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Hari Bol. I need a counselling from an enlightened soul on one of my dilemma or fear. Although, I tried a lot to understand the concept of life better but still fear creeps in and unsettles me.


I am working in a MNC. For the past 3-4 years, I have a new boss with whom I could not establish a good rapport for the initial few years. I had some resistance or prejudices earlier. And, it was the time, I turned to spirituality to understand the events better. I feel that I have grown up as a much matured person for the past 3-4 years. I tried setting the things right with him and humbled a lot. He is also devotee of Krishna and he introduced me to it even.


There is a drastic change in my approach and attitude and have developed a lot of respect for him. On professional front, I feel I am much better in my Job and looking for growth to discharge my wordly obligations better. But I feel he is still caught in the prejudices which he doesn't show on face but hides somewhere in heart. He is making things difficult for me but more gentle to another colleague of mine who is more subdued to him. He has indicated the time frame to me even that I should start looking for a job. Of course, he does not have any solid reason currently to execute it but may be waiting for the opportunity.


With this scenario, of course, it is difficult to perform even. I try to forget everything and take each day as it is but it is difficult and am no exception. I am trying getting job outside and more the desparate I am, more far it seems. Can I request some senior devotee's to take me out of this dilemma? I am a family man and have responsibilities towards them. The fear of losing the job haunts me everyday now. Whatever brave face I put up, I am fearing inside.


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    Dear devotee Hare Krsna,    Yes,  this material world is a fearful place where there is danger at every step.   At any time there can be some problem,   natural disaster,  terrorists,   theives,   disease and death.   Thats all part of living here in the material world.  And your body is equiped with defences that trigger chemicals so you can react quickly to fight or escape from danger.      These same chemicals can also  be released by unecesary fears and they cause harm to our health.  We can become weak ,sick and exhausted by artificial and unecesary  worries and anxieties.

    The devotees are not so bothered not so caught up by the goings on in the material world because we know thats what this place is. A place of suffering for the condtioned souls and we are not so conditioned by the ignorance.    We are always taking shelter of Krsna by chanting His Holy Names   Hare Krsna.      By hearing Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita.  Associating with devotees and giving up all bad association.     We have full faith that Krsna is our maintaner and our protecter.  We feel it in our heart.     We do our duty and depend on Krsna and whatever happens we see it must be for my good.    Even the most dreadful things happen we don;t doudt Krsna's protection.    It must be for my good.   It must be for my purification.   To free me from my bad karma and from my pride.   And we see it as a learning experience,  even an adventure.         But we don't ever blame Krsna saying     Why me?   What did I do?      I know Krsna is so kind to me he is only giving me a token   a little of the reactions I deserve.     So when facing a great danger or test devotees take full shelter of Krsna by chantng His Holy Name.   And all fear and anxiety quickly  disappears.      ...

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu. Thanks for your guidance. There is nothing more than the Holy Name. I practice it but still feel like this. It shows that the journey is too long. It is just a beginning. I only prey to GOD to engage me in his services so that I don't deviate from my real path while doing these worldly jobs.




      Lokesh Sharma

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        Hare Krsna devotee,   the Pandavas were put into so many difficulty by the will of providence.  So many times they show us how to tolerate and remember Krsna.   They did not ever become morose and pessimistic.     The devotee is always opterimisstic,  full of hope.     One day by the grace of guru and Krsna I will never feel any fear even if I am put into fire.    Its a fact.   No joke !     When you are really Krsna conscious  there is never any fear, lamentation or even death for the devotee.    Hari bol.
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