• Of all the Four Fullfillments of Life lies the Dharma consiousness
    Dharma as I have found out in 2to 3 years is that it is not just a protocol but a detachment to fierce actions and attachment to all forms of Life. I believe Dharma is not something that is meant to follow, for this there are rules. Again Dharma is something eternal which frees the soul from the body upon death. Dharma is a force which is as strong as in the nucleus but the same way it is short ranging among the people.
    What I believe is that Dharma is the relationship between the Supreme Lord and the Smallest of particle.
    Dharma is synonymous to Shiva, the embodiment of all believes and wants suppressed and triumphed upon by pureness and vairangya while doing all the Karma your birth is meant to do. Dharma never restrains but frees the people to form their own beliefs. Dharma is not what religion is. Dharma is specifically eternal and non-human hence called Sanatan and since at last it would be preserved only in HinduDesh i.e. between the Himalayas and the HindSagar therefore today it's Hindu Dharma. Dharma therefore leaves you free, undoubtedly with some protocols which u are ought to know, free to choose whether to follow these or not, and also leaves you with the right to define Dharma as what you think of it. Dharma for a person is a definition which becomes constant for Entire life.
    Dharma needs to be known as the Supreme Lord who needs protection by none but is yet protected to get protection in return. Dharma needs to be known as eternal prosperity and happiness which is far beyond the sake of karma.
    As far as Moksha is concerned it the result which you get if you find the right definition of Dharma. Therefore, Dharma is synonymous with time again as it itself prooves what is right and is not.
    At last to relieve his devotees from this maze of Dharma and Karma Krishna says
    Leaving all the Dharma definitions and surrendering all the Karma onto me upon Doing all the Karma under my virtue You will Attain Moksha.
  • Hare Krishna,

    These 4 principles dharma, artha, kama and moksha are mentioned in Vedas as the chaturvidha purusharthas.

    Vedas and Upanishads describe how to live in this world how to do karma. What are the various activities for which a living entities run after in life.

    Hmm...Artha means earning money

    Kama means desires be it lusty desires for opposite sex or be is desires of any kind. ( money , wife, kids, grand children, car, house, every kind of lusty desire) anything which is above the normal requirement is lust only. Lust has greed attached to it. 

    Moksha means liberation.  

    Dharma is righteousness.

    A living entity comes to this world to fulfill his desires. to do karma to finish off the unfinished karma which he  desired in his last birth.

    Desire is the root cause of the repeated births.  Vedas and Upanishads give a safe way to how to perform various karmas.

    By following "Dharma". When you do any work ( karma) you must follow some righteous principles.

    Let us say you are doing a business for earning money.. and there you cannot do Hera pheri ( u know what i say) you must do the job in righteous way not to just earn money by ditching someone. Hurting someone. 

    Dharma is to be followed in every step of the life.. whether you are Earning , or maintaining a relationship with ur spouse., or whether you want to attain moksha also you need to be doing righteous deeds.

    See when you are Earning for the selfish gain to make some money also you must follow righteous deeds.. You cannot distrub the nature and modify rules of nature to do as you want to get money.

    ( look these days politicians and big big company owners they are making money but are they following Dharma???)

    No they are doing crimes, rapes, foul play so many things to make money).

    SO Vedas condemn such acts which doesn't follow Dharma.

    See when you are having desires have a woman or make a family do it in a rightful way.. Says Vedas and upanishads.. desire is normal for any being but one can go and rape any woman in the society ( OR DO ILLICIT AFFAIR) becoz he got some desire. Desires needs to be following dharma. Marriage is the way to let out of those lusty desires. Now Vedas and Upanishads even Gita doesn't condemn marrying someone and raising KC children.

    Every Step in life has to be followed in accordance with Dharma.

    Even when it comes to Liberation the 4th stage in life also Dharma is to be followed. How????

    See how these fake baba ji are making money these days do u think they are really following Dharma ???

    Even Moksha they made it a business.

    Moksha is liberation from the bondages of the world. to Realize self.. This is final stage of life of every entity according to Vedas and Upanishads. and beliefs' of Mayavaadi's

    Mayavaadi people think Self realization is the highest end.. there is nothing beyond that. That is enlightenment and that is niravana they say.

    But according to Vaishnavism.. That is not the end of it.. It is the beginning of the process.

    Once you have discovered your self.. That you are not this body and you are the soul. Body has been ever changing Soul is eternal and it is part and parcel of the Supreme Soul. This is the beginning step. Next steps are given in Vaishnavism.. 

    Next step is  realizing that this Supreme personality is Sri Krishna or Vasudeva. further next step is Surrendering to this Supereme Personality of Godhead last step is complete surrender and Serving HIM.

    SO.. don't stop with dharma, artha , kama and moksha...go beyond moksha .. Moskha is a tiny step.

    We want to realize Supreme Personality of Godhead we want to serve Him also.

    you can go thru the purport under this BG verses 20-23 under chapter 6 which clearly explains in more detail.

    Hare Krishna.

    Bg 6.20-23
    By practice of yoga one becomes gradually detached from material concepts. This is the primary characteristic of the yoga principle. And after this,…
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