Does Black Magic really exist?

Hare KrishnaPAMHOOff-late, nothing has been going right for my family. Everyone is arguing among themselves. My aunt has a strong beleif in pandits. So a pandit told her that someone has been doing black magic on all of us and one by one each of us is going to die. I am a Krishna devotee and by Krishna's grace, I am blessed to do Laddoo Gopal Ji sewa at home. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I have immense faith in Krishna and feel he will protect us from black magic. Does black magic even exist? If so, then having Krishna prasadam everyday, chanting the maha-mantra and reading Bhagvad Gita will help is to get rid of it?Please clear my doubts.Hare Krishna

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  • I dont know that there is any black magic or not. But Im sure if there is that, you are safe as a devotee Of My Krishna.. He alwasy keeps safe His Devotees from any type of bad effects from this Univers.. Hare Krishna..
  • Hare Krsna


    Mata ji, please read the following and you will have the true reply:

    1.  If an ordinary pandit is so powerful he would have controlled the whole world.

    2.  These people try to encash our emotions when we are passing through tough times.

    3.  The remedies they prescribe are some gemstones, tantra kriya, yagya or donations to ward off the ill effects.

    4.  As these pandits used to earn their livelihood by preaching society about God and performing religious rituals.

    5.  To meet out their expenses they have started playing with our sentiments.

    6.  Do you feel by performing some specific pujas as recommended by so called pandits will ward off the ill affects of 

         our past karma? That too a Krsna devotee. 

    7.  Always remember " mare Krsna rakhey kaun, rakhey Krsna mare kaun".

    Please don't be victim of such pandits, astrologers, tantriks. 

    Please do read " Teachings of Prahlada Maharaja" atleast ( in addition to B.G., S.B & Laws of Karma) and re-affirm your faith in Lord Krsna.

    Hari bol


  • Hare krishna Prabhu,PAMHO

    Dont Tell Krishna how big your Problems are, Tell your Problems how big krishna is

    Black magic cannot affect a Krishna Conscious person (Sadhak) ,Keep chanting HK mantra Regularly , Increase your Japa rounds,

    "   If so, then having Krishna prasadam everyday, chanting the maha-mantra and reading Bhagvad Gita will help is to get rid of it? "

    Yes all this does help to Keep Evil Forces at bay, You can Also offer Tulsi dalam to Krishna and your Entire Family can take it

    Play Prabhupada Kirtans  and Kirtan Mela Hare krishna Kirtans at Home 

  • Hare Krishna Everybody,

    I came to Krishna consciousness because of black magic. Here is a short note of what happened in my life.

    I happened to be a severe atheist. At that time my relatives used to get affected by black magic and I used to make fun out of them. All theses are illusions - I used to say them.

    Long after, I got affected by black magic. Some invisible evil power caught hold of me. I was in control of two persons. One my soul and another - the evil power. This I was able to realize 100 %. I felt there was something tied to my neck. But there was nothing visible. I used to feel somebody touching and calling me on my back but when I turn over there will be nobody. Like that number of frightening experiences.

    My father took me to a magician. The magician on his own identified that I have been affected by black magic and needs to be cured. He asked me to buy a chicken. I bought. At night 12 o clock he took me to a grave yard. He asked me to hold a chicken. He said some few mantras in Sanskrit and blood rushed out of the chickens mouth as if water rushed out of the pipe and the chicken got killed. He used no knife. By simply saying mantras blood gushed out of chickens mouth and the chicken got killed. I was stunned and when the chicken got killed the evil power left my body. On the way back I questioned the magician and he replied that I have transferred the evil power from your body to the chicken. Now you are free.

    Mean while I have started going to the temples and started realizing that Gods are real. At that time I had a chance to indirectly interact with Goddess KaruMari Amman and Venkatesa perumal and as I prayed, through some indirect interaction, a reply came we will protect you from the evil power.

    The enemy of mine after realizing that I have got rid of evil power made new one and directed at me. The new evil power caught hold of me but at once Goddess KaruMari Amman and Venkatesa perumal came in the picture and drove out the evil power. This is my strong feeling.

    When I said my experiences to other people now everybody said I was in illusion. Nobody is going to believe me. When my relatives got affected by black magic and after getting cured they used to return back to normal life of job, family etc.

    But once I got affected and cured I started pondering over where is god, where are the evil powers, what is god doing now …………etc. All my questions were finally answered in ISKCON. And this is how I came to Krishna consciousness.

    The above is only a short note. My black magic experiences will run into pages.


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    • Yes it does exist. Better not to mess with those who practice this. There is no need to test out of overconfidence "I chant regularly so let me test if its negative effect  works on me." though the negative effect is less on sadvik people.

      • Getting rid of the effect of black magic if it is actually black magic is not so expensive. The remedy is available in all religions. If you go to a local mosque and ask if anyone knows this art of removal of effect they will tell you. They will just utter some mantras in a water filled bottle and you will have to consume it for many days. it will cost you less then 50 Rs depending upon severity. Please do not ignore them just by thinking them as muslims .

        Hindu customs for effect removal is more expensive. First you need to  confirm from various sources if it is a actually black magic or not. If it is then must take remedy.

        many devotees will look down upon black magic or the strength of the black magic tantriks. This is a vidya and I have personally known people who can affect others subconscious level and have witnessed the power. Only the person who has actually suffered might believe in these things.

  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    Black magic used to be present. But nowadays nobody is enough powerful to do black magic.

    By chanting every subtle/ gross infuence of any magician/demigod/ghost etc will completely go away. In addition you could recite Narasimha prayers also.

    Please remember reactions to our past misdeeds may not go away. We may have to endure them while taking deepers shelter of Krsna's names

    Hare Krsna
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