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    I vaguely remember hearing the explanation for this question in a lecture so open to corrections. The reason given was that according to niti shastra if a  person stayed away for 14 years he would loose all rights over any inheritance. Kaikeyi wanted to ensure that Bharat would continue to rule even after  the vanvas period of Sri Ram was over.So she choose 14 yrs vanvas  so that Sri Ram would loose any right on the throne after coming back. 

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      In addition to what HG Devi Radha Mataji has said,  14 years is considered equivalent of one generation for practical purposes. Previously girls could get married at a younger age of 12-14 years and this was common. So in general when a person is absent in an area for 14 years one entire generation will not recognize him/her or forget him what to speak of loving him. 

      So when Kaikeyi or Duryodhana wanted banishment for 14 years they were hoping that people would forget them or not love them and they became irrelevant specially when Bharat or Duryodhana would very nicely take care of the citizens. But fortunately that never happened. When Lord Rama came back, all the citizens were longing for him. And when Pandavas came back they had support of 7 akshouhini sena, which is quite large considering the banishment. 

      Even in modern times such concept is used. Like when a person dies and body is not found say eaten by crocodile and Life insurance needs to be settled, the insurance company in general won't settle the claim. Instead they wait for 7 years in which there should be no sighting of the person. Only then the claim is settled

      14 years was considered a generational gap for practical purposes

      YS Bharat

      • While these sound plausible it is still speculation. Perhaps we shall never know.

    • This sounds plausible and would require looking into the dharma sastras.

      There was also the hope that such a long stay in the jungle would lead to their death at hands of wild animals and rakshasasa.

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      Thank You Sharanagat Prabhu and Dipti Mataji for such like detailed answers!!! really nice. so everything has the meaning. 

      Your servant, 

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    Six Months is considered one Ayan == one day for Devtas. So two Ayans is one day and one night for Devta.

    Fourten human years is 14 days and 14 nights after which Paskha changes for Devta.

    • And what is the significance of that?

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    maybe for 14 years Bharata Maharaja would have son who would be suitable to sit in the throne...


    no, is my speculation. i really do not know the answer to this question. maybe Devotees will answer to You correctly.

    i am sorry. 

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    if it would be 12 15 10 or etc there would be a question why 12 15 10 not 14. :-)
    12 years means one full cycle of astrological signs, it is maybe for this.

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