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does playing games in pc, laptop affects devotional life?

i love playing games in pc, laptop very much. does it affects my newly started devotional life? please show me right direction.

hare krishna.

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Hare Krishna Prabhu.  How wonderful that you have started your devotional life !!! You can use your love in playing games on pc in a positive manner. For example, you can tell yourself:" I am going to chant 16 rounds a day. AFTER  I complete my 16 rounds, then I can take some time afterwards to play games on my pc". Get the 16 rounds done FIRST. For example, I do allow myself to watch a little  TV and play on the computer some. BUT I do not allow it until  AFTER all of my 16 rounds are completed.

hare krishna prabhuji. thank you for your reply. but the another problem is i am not doing 16 rounds daily. i am just doing about 4 rounds daily. what to do in this situation. please help me.

Then first thing chanting attentive 4 rounds then games. 

Hare Krishna , PAMHO

                         Slowly but surely keep increasing your rounds like 1 round every 15 days till you reach 16 rounds .You can play games in pc for some allocated time but dont spend all day playing games , you can hear Prabhupada Lectures ,this should be of very good guidance to you . Buy Prabhupada complete Audio Archive at the local Iskcon temple

or download  each file from this site


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