• Jai Shri Krishna..


              From Manojkumar Bhika Prabhu to just Manojkumar Bhika..

              Please accept what is right from wrong.  I will not be entertaining your questions in this regard any further.


              • Hare Krishna,dear Manojkumar Bhika prabhu.

                Thank you so much for letting me know what your conclusion is.

                If I  have offended you ,I am begging you to forgive me.

                This was only an discussion.  WE shared our choices. Thats all.  I am begging you to not take this personally. By this discussion with you , you make me think about Krishna and His devotees. May you be blessed for this by SRI SRI RADHA KRISHNA.

                All glories to you , my dear Manojkumar Bhika prabhu. I can accept you as my spiritual master. Please, once more I am begging you very humbly to forgive me.

                Thank you so much.

                Radha Radha.

  • Hre Krishna, Manojkumar Bhika prabhu.
    You are totally correct. If a devotee is in need of blood, ofcourse you can donate it to that devotee. Sorry that i was not that clear to you.Please forgive me.
    Radha Radha.
  • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

    It is really good to distribute Hari Naam liberly to all, definitely by this they will rise above the Karmas good/bad.

    I appreciate your good sense of humor :) because in Kali Yug people even do not share their spectacles, who will give his/her eyes to anyone while living.

    Anyways such a stand that no one should donate blood etc.. is very orthodox. Scriptures may not have examples of blood donation probably the people of that age did not need this. But in this age when anything can happen to anyone at any time we should help others.

    Our Sanatan dharma is full of examples of donations and charities. There are not even 100s .. but lakhs of examples. 1 such example is of  a sage called Dadhichi who gave up his all bones to Indra to help him make Vajra weapon by accepting death prematurely.


    Hari Bol


    • Hare Krishna Amit Kapoor prabhu.

      Sorry, that I made this big mistake by not beeing so clear to you. Please forgive me. You can donate blood for devotees who are in need for that.

      Sorry again. You are totally correct. I am begging you to forgive me



      • Hare Krsihna prabhu ji,

        Dandvats. Please do not ask for sorry... nothing personal. It is just a matter of my belief and understanding. Its nice that you accept that we can donate blood for devotees.. i just add 1 more point.. we can donate blood for devotees as well as NON-DEVOTEES, Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Christian/Shudra/Brahmin etc. All are children of Supreme father Krishna no differnce.

        Please forgive me if i have said anything wrong to you.

        Hari Bol

  • hare krishna prabhu ji .....we are very lucky as we can c this beautiful creation of god ....there is no harm in donating eyes to one who cnt c ven we leave this body ....if this eyes can help anyone to c this world ...den wats the harm in dat ....our duty is to help everyone..... by krishna u have eyes ... now u shud utilise it for all good work that u can do all whm u c in trouble for all n love all ...ven v leave our body, den this eyes can be blessing for those who cant c....hare krishna ....god bless all..
  • Hare Krishna,dear Rishikesh Karpe, prabhu.
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-maharaja.
    Dear Rishikesh prabhu, I like to thank you very much for sharing your conclusion with me. I am feeling honored. Do not worry. You have not offended me in anyway.
    However, in the past ,I was a blooddonor. I am telling you my own story. I even received a golden needle from the Redcross organisation. I thought ,let me discuss this with my local GBC, Virabahu maharaja. You know what he replied. I was thinking also that I was doing a wonderfull deed. But I was totally wrong. He replied, are you insane. You have not the right to harm this body, because you are a devotee and this body is not yours. This body belongs to Krishna in the form as Paramatma. This body is the temple of Krishna and you wish to break it. God lives in this body, that represent His temple. If you wish to do so,you will be considered as the same as the karmi's. Because they are destroying their body,Gods temple, by drinking liquor, smoking, eating meat, donating blood or bodyparts,etc. Doesnot matter this or next life. Doesnot matter even if you leave this body ,considered dead.
    Stop with donating blood now.
    This was just only about blood. Imagine how would he reacted if I was donating parts of my body.
    So, my dear Rishikesh prabhu, make your own choice now.
    Hare Krishna.
    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      I donate blood, the reason that I do it is because many Krishna conscious devotees also need blood due to many and various unforeseen circumstances.  I donate blood and know fully well that the blood in the body will be replaced  in a matter of days.  This Temple of God is healthy and secure in Krishna consciousness and will never be bankrupt of compassion in way of donating needy materials like blood.  My nephew is born with thalassemia major.  He is 5 years old and each end of the month he needs blood transfusion.  Without this he will not have a future.  He is Krishna conscious and he is in a body which is conducive for spiritual advancement. To with hold donation of blood would mean that he'd have to go through another cycle of birth and death.  Even women when giving birth at times need blood.


      Please reconsider your stance at least as far as blood donation is concerned.  You definitely are not breaking the temple of the Lord but you are helping sustaining other Temples of the Lord as well.  Your intentions are pure and if others misuse the resources then they will be held accountable.  A simple eg.  When prasadam is given to someone who in turn uses the energy to commit sin,  who is responsible for the sin committed.


      • Hare Krishna, Prakash Shivalkar prabhu

        Donating blood to the devotees who are in need of blood is not illegal. Virabahu maharaja told that also. sorry that I was not that clear.

        I am begging you to forgive me.

        Hare Krishna.

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