Garuda eats Snakes

     Hare krishna.,

                   Everyone know that Garuda is a great vaishnava. But it is said in Srimad-Bhagavatam that his primary food is Snakes.Snakes are considered as very low beasts.Then as a vaishnava, How can he eat that?  Plz clarify...

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  •  HARE KRISHNA! Tnx 4 removing ignorance from this fallen soul dear prabhujis.....

    • Hare Krishna to everyone,

      dandwat pranam,

      Garuda as a personal associate of Krishna , lives in the spiritual world i.e. Vaikuntha Loka. In spiritual world there is nothing material, rather everything is spiritual. So ,unlike this material world ,I think there are no laws of karma there . Since we live in this material world we don't have any experience of Life in Goloka Vrindavan and Vaikuntha Lokas. So we cannot compare that absolute world with this world. There is not a tinge of sin there.

      please forgive if I say something wrong...rather please correct me.

      your servant


      • Volunteer

        Dear Ashish, Hare Krsna.  In Brhad Bhagavatamrta you will find that all the eternal associates of Krsna are also expanding themselves into  different forms to assist the Lord in His pastimes in Vaikuntha and in the material worlds.

        In Goloka Garuda is Sridhama.    In Vaikuntha he is Garudha.  In the material world he appears among the demigods as Garudha and in Vrndavan on the earth he appears again as Sridhama gopa. 

        These expansions are existing simultaneously.

        Please study carefully all the books and you will then understand how great the eternal associates of the Lord are.    Hare Krsna.

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    Dear devotee Hare Krsna.  Garuda likes to eat fish too.  He is a non veg devotee.  But we cannot imitate him thinking I will eat meat and be devoted to Visnu too.    No.   If I eat meat my consciousness will become polluted by the modes of material nature because I am a tiny conditioned soul and I will fall down into a hellish condition of life.

    But Garuda is an eternally liberated soul who is not subject to the modes of nature and as a pastime is the giant eagle carrier of Lord Visnu.       Thus he has as his diet such non veg foods and yet is never touched by maya.     Hare Krsna.  

  • Everything contains the Supreme Personality of Godhead so eating snakes is like prasadam lol. If snake is lowly beast then why would the Lord sleep on Ananta. I guess the only rational explanation is that its his natural food because he is a bird.

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