• The need of different religions arises from the fact that not all humans have the same level of knowledge,awareness and commitment.JESUS, the son of god was addressing to fisherman and other people who had meagre level of awareness so they were asked to obey some minor restrictions.Jesus in one of his speech while talking to the people hinted there is so much to say but they woudnt understand.
    While Krishna addresses to Arjuna who is from the family of great kings and a friend of his.Moreover HInduism is quite an old religion.Even the common people of those times have a good understanding of this soul,the universe and its creator so were able to understand the teachings of Lord Krishna.
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    In the Science of Self Realization there is an excellent chapter titled Understanding Krishna and Christ.
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      • i wanted to add that in Jesaiah 66;3 is said he slaughters a bull is like he slain a man
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    Meat eating is strongly prohibited in christianity.
    Bible says "Thou shall not kill". But unfortunately no body is following it.
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      Excellent reply.

      Take care.
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    hare krsna,
    there is a wonderful book in this context, "krsna consciousness and chirstianity". you can get it from any iskcon temple.
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  • hari bol, very nicely explained !!
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    Mahatma Gandhi said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Within the Judeo/Christian group there is confusion and controversy over their "original sin". None of them seem clear on exactly what it was and they have dim and hazy notions about Adam and Eve and the snake but seem to have no clear understanding about the actual concept. For a Vaishnava it's very obvious. At the beginning of Kali yuga men started to trade away God's love for personal power, the Goddess (Radharani) was whisked off into the world of the occult and religion became a severely damaged and crippled version of its former self. The original sin is usurping the position of the Supreme Being. The minute we think we can do a better job than God, we're in big trouble. As a result of cultivating that kind of a karma mimamsa mentality the Christian tradition has become a fertile breeding ground for atheism. Intelligent people regularly point to all the foolish inconsistencies within the Christian faith to support their resultant faithlessness.
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