Hare Krishna to all,I have a query. All four authenticated sampradayas are authenticated, originated with pure devotees of Lord. But although they are talking about the same supreme personality of Godhead, yet they have some dissimilarities. Why their are some differences like:1. Sri Sampradaya (Ramanujacharya Sampradaya)Philosophy: Vishishtadvaita ("Qualified Monoism"), RamanujacharyaOriginal Personality of Godhead - Lord Vishnu (not Lord Krishna).2. Brahma sampradaya ( Madhvacharya sampradaya)Philosophies: Dvaita ("dualism")Original Personality of Godhead - Lord Krishna.3. Rudra sampradaya (Vallabhacharya sampradaya)Philosophy: Shuddhadvaita ("pure nondualism")Original Personality of Godhead - Lord Krishna.4. Kumara-sampradaya (Nimbarka sampradaya)Philosophy: Dvaitadvaita ("duality in unity")Original Personality of Godhead - Lord Krishna.Ques 1: Why there are so much basic differences?Ques 2: Does it means that no one can realize God completely. Even such great devotees also?Ques 3: Which among them has best philosophical knowledge and why?

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  • Hare Krishna,
    Thanks to all of you...
  • All four sampradayas accept and adore Vishnu as Supreme God, thats why they are called vaishnavas.

    Even philosophy and teachings inside of every four sampradayas are different, what to talk about between them, but that dont disqualify them in front of the Lord.

  • Hare Krishna,

    There are unlimited schools of thought that deal with God. You see, God Krishna has unlimited names. That is why there are countless of schools mushrooming because of these names. Foremost is Krishna/Christ. Krishna caters to the Eastern hemisphere. While Christ in the Western hemisphere. There is Allah, Yaweh, Buddha, etc to contend with. In short, all these sampradayas, philosophies, beliefs, religions are like rivers flowing down to the sea, God, Krishna/Christ. The sea is so wide and vast for individual souls to fathom the depths of the sea. God is transcendental and inconceivable. He can not be understood even if we read all the books relating to God Krishna. Yet, even the dumbest person who loves God sincerely can know Him without ado with His Divine Grace. Do not rely on what you know. In Buddhist philosophy , knowing is when one does not really know.

    Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

    krsnaraja melvin
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Why there are so much basic differences?

    The four sampradayas have the same philosophy, but the emphasis is different according to the ignorance and acceptance of the audience at their contemporary period. Each of these sampradaya flourished under the acaryas at different times and different geographies. So depending on the pre-existing notions of the people, the emphasis was different.

    Does it means that no one can realize God completely. Even such great devotees also?

    No, bonafide sampradaya means they can completely realize god.

    Which among them has best philosophical knowledge and why?

    Achintya bheda abheda philosophy given by Lord Chaitanya is the most encompassing of all philosophy.

    Consider this simple example - two people have the same disease. One same doctor may give different medicines to them, because the even if the particular disease is same, the nature of the patients, the way how their bodies react to the medicine could be different. So the specific diagnosis, medicine, diet and other recovery aspects will be administered by the doctor. Nonetheless, the effect of the different medicines is same - to cure

    Similarly Acaryas according to different circumstances emphasize on different aspects. But they all agree on the vaishnava philosophy of BG.

    What LCM did is he consolidated and resolved all the differences into one. So there may be differences in within four sampradayas, but Achintya bheda abheda philosophy agrees with all aspects of all other philosophies and gives an even higher understanding.

    Hare Krsna

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