raw materials and take them to our temple but we should not accept any prasadam prepared by them. However, if they insist then we can take fruits and milk and offer them to Krishna. Cocoa and chocolate are not to be taken as they are intoxicants.

  • Volunteer

    dabur in his cosmetics do experiments of animals, if in their food they do not show the green sign then we have to avoid it.

    Chewing gums contain gelatin which is made out of cow intestines. 

    Plus all these foods are only attractive because of their artificial smells. But the do not have value for the health ...

    on the contrary they create addiction and soak money from our pocket.

    Better if You make a habit to eat dry fruits like apricots, amla...

    And as a candy fruits or home made sweets out of milk. 

    Or if senses are uncontrollable we have to pray to Krishna - Hrishikesh. And He will surely help.

    Again whatever difficulty we have we have to go to Him for help.

    Also please make an addict to drink hot milk, if one drinks hot cow milk up to 1 liters then desire for sweets will go, it is from personal experience.

    Because in milk there are all 6 smell which give satisfaction to our mind which is the basic principle of controlling senses.

    Your servant,

  • How to prepare safe and pure chocolate in home ? pls share with details

    • Volunteer

      For this You have to find kerob Prabhuji.

      Then take half kg of sugar, 2 glasses of kerob, 2 or 3 glasses of dry milk and 2 glasses of water.

      And some drops of vanilla essence.

      first we boil water with half kg of sugar and make from it syrup then in other plate mix dry milk with kerob and vanilla. And when syrup gets ready we can add some ghee - nearly 1 cup and mixing pour the syrup on dry milk and kerob. And mix nicely. then put into desires shapes and leave it for drying.

      Then we can cut into peaces.

      I am not sure with quantities of ingredients, because i forgot, but when we once do then next time we will know how much we have to use each ingredient.

      Your servant,

      • kerob, will it be available in Indian Groceries.

        • Volunteer

          i do not know but i saw such like kerob at the kitchen of Radha Gopinath in Mumbai. 

          let me ask Matajis if they know..

          Your servant, 

      • Hare Krishna Bhaktin Mataji

        Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I never wondered or even tried to research on what gelatin(jello) is made up of. It's so common these days during Kids Birthday parties.

        I am surprised to know that  it could possibly be made up of cow's flesh. 

        But you are right , it comes from animals.

        Jai shree Gokulesh

  • Sevak

    I think from what I heard is that offering chocolate to deities is forbidden but one may consume chocolate. Which really doesn't make sense because devotees are supposed to take only prasadam.

  • Sevak

    From Hari Sauri's diary:

    November 25, 1976-- Vrndavan 
    I went up to the front gate tonight to check out the fare at a new snack bar Mahavira prabhu has set up. Situated just inside and to the right of the front entrance as you enter our property, it sells french fries, lassi, kachuries, and other small snacks. With three picnic tables provided, it has quickly become a social spot for the devotees, especially after the evening arati. Now the weather is getting colder, there are a few that like to gather, have a fried snack, a hot drink and a chat. When I walked up the first thing I saw was a small sign on the counter advertising hot drinking chocolate. "Hey, Maha, that's not bonafide!" I called to Mahavira prabhu. "What's not bonafide?" Mahavira responded, looking concerned. "The hot drinking chocolate. You can't serve chocolate." "No, drinking chocolate is different. Its OK. Prabhupada said its OK." "Did you ask him?" I asked him suspiciously. "Well, no, but drinking chocolate isn't the same as regular chocolate." "Of course it is. Its chocolate. How can it be any different?" "Well, how do you know that chocolate isn't bonafide?" "I heard when I first joined, you can't offer chocolate. Its like coffee, it has caffeine." "No, I don't think it does. I heard its OK." In this way we debate for a few minutes. He wasn't willing to concede and I could see the several others who were gathered there also thought hot drinking chocolate was a good idea. Then I said, "Well, let's go and ask Srila Prabhupada." He agreed it was a good idea and would settle the matter clearly. So we went into Prabhupada's darsana room where he was sitting quietly, chanting almost inaudibly on his beads. "What is that?" Prabhupada asked pleasantly as we offered our obeisances and sat before him. "Well, the devotees are selling hot drinking chocolate at the new snack bar, Srila Prabhupada," I said, "and I don't think its bonafide. Mahavira prabhu thinks it is, so we thought we should ask you." "Hm. So, what is it made from?" Prabhupada asked thoughtfully. Mahavira raced back to the shop and brought the can. He read out the ingredients. "Its mainly from cocoa, Srila Prabhupada." "Oh, cocoa. That, there is cocoa bean, it comes from this?" "Yes, Srila Prabhupada." "No, then it is not alright. If it is from cocoa bean you cannot take. That means caffeine." So that was it. The issue was settled and hot drinking chocolate is no longer on the menu.

    • Volunteer

      also this from authoritative source:

      Regarding chocolate, this is the relevant GBC Resolution from 1993:

      That, as it contains various stimulants like caffeine (contained in coffee),
      theine (contained in black tea) and theobromine (contained in cacao),
      chocolate should not be eaten by ISKCON devotees.

      Your servant,


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