Devotees of Krishna become poor.

Hari bol!..
           In this age of kali  the non devotees are materially advanced than the devotees. So people are reluctant to surrender to Krishna and worship other demigods , self-made Gurus or Bhagawans. 
                                   Material advancement is due to our past karma not due to our present effort but spritual advancement is possible.Any one can get the mercy of krishna .
                                             And one should remember Krishna protects His devotee,(yogakshema bahamyaham).
                                                                                                          JAY PRABHUPAD

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  • thank you very much prabhu
  • hari bol...

    its true...........

    krsna will take care those who chant his name..... he will give waht they need.... i felt that grace from lord krsna..
  • Devotees of Krishna become poor

    Please correct yourself, on the contrary a true to the core devotee achieves a wealth which is unparallel in this material world and that is Lord Krsna’s Lotus feet sparsh, his transcendental glance. This wealth remains permanent with the soul.
    The materialistic wealth is temporary till your Prarabdha.
    • Jai, nice pastime pr, just now I'm hearing this.......Thank you for enlighentening...
  • Hare Krishna Jag Jeevan pr,

    It is true that when Krishna favors someone, he provides whatever the devotee asks for but when he specially favors someone then he takes away whatever one has. Also, it is mentioned in the Bhagavatam that.....

    akamah sarva-kamo va
    moksha-kama udara-dhih
    tivrena bhakti-yogena
    yajeta purusham param

    Everyone -- whether akama (a devotee), sarva-kama (a karmi) or moksha-kama (a jnani or yogi) -- is encouraged to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead by the direct method of devotional service. In this way one can get both material and spiritual profit simultaneously.

    But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form--to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have. (BG 9.22)

    Of course, Material advancement is dependent on past karma, but the only way to change karma is to take to Krishna consciousness........but a devotee doesnt specifically aspire for it.

    Krishna may provide material things too apparently, example of Pururava, Dhruv maharaj....but purification also takes place. In the former case, there is material facility, then purification and in the latter purification took place first and then Dhruv Maharaj was given a kingdom higher than Brahma even though he didnt want it then. So, a devotee is careful in praying to Lord Hari. Also, Hari means one who takes away, and that happens as SP told previously when he bestows special mercy upon a devotee.

    The principle being: Krishna always wants the living entities back to him. So, whatever accelerates that objective is provided/withdrawn by Krishna.

    Thank you for making me recollect some philosophy.

    Your servant,
    • Prabhujee Dandbatpranam!
      I was spritually charged reading your reply.
      I want to add one event related to this discussion from the life of Srila Prabhupad .
      When Srila Prabhupad was struggling to spread the Krishnabhawana ,he was trying to accumulate
      funds through his personal business . Once he was in Lucknow giving final touch to a project ,preparing the papers to be submitted to the govt. That night one incident occurred.That night he was checking the papers by the light of a lamp. Suddenly wind came through the window and the lamp fell on the paper and all his efforts were burn in to ash.
      That time he was peniless,he cannot return to his home,so he decided to go to Vrindaban retiring from worldly life and surrender completely to Krishna.And what Krishna has given to him all know that.
      • Haribol, again I am hearing this first time, pls continue to enlighten like this. Srila Prabhupada is a maha bhagavat and Krishna is personally present when his devotees are being glorified.

        Hare Krishna
        Your servant.
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