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My maternal aunt recently delivered her daughter about two months ago and soon after the first month completion ceremony, she complained of having scratch marks on her chest when she sleeps alone. This incident happens whenever she sleeps alone in my grandmother's house. Her newborn will began crying around 2/3 am and will be extremely restless the whole day until about 10 am.  This has occurred for quite a number of times by now. Everyone in my grandmother's house has lost their sleep, peace and rest due to these continuous incidents. 

My aunt used to have these scratch marks while sleeping in that bedroom back when she was younger too. 

My grandmother tried consulting the priests in the temple and they said there was nothing in the house. To be honest, I have never felt secure whenever I went upstairs and slept alone in that bedroom. My siblings and I always feel like there is something bothering us up there. 

I wish I could help my aunt. She is a non-devotee and she isn't a vegetarian. She wasn't very favourable to KC before this I told my grandmother to tell my aunt to stop eating non-vegetarian food and daily eat Tulsi after offering to Lord Vishnu or Krsna's picture. 

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Hariii boool.

Narayana kavaca or protection of the Lord Narayana  is the ritual which you can make yourself in that house. Its the best ritual in the universe for protection and well explained  in 6th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

One sloka which  is part of that ritual is considering your problem:

 SB 6.8.27-28 — May the glorification of the transcendental name, form, qualities and paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect us from the influence of bad planets, meteors, envious human beings, serpents, scorpions, and animals like tigers and wolves. May it protect us from ghosts and the material elements like earth, water, fire and air, and may it also protect us from lightning and our past sins. We are always afraid of these hindrances to our auspicious life. Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra.


Who will be easily caught by ghosts? Who can not be caught by them?

Bhagawan explains in GARUDA PURANA:

Then, Garuda asked Bhagawan:

“Oh, Adhi Moorthiji! What are the other activities of such ghosts? How can we know that a person has attained in a family! Kindly tell me!”

Then Bhagawan Replied:

“Garuda! The person who got a ghost body after death will be living in his house and will catch his own family members only!


(i) Thoose who do more dhaaan and dharma!


(iii)Those who performs shrardha (Annual rituals) for the ancestors!

(iv) Those who go on Pilgrimage to Divya Kshetras (Holy Towns)!”

Who will be easily caught by ghosts?

Bhagawan Says: “Garuda! The same Ghost will instantly like the following persons and disturb them:

(i) Those who are doing sinful acts only!

(ii)Those who insult those who preach about Bhagawan, ie, BHAGAVATHAS!

(iii) Those who is an aetheist!

(iv) Those who are NON VEGETARIANS!

(v) Those who drink liquors!

(vi) Those who always tell lies!

The ghosts will catch these people and start to give tortures to them!

Narayan kavach can help you in this case or any.

Please tell her to read sri ram charit devotee i know is going through same problem..hes initiated ..into preaching..chanting from past ten years ..still evil spirits are troubling him..he tried everything..i told him to read manas at last..some foren devotees say..he shud sleep with a holy cross 


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