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    Krsna is completely transcendental to all material qualities, and so are all his activities. He is eternal and blissful in knowledge. That said, material sex life between nondevotees revolves around sense gratification, particularly satisfying ones lusty desires. Or, between devotees it is to beget a Krsna Conscious child. Krsna is inapplicable to both of these plausible ways someone may conduct sex life, so the simple answer is no. The affairs between gopis are exchanges of the purest love without a tinge of material lust, and are completely on the spiritual platform. Unless one can understand Krsna, he will have a mundane perspective because of his illusion or Maya.


    Tamal Krsna

  • For those who wrongly identifies with material nature usually  can not understand whats reality and what illusion, therefore one need first to learn basics properly,  such as ''who I am and whats my nature''.

    After learning basics of transcendental science correctly, one can get opportunity for progress in understanding of Lords activities.

    Lord Krishna activities are fully transcendental, but ordinary people think He must be one like us.

  • Sri Guru Gauranga jayatu

    The term may have been used as "Kama" - it has a different meaning in spiritual context(I'll arrive at it later).

    Kama here in refers to sex in gross concept, and any desire other than to please krsna in subtle conception.
    Now sex is a biological drive. It is oly present in material body in all species. It's alien to the nature of spirit soul. Moreover it is a temporary pleasure. it was required for the lord to design such an arrangement in the reproduction system,without which no one wouldbe interested in having babies and thus the human race wouldn't flourish.this Is all in bhagvatam. So in no way krsna is needy of such a meaningless pleasure.

    Even if seen from point of view of giving birth, krsna can do it with any of his parts, he gave birth to Brahma through his navel, he impregnates Maya through his glance. And krsna always enjoys with his cit Sakti not with material energy.

    Now in spiritual context Kama means spiritual desires. The Kama of the consorts of the lord refers to their intense desire to please the lord. As his consorts , they do so by performing pastimes with him, sporting,dancing,embracing, quarreling,talkingetc in so many ways. When they are at other places they constantly desire to see him etc.. in this way their Kama refers to desires for pastimes with the lord.

    But v should not think this to be lik the so called love games of ordinary boys Nd girls of this world. Because basically they hav a wrong conception of love, they are interested in the other person oly for the bodily pleasure available from the other person. When they don't get any benefit from the other person,they are no more interested,they search for other partners. Basically this sex is an impulse, which awakens animalistic nature. It deepens ones illusion of identifying with his body and they he is really enjoying. That's y sex is regulated by marriage or celibacy.

    I hope I hav written sufficiently in connection with your doubts.
    Hare Krishna
  • If the act of sex life is impure, why Krishna said, I am sex life, which is according to the spiritual injunctions, in the Bhagavad gita?

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    Hare Krsna,
    My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

    I think this YouTube video would be of some help in understanding this topic better.

    Srila prabhupada ki jai..

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  • whew.......hasn't anyone ever studied all the tantric, transcendental, spiritual, sexuality, teachings that where taught way before the Hari Krishna movement started, the blessing from these tantric teachings are here to be studied, practiced and understood in transcendental union of mind, body and soul.......Feel free to contact me at to join my study group........Hari OMmmmmmmmmmmm  Hare KRISHNA   Below find link to manuscripts book

    • We do respect any kind of spiritual practice and have no hard feelings but Gaudiya Vaishnava practice has nothing to do with tantra , sexuality. Even in the highest rasa "Madhurya rasa" the gaudiya vaishnava sadhakas aspire to be a servant of sri Radha where there is no interest for personal direct  sensual pleasures but serving Sri Radha in her lila. This is the mood of Gaudiya vaishnava. So there is no need of understanding  sexuality for Gaudiya Vaishnavas . However there are instances of tantric sexual practice being brought into gaudiya vaishnavism but that is a deviation from actual sadhana process called sahajiya. To know more about sahajiya there is a good blog below.

      Manjari Bhava /Radha Dasyam has nothing to do with direct sexual relationship so it is not needed for gaudiya vaishnava to understand them.

      Taken from the below blog

      According to Caitanya-caritamrita, “the nectar of Krishna’s lotus feet” means his direct bodily contact.

      From this we can understand that the nayikas serve Krishna by directly relinquishing their bodies to him— that is their qualification for being in the madhura rasa.
      The manjaris, on the other hand, are unenthusiastic about such type of service. They never contemplate such a possibility, even in their dreams. Yet, the question may be asked, if there is no possibility of madhura rasa or romance without physical intimacy, how can the platonic spirit of the manjaris be graced with the name of samartha rati or kama-rupa bhakti?

      In answer to this question, it should be said that the object of the manjaris’ affection is the Holy Couple of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna together. Therefore, the perfection of the manjaris’ power of sight and the thirst of their eyes is to see that couple locked in embrace. The craving of their ears is to hear the Holy Couple’s sweet murmuring conversations and that is the fulfillment of their sense of hearing. The desire of their tongues is to relish the flavour of the condiments touched by the Holy Couple’s lips, and in that way their sense of taste attains perfection. Similarly, the sweet fragrance that arises at the Holy Couple’s union is the object craved for by their nostrils and its experience is the fulfillment of their sense of smell. The tactile sense finds plenitude in massaging the Holy Couple’s feet and bodies, and this is the only object of their sense of touch.

      In this way, it may be said that of the four types of sambhoga (intimate contact) mentioned by Jiva Gosvamin (i.e., by sight, conversation, touch and intimate contact) the first three are present in the manjaris to some extent.
      The question is, how do they experience samprayoga, or intimate contact? We get some light on this point from the following passage from the Govinda-lilamrita:

      Just as the moon enlivens the lilies, so Krishna is the bright moon who enlivens the lily-like hearts of the residents of Vrindavan. His pleasure-giving potency is personified in Radha, who is like a creeper whose fruits are prema. Her girlfriends are like the unlimited branches, leaves and flowers which expand out from her self and are thus equal to her. For this reason, when that winding creeper of love is watered with the heavenly potion of Krishna’s sporting activities, then the leaves and flowers (the sakhis) find hundreds of times more pleasure than if they were themselves to be sprinkledthis seems quite normal.

      Just as the all-pervading, omnipotent Supreme God Almighty needs his majestic spiritual potencies to become fulfilled, similarly, the love of Radha and Krishna, though very elevated, self-manifest and joyful by nature, does not find fulfillment for even a moment without the presence of her girlfriends, the sakhis and manjaris. What person, genuinely learned in the science of sacred rapture, would not therefore take shelter of them?

      Prabodhananda Sarasvati also states in the Vrindavana-mahimamrita,

      The pleasure felt by the eyes of the sakhi alone in seeing Radha merged in the ocean of love for Krishna makes all the Supreme Lord’s festive arrangements for his own happiness seem insignificant.

      Another quote from the Govinda-lilamrita (11.137) of Krishnadasa Kaviraja illustrates the
      power of the vicarious pleasure of the manjaris:

      If Krishna should touch Srimati Radharani, then lo and behold! her sakhis start to tremble they sweat and their body hairs stand on end and tears well in their eyes. And if Krishna should carefully sip
      the spirituous liquor of Radha’s lips, it is they who become intoxicated! This is truly something wonderful.135

      In his commentary on this verse, Srila Vishvanatha Cakravartin observes that this verse contains the rhetorical embellishment (alamkara) known as asangati or “non sequitur.”
      Asangati is defined as arising when causes are described as being inflicted on one entity have their effects reproduced in a completely distinct one. Here, the Lord is touching and kissing Radha, but the effects of trembling and intoxication are described taking place in the bodies of the sakhis .


      The actual quotes from Gaudiya Vaishnava acharyas are in the footnote of the book some of which have been presented in the blog.

      I am really sorry if my post has offended anyone but many people tend to misunderstand gaudiya vaishnava ideals confusing it with mundane sexuality or thinking that aspirants of madhurya Rasa have license to think about sadhakas intimate relationship with Krishna  directly so it was posted.

      Misunderstanding : The word SAHAJIYA  is very widespread in the vaishnava world. Normally we tend to call all others sahajiya who are not following t…
  • Dear Radha Rasik Raj Prabhu,

    Thank you for your clear explanation. You were so polite and patient in answering my questions. It is very encouraging for a neophyte like me to read more books and understand. You no where questioned my level of understanding and subject matter, we need more devotees like you who can deal with neophyte devotees politely. Otherwise, mostl of the time my reply or post goes missing or no one reply. I will read from now onwards, Thank you Prabhuji. Need your blessings.

    Your Servant


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      Hare Krishna,

      Thank you very much for thoughtful questions & endeavor to understand the Krishna-Tattva in full. It is our great pleasure to serve all of humanity in various ways & all credit goes to Srila Prabhupada who shows the path for generations to come.
      You will surely benefit by reading Srila Prabhupada books which delivers everything we need to know about Krishna, in an easy & practical way that too "As it is", without mental speculations.

      In the service of Hari, Guru & Vaishnavas.

      Radha Rasikraj Das

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