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    Since the question has already been answered nicely, I'll just add a couple of lines...

    Krsna states in the Bhagavad-gita (4.7):

    yada yada hi dharmasya
    glanir bhavati bharata
    abhyutthanam adharmasya
    tadatmanam srjamy aham

    "Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion -- at that time I descend Myself."  

    This means that previously, religious practice was (predominantly) being followed. In Kali that all changes.

    In the previous verse Krsna states that he has now appeared in His "original transcendental form" to set things back on track.  

    Previously He appeared in different forms to accomplish (His) various goals and to play out various pastimes. But now that Kali-yuga is setting in, He has joined His dear friends and family, as well as to speak the Gita, and to alleviate the burden of the earth (the demoniac forces).

    Krsna, unlike the sun and moon, is not forced to appear at scheduled times.  He does so to fulfil His own statements in the Vedas regarding His appearances (and activities) so that we will know if we are being cheated by a bogus "Bhagavan", or if the "incarnation" is actually Him (such as Lord Kalki who has yet to appear).

    He appeared at the cusp of darkness--between Dwapara and Kali.  We were told in the Gita to surrender, but we didn't. Then the Sun and Moon appeared simultaneously in the darkening night, spreading hope and light.

    This will last for some time. Then the Lord will appear again--at the end--as Kalki Avatara.  

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    As krishna said in Gita , " i am here now , i was there in past and i will be in future "
    so yes people in satya and treta yuga knows supremacy of lord krishna not in krishna form but in other forms.
    but suffering , ignorance is more in kaliyuga people has this forture to know absolute power of krishna and have mahamantra like"hare krishna " as they are quite more ignorant and maya has its upper hand in kaliyuga "mantra" bhakti is best bhakti in kaliyuga.

    hari bol
  • Srila Prabhupada said there is no contradiction in the words of Vedas and we all know Vedas direct us towards Krishna alone so whatever be the instruction it was always meant to promote Krishna as the supreme personality

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    my humble obeisances dear Mataji, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Really, don't know if for them Krishna was hidden. But as we know from Srimad Bhagavatam Devaki and Vasudeva in previous lives in Satya yuga used to perform austerities to get Krishna as their son and only in Kali Yuga when Krishna appeared they achieved love for Him. 

    Also sage sin Dandakaranya saw Lord Rama and desired to have Him as their Husband but He refused, so means with Lord Rama there is no madhurya rasa with simple living beings but only with Krishna, Vasudeva.

    So Lord Ram told that He vowed to have a single Wife but will fulfill their desires when He appears as Krishna in Kali yuga.

    In each yuga Lord appears in different colors and in different form to attract living beings accordingly.

    For example, Lord Buddha appeared to save animals but did not give love for Himself or Krishna. Shankarachraya then appeared to establish the authority of Vedas but preached impersonalism because people were not ready to get the personal aspect of the Absolute Truth. 

    So later appeared Madhavandra Puri i think who preached about personal form of the Lord. And later when everything was ready Lord Krishna Chaitanya appeared to preach the PUREST LOVE FOR GODHEAD - KRISHNA BHAKTI. 

    So there are might be stages. And it says that even Demigods are taking birth only in this Kali Yuga so that to be able to join Harinaam Sankirtan and achieve love for Godhead within one - very short life time. 

    So it is very special Kali yuga. 

    For example, all Kali yugas are not same.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krishna dear Mataji, my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    As we read from Srimad Bhagavatam in Satya Yuga people were given Mantra of other Forms of Lord Krishna like:

    Om Namo Narayanaya

    Om Namo Vasudevaya

    Om Namo Vishnave Namaha ...

    But not Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. But in the reality Hare Krishna Maha Mantra was there from the time immemorial but the yuga dharma were other Mantras. 

    Dhruva Maharaja worshiped Lord Vasudeva, Prahlada Maharaja Lord Narasimhadeva...

    But it says that Lord Krishna comes only ONCE in the day of Lord Brahma. And only in 7th Manu's time and in 28th Manvantara. So it was this Dvapara Yuga. And after Lord Krishna always follows Lord Chaitanya to show how to serve to Lord Krishna. 

    So this Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is the most Supreme Mantra which helps one to go to the top most Planet of Goloka Vrindavan.

    So we are fortunate.

    Your servant, 

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