Does chanting Maha-mantra give spiritual experiences?

Miraculous gurus Neem Karoli Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba have recommended chanting God's name. But do you know any name of God chanting which gives spiritual experience? Spiritual experiences i'm interested in are:

1) Being able to know what does God want me to physically do in my life.

2) Being able to converse with God / gods / goddesses / extradimensional-beings, and/or gain knowledge from their world.

3) Spiritually getting answers to my questions.

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Do you know any name of God chanting which gives spiritual experience ?

    All/Any names of God are capable of giving spiritual expereinceYes,

    The following is the experience of Srila Rupa Goswami who experienced spiritual ecstacy by chanting the divine pure names of Lors Sri Krishna 

    tuṇḍe tāṇḍavinī ratiṁ vitanute tuṇḍāvalī-labdhaye
    karṇa-kroḍa-kaḍambinī ghaṭayate karṇārbudebhyaḥ spṛhām
    cetaḥ-prāṅgaṇa-saṅginī vijayate sarvendriyāṇāṁ kṛtiṁ
    no jāne janitā kiyadbhir amṛtaiḥ kṛṣṇeti varṇa-dvayī

    ‘I do not know how much nectar the two syllables “Kṛṣ-ṇa” have produced. When the holy name of Kṛṣṇa is chanted, it appears to dance within the mouth. We then desire many, many mouths. When that name enters the holes of the ears, we desire many millions of ears. And when the holy name dances in the courtyard of the heart, it conquers the activities of the mind, and therefore all the senses become inert.’ 

    For any spiritual expereince one needs to be in a selfess, humble and serving attitude. It would be a divine previlege to have any experience with God. 

    Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krishna,

    Have you started chanting any mantra yet or just simply still unable to figure out which God to chose to chant? Because I am seeing you have been asking similar questions since 2018 all your questions had more or else same doubt.

    Have you not got any God to settle on to?

    There are two types of  siddhis' --Sadhana Siddhi and Kripa Siddhi.

    If you want to attain siddhis' in this age of kaliyuga Sadhana siddhi only can work. kripa siddhi also works if you have a Spiritual master whom you are totally surrendering to.

    Have you any Spiritual master whom you feel you are totally surrendered to ? If not you will not believe in whatever he says.

    Belief is most important step here.

    Believing someone to be superior to you and completely surrendering accepting his words are truth is must.  Once you believe in His words half the battle is done.

    Like we are believing in what Srila Prabhupada said that chanting Mahamantra you can get krishna prema.

    If you don't have a spiritual master you are having doubts on all those Acharyas' words you can't start and take up chanting ever.

    Once you believe you will take what the master told seriously and chant.

    then second step comes into play that is sadhana siddhi.

    In bhakti yoga we keep chanting mahamantra becoz it gives pleasure in the process of chanting itself. We are actually communicating with Lord while chanting.

    In tantra sadhana.. or demigod invoking there are some mantras which invoke a specific god for a specific purpose

    In Bhakti our main goal is not getting some siddhis' siddhis' do happen as automatically in the process but we are not interested in those. Bhakti is unconditional love for God.

    Now what is Unconditional love you may ask right?

    A mother is there and she loves her son she keeps on thinking about her son. Her love is unconditional for the son. In any condition ( if the son is mad at her or son leaves her and goes away, or son became a theif or son becomes a king) does her love change for the son? NO... that is unconditional love.

    Same thing we have for Lord Sri Krishna so we keep thinking, chanting and lovingly remembering his form, leela and guna or qualities and we feel blissful in itself.

    We are not looking here for some psychedelic supernatural experiences.. or communicating with Lord.

    In love there is only giving but no expecting back. If you get some spiritual experiences it is out of Lord's grace we say. 

    But our main aim here is not getting some siddhis' like anima siddhi, mahima siddhi., para shareer pravesha.. There are ashta siddhis' ( Aṇimā, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prāpti, Prākāmya, Iṣiṭva, Vaśitva ) 

    it is mentioned by Supereme Lord Sri Krishna in SB canto 11 chapter 15 all these siddhis' are easy to be attained by my devotees ...but My devotees care for nothing except ME.

    Hanuman is called Ashta siddhi nava nidhi ke data.. Hanuman attained all these siddhis' by just chanting Rama name. But Hanuman doesn't care for these siddhis when it comes to serving Lord Rama he becoming meek humble servant of Lord Rama.  That is real love and that is real virtue.

    See any mantra has syllables right. Like If I say  Om namah Shivaya its a 5 syllable mantra if you recite it 5 lakh times that is called one Purascharana. To please a demigod or to invoke any demigods they do a Purascharana of a mantra Like one syllable to be repeated one lakh times. In this way mantra siddhi can be attain depending on HOW Intense is your longing to please the demigod.

    mantra siddhi usually happen when you are like at the half of the completion of a purascharana. But you keep doing until you complete the Purascharana to invoke that demigod to ask Him or Her to grant boons.

    But You see..., This is Kaliyuga in this yuga these demigod invoking mantras don't really works.  Why becoz we are not following exactly rules and regulations prescribed in the books. They are some stingient rules which have to followed for a experiencing this all siddhis'

    That is why in this Iron age of kali  where the people are so fallen ..... These mantras with Om and namah and swaha mantras work only when they are given by a spiritual master. Otherwise you cannot have the expereince.

    Tantrics do a lot of sadhana and they may invoke beings and ghosts or some apsaras who are just available easily as they are mostly just above the space in which we are residing.  But you know how dangerous is this prakriya or process. You might be attacked by demons or beasts or everything might go wrong you will end up in calling unwanted troubles.

    Satvik sadhana is bhakti yoga. Here we are chanting and at the same time feeling bliss.

    For this first step one has to do is form a relationship with Lord Sri Krishna. Just say Lord Sri Krishna is like my friend or I am His servant or I am like His mother or father.. or sister  brother anything. Once you form a relationship. Automatically love develops for HIM. Love is only giving not asking anything in return. Just like a  mother serves her own son with loads of love and always remembers her son we keep remembering Lord and feel happy that Oh almighty Lord is my own son. I have to feed him from time to time.. I need to take care of HIM ..He is small ..this type of feeling or bhava develops then you will feel blissful even Lord will love this kind of service and rememberance and He will start reciprocating for the love you are showing.

    This is a spiritual experience. which cannot be told it should be experienced by self. 

    Bhakti is not wanting something.. It is a process of learning the art of selfless giving.

    Are you read for it? or are you still looking for spiritual experiences. .. When Supreme Lord Sri Krishna will become you family member and will sit with you talk to you dance with you this not a great experience?

    why go to demigods or ghosts or aprasa or temporary things when you can experience a completeness.  A soul as you are, a part of Supreme soul your naturally inclined to experience you Higher Self and not temporary happiness giving drugs or ghosts or demigods.

    Srila Prabhupada founder Acharya changed all those Hippies who were running after drugs to experience psychedelic states and showed them right path to experience the same feeling in Satvika state of mind without indulging in drugs.. How else did the Hippies who were addicts changed to this system of bhakti? 

    Yes we are all experiencing a spiritually blissful state when we are with Lord Sri Krishna and that is the time when we chant we get connected to Lord.

    Though it is mommentrily blissful we come out of chanting phase and come back to routine life. If we keep practising and make Lord Sri Krishna our own kith and kin then we will really experience amazing experiences like the Goswami's experienced.

    But first you must start believing in the words of Srila Prabhupada and really take it seriously that yes Krishna is mine. He is with me. I belong To Krishna. This is must to start with.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Ma'm,

      I've chanted Krishna's holy names sometimes.
      I've dedicated songs to both formless God and Krishna. But i don't know what's the best form of God for me to think of when i want to devote love/devotional songs to God: Krishna vs God without form vs God who appeared to me when i took a psychedelic vs God present in everyone vs All of them together.
      I haven't totally surrendered to anyone, but i like Neem Karoli Baba. He passed away some time ago. I wish i could have someone like him who's approachable today.
      I do believe that chanting the Maha-mantra purifies oneself.
      Thank you for the example of unconditional love. Neem Karoli Baba said to love everyone. I've taken up your example and started implementing it on everyone.
      Okay, Lord Krishna is my lover & friend. That's the relationship i prefer with him.
      I've sometimes done bhakti to purify myself. My current purpose in life is to know through direct-experience (enlightenment) that how i can best serve all persons / what's the best service i can do. That's the spiritual experience i'm looking for. Yes i consider Lord Krishna talking to me to be a great experience.
      As far as i know, psychedelics (e.g. DMT) aren't addictive.

      Ma'm, thanks a lot for your time and effort for typing such a long reply to me. Thank you.

      • Hare Krishna,

        You took psychedelic substance to experience God and he appeared also. WOW. What was HE like?

        Krishna appears to gyani's as impersonal formless. Krishna appears as Parmatma for those who are serving all people and see God in all.  Krishna only appears as deity form for bhakts.

        There is nothing else other than krishna which is called God. Everything is Krishna itself.  The cause of all causes. From him all others emanated. all demigods everything came from Lord Sri Krishna only.

        Krishna is Supreme personality of Godhead. You may see HIM as Shiva or Neam Karoli Baba or any other Demigod. Krishna is only the one whom you are seriving directly or indirectly.

        Just know this fact. Like a river reaches ultimately to the sea snd sea to the ocean. We all jeevatmas' are finally reaching demigods or gurus' or whoever and ultimately reaching Krishna only ( there maybe time lag) some reach early some reach later.

        Your current purpose my current purpose every jeevatmas current purpose of life is to reach Krishna only. But we forgot that becoz we are busy in attaining name, fame, money, relationships.. in this material world.

        One may serve all persons in this world thru  cash, kind, or service but is it sufficient to serve all the poplulation.?

        Let us say you are having so many funds to serve people. But is it sufficient to serve all people in this world??????

        Let us say you are very very humble and compassionate for others sufferings and you have sympathy and empathy for others sufferings and are doing seva to all poor and sick..How many people can you serve at a time in this whole world?

        Okay you established a huge oraganisation and doing seva to all sick and poor people out there but are you able to cater to the needs of all people in this world ( even animals) at once?

        So ..Listen my dear brother. Whatever money we have or compassion we have we are no where in comparission to Supereme Lord's wealth or comparision . He is laxmipati, He is most merciful and compassionate to all. Look He provides sunlight, water , air, free of cost to all every day.  Such compassion such mercy do we have to serve all at a time?

        Maximum at a perticular give time you can serve 50,000 people. I heard one day Iskcon spends 10 lakh rupees for serving food for 70,000 to 80,000 people mid day meals/per day

        Who is the provider for all you must serve Him. Who is worthy of all praises? Krishna Provides to all caters to all not only humans every being chara achara jagat. And he is doing without conditions ( unconditionally).  He is providing air, water sunlight every other resource equally to all beings. He is not partial. And He is doing this seva to all being all at a time.

        Is it possible to be like that? NO we cannot serve all being at a time Like Lord.

        So He is praise worthy. If you praise Him it is more then enough. He is most capable to take care of all people and moving non moving all shriti at a  time. No doubt about it.

        Ur seva is like a tiny drop in a ocean. But still it is great that you have seva bhav. Enligtenment is nothing but seeing God in all beings. Like what Gautama the buddha felt for all beings.

        " How can I best serve all beings" -- by praising God and spreading Krishna consciousness in all beings. When all people become Krishna conscious they wont hurt any being in this planet. Becoz all will see Krishna in all beings. Harming other being ( eating non veg , being cruel to next person) this all vikaars are present in all beings. People should learn to see the suffering of others and become compassionate for others sufferings. This only can happen via KC. This is not like magic. some englightened being touches you shaktipaat transfer and you start doing seva by becoming a guru. But the thing which you are feeling right now..HOW CAN I BEST SERVE all Beings this thought of compassion itself is enlightenment. This thought should come in all people then only there will be mass compassionate feeling and serving.

        You are a compassionate soul already but you are just one person. You need an army to bring change in all. For that you have to spread KC in all. Start should happen from within urself. understand that you are soul and you belong to the Supersoul or parmatma. And the same Parmatma is present in all beings. So now you cannot hurt a being .. even plants and animals are having life in them. They are also having parmatma. This is to understood by you and spread to all.  For connecting to Supersoul first. You need to do sadhana of mahamantra.

        like my computer data is connected to rest all computers by internet and all information of all computers thru out the world is stored in the cloud. We all are connect to each other by the Supreme soul. ( Krishna) each one of us is having supersoul ( parmatma in us) 

        To understand this only we are doing sadhana.. First try connecting to our parmatma which is present in the heart region ...then you can connect to all beings. when your  Anahat chakra opens.

        Sadhana is the only way  .. even Buddha did the same he went into silence and just focussed on the self. Here we are chanting Krishna name and visualizing His form and realizing Krishna in all hearts opening the closed chakra the heart chakra that way to connect to all beings. See the process is the same. But here we are able to connect easily as we are having a form.

        Nirvikaar is tough to focus on. If you have a aakar to it you can have better focus and things will become faster.

        Mind in this kaliyga is very very chanchal. If you try to sit and focus on nirvikaar ( formless) it will think about many many things which it has had already stored in memory.

        Mind cannot be emptied Mind should be filled and diverted to Krishna..His form, His activities, His leelas, His gunas( qaulities) then this mind gets fixed thinking about HIM

        there are only two ways. empty mind or fill the mind with something else.

        emptying mind is not so easy as you think even if you go to jungles and sit in silence.. this mind has so many stored data that they keep popping up in the mind space when you try to focus on formless nature of God.

        let us say you are in your 30's and you have seen so much in this world by now so much information is there how can you empty that? It is next to impossible esp. in this kaliyuga.

        Pravrutti maraga is only way. Fill ur mind with positive thoughts add krishna leelas, gunas and every information about krishna and give this mind a direction to think. Then chant Lord name is so powerful that it can burn away all the sins and remove all the vikaras in your mind.  you believe it or not. Sadhana is only the way in this kaliyuga nothing else works it will open your anahat chakra to see krishna in all beings.

        Hare Krishna.


        • Thanks for the interest. I took psychedelic to get answer to a question (Why hasn't God put an end to all pain?), not for experiencing God. But then God appeared to me in form of face of elder man with long beard. He said "I've given you everything.", and then he showed me examples of that. My thinking wasn't like that so i'm not seeing this as creation of my brain, and i wasn't seeking any experience like this. One of the examples that God showed me was that he has given me such a good sister.

          I'm a logical person so i agree with you that if i personally help persons or even if i start an NGO or become head of some country, then i can only help a limited amount, not all people. I won't be able to ensure that future generations or people living on other planets won't feel pain. So that's why instead of starting an NGO, i'm seeking direct enlightenment that how i can best serve. Similar to Siddhattha-Gotama / Siddhārtha-Gautama sought enlightenment that what can be done regarding the pain in world. When someone asked Neem Karoli Baba that what's the best service that person can do, Baba replied "The best service you can do is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute.". But i want to see for myself.

          Ma'm your dedication to help a stranger is impressive. I would love to know you personally. Are you on Facebook?

          Hare Krishna.

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    • Thank you Sir. I give preference to people's personal experiences over what scriptures say. I apologize; i should have mentioned in my post that i want to know whether the chanters of God's name in today's world practically have the kind of spiritual experinces i've listed. The 2nd point in my list can be experienced even by taking natural psychedelics. But due to my circumstances i cannot currently take them. I'm considering joining ISKCON ashram but don't know whether it's worth.

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        • Thank you Sir. Namaste :)

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