Hare krishna,



        kindly provide information, as personally it is not possible for me to know about this thing

please give more details.actually to be specific i want to ask does husband needs to give emotional support to wife and in what way and how ?

          please forgive me i was once told this by one person so i am asking pls don't ask why i didn't ask him only i didn't got chance.pls give example also

         thanks in advance.


trying to be servant,


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    The deciding factor is whether or not the man knows how to properly manage his ojas shakti. If he doesn't, the relationship will be in severe danger.
  • Hare Krishna,

    Relations are made by Sri Krishna and Karma is also decided by him. In every relation mutual support and understanding are required for a healthy and long lasting relation and that is how our society is otherwise we would be called as machines without life. The more possessive your in a relation the more emotional you can be but, this could be balanced only through spirtualism and presence of mind and soul. Relations are made by god so that you can reach god in a more easy way. The pros and cons of relation are highlightened so that you come closer to god day by day which is your final destiny. Krishna is ulimate, he himself was in N-number of relations and even emotionally surrender at times to show us normal human life and yet he concluded these all are steps for salvation or moksha. Wife and husband relationship is more auspicious in our culture and the purity of the relation is also expalined in the epics. A good family relation would give good culture to the new generations and so forth.

    Hope I have answered some part of your question.
    Hare Krishna.
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