Destruction of various temples by outsiders.

Hare Krishna...

Krishna is the most powerful entity in all the universes that surround him. He says that his bhakt cannot be ruined and his followers abducted. Then why were so many cruel people able to destroy his temples and kill his devotees? Why did the Lord not save the Dharm? Why was even his Janmsthan destroyed by so many invaders? Why are people still condemnimg him for his actions in the Mahabharata war, for he being the proposer of it? Why are people able to think such rubbish about him, despite he says that he transforms the state of mind and moods? Why did this thought even struck to me that since he couldn't save his own temples, he might not had existed? So sorry. But it's something I guilt over.

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  • Isn't it obvious if you look back that Lord Krishna meant the spirit of Krishna Bhakti within which can't be destroyed and when devotees are violated it is the strength of surrender which is being tested? The ordeal of a devotee can be compared to a demonstration to the world on their determination to brave all odds to reach Him, which is a matter of pride for the Supreme Lord Krishna. The perpetrators are of course fittingly punished for their offense.
    The Lord "did not saved Dham or His Janmasthan" because He knew it never really was destroyed or can be destroyed and sure enough it sprang up latter to be rebuilt and reinstated. Speaking of "Dham being destroyed by invaders", it's a fact from the Shastra it was not the first or the last time that it happened if you consider the previous Kalpas (which include Kali Yugas of course). Also, all the Dhams are again "destroyed" in times of great cataclysm (Pralaya) by the Lord Himself. What do we make of it?

    Krishna very skillfully move things around the world without violating the free will of men and beasts.
    The invaders on their part acted out of their own free will but was thus arranged to commit the sinful act due to their past bad karma, by themselves. How?
    The arranging part is done by the will of the Lord (as in the the transmigration of soul from one body to another or in the co-incidence that was arranged).
    The circumstance so arranged is like a door which is opened, so opened to correspond to our past karma. The "walking through the door part" is done by you and you alone.. The door opening is done by the Supreme will of the Lord.
    Since there are infinite amount of living beings with infinite variations of good and bad karma, they travel back and forth, through various time, place and circumstances to experience the fruits of their actions and also they sometimes unwittingly and sometimes wittingly become involved with the Lord. They nature of their involvement depends on their karma.
    In other words, there are no shortage of souls to fill in to fulfill a purpose which correspond to their past karma if Krishna so desire. The free will, however, is never taken away.
    The point is Lord Krishna is the original Acharya (one who teaches by example). To remind us of the nature of material world/existence, such circumstances are arranged. Without curbing our free will He skillfully plans and fulfills His purpose of teaching us the essence of our existence - which is to reconnect with Him at the deepest level. This is the extraordinary ability of Krishna (God Himself).
    Mahabharata was one such arrangement. Lord Krishna was not the perpetrator. Case in point, persuading Duryodhana or Dhristarashtra to pull them out of their wrong doings never worked. Stripping them both of their free will would have been a gross violation of the essence of existence. That He will never do. Yet, Lord Krishna in the form of Lord Balaram was compassionate towards Duryodhana still Duryodhana was set in his ways. As for Dhristrarashtra, he was constantly persuaded to give up his partiality towards his son as a King by none other than Vidura, an exalted devotee of Krishna, yet Dhristrarashtra never changed.

    Similarly in the case of Jaya and Vijaya and their encounter with the four Kumaras, both parties acted out of their own free will even though Lord Vishnu inspired pride and anger in their hearts. Meaning, the gift of choosing to act is never really lost, ever. Urges may come and go but we are free to choose and act either for or against the urges.

  • Hare Krishna.,
    They are condemning the actions of Lord in Mahabharata...they are vandalising temples they are doing this that
    Becoz people in kaliyuga are operating in the mode of ignorance most of the time.
    There is time and place for everyone and everything .. When time comes Lord will surely punish them.
    And bhagwan ki laati jab padthi hai.....toh yeh bhi pata nahi chalta ki kaun maar raha hai.
    Lord gave 100 chances to Shishupala and almost 12 yrs time for Kamsa to mend their behavior.
    They didn't change....When time come Lord Himself came to end the evil.
    Hare Krishna
    • Thank you so much. I was about to cry reading this. May the time come soon.
      Shri Radhe Krishna Sarvada Vijayate...
      Hare Krishna
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