asdf replied to 1rknlziuvu79b's discussion did people in satya and treta yugas know abt the supremecy of krsna .
"Nice Prabhuji"
May 15, 2019
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Hare Krishna
Please accept my humble Namaskarams. put me always in krishna feet. bless me to smell lotus feet of krishna always. today Ekadasi. bless me such that all sences (11) shall be under control and in seva of Athokshaja.
Bless me to…"
May 14, 2019
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Hare Krishna,My Humble requests to Prabhujis and Maatajis, I have many doubts. Apart from some of them i am putting here. Can you please answer the following:  1.    Waht is advaitha, dvaitha, visistadvaitha ? 2.    Who is maayavadis? 3.    Is there…
May 14, 2019