• Hare Krishna !! my humble praNams to the bhagavan and bhagavathas !!

    I'm sharing an explanation from a devotee who worships Krishna in the form of Lord Sriman NArAyanA. Just like KrishnA and RAmA are nAma-mantrAs where the Lord has invested His power potencies to make it easier for the people in Kali Yuga, the Gods HarI, HarA and Hara have invested their combined protective power to relieve us not only from the clutches of Kali purusha but also generate interest and love for the nAma-mantrAs.

    HarI - the primary name of Lord NArAyanA.. addressed as Hari NArAyanA

    HarA -  the primary name of Mother Goddess Shakthi..whose love and protection guArds us like a mother loves and ptotects her child

    Hara - the glorious name of Lord Shambhu SankarA - who delivers even the most fallen souls like bhuthAs and tAmasic people by leading them to the platform of Krishna bhakthi gradually

    HarE = HarI + HarA + Hara !!

    So when we say the holy names of HarE KrishnA RAmA we are supported by the lords themselves from clutches of Kali purusha  into devotion for Sri Krishna

    In loving service of BhagavAn and BhAgavathAs,


    • Hare Krishna Suresh prabhuji

      Thank you for nice explanation devotees. Can you please explain the importance of last capital letter in each word (HarI,HarA and HarE). Does it mean we have to spell the words in stretched(long tone) manner when last letter is capital?

      • harE krishnA Alka mAtAji,

        you got it correct. the capitals indicate the longer intonation of the sound. In the books, it is denoted by a line above the letter/character, but in normal keyboard we don't have that facility when we type. So, this is one way of differentiating between shorter and longer intonations of the same sound.

        • Hare Krishna prabhuji

          Thank you for your reply.

          Hari bol

  • Hari Bol!

    Different cultures say Hara Hara Mahadev differently. For example, parts of Bihar and UP, they says Har Har or Bam Bam Mahadev when talking bath in the morning. It was more common in olden days and is done by kids even now. Just connotation - no offense meant.

    It is true that it was made famous by Shivajee Maharaj and later followed by Maratha Regiment of Indian Army, just the way Rajputana Rifle says - Raja Ramchandra ki Jai and came through historical line.

    But meaning of words are not derived from historical figures, it has roots in the language - which is Sanskrit in case of Hara Hara Mahadev.

    Your servant,


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Hare in the first form is "Hara" who is Srimati Radharani as Devotees already told here.

    And in the calling form in Sanskrit it becomes like "Hare"

    it is calling form.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna dear devotees

      Kindly reply in a humble manner. The question is just for understanding purpose and not to hurt anyone.

      Then why the word "hara" comes along with Lord shiva also. Like we say "Hara hara Mahadev"

      Some where I read the word Hara comes from Haran meaning "remove " or take away all the distress.

      Please clarify

      jai shree krishna

      • Hari Bol Mata jee!

        Hare is vocative of Hara - meaning Shiva. Like, as you rightly pointed 'Hara Hara MahaDev' or 'Hara Hari'.

        Hare Krsna!

        Your servant,


  • Thanks Ashwani Kumar Pr. This helps to clear the confusion.

    Hari bol...!

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    Very nice reply, Srijan Prabhu!!! Hare Krishna!!!

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