Decisions in Life?

Hare Krishna dear Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis,

Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Could You please tell me how You make serious decisions in life?

Whom You listen to?

Many people say different opinions so how to handle them?

And maybe can You please bring some example of personal experiences of such decisions which changed Your life into a better way or worse!

Thank You!

Your servant, Mohini Madhavi Dd

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  • Im not qualified mataji. But if ur initiated then ask ur guru or more qualified Vaisnava.....or your mother. Mom is always right because her love has maximum purity and its unconditional.

  • Volunteer

    Thank You so much dear Devotees!

    Yes, I did decision hearing variety of advices!

    And I feel happy!

    Thank You Rashmi Mataji, the idea of making a list of things which we want and do not want was helpful!

    And as I experienced in my life for many times now: things which my seniors and well wishers advice me with eagerness really make me happy if I listen to them.

    Where as I mostly suffered when I acted by my own.

    So I prefer to listen to seniors!

    Your servant, :)

  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    A disciple is the property of one's Guru and we depend on our Guru for every decision.I personally feel that you also depend on your Gurumaharaj and he will guide you always in the best possible way


    your servant

    Suvarnangi Radda Devi Dasi

  • Hare Krsna
    Except Krsna it is all limited.
    The only decision we are concerned with here is whether to be Krsna conscious or not.
    We are not here to form opinions.
    On the contrary, the process is to receive as it is from previous acarya and pass it on.
    That will make us happy.
  • Hare Krishna Mataji...

    Let your inner voice(from the soul) from your heart guide you in such matters. No matter how many different opinions you receive, ultimately you would listen to your inner self and when you have already surrendered to Krishna, He would guide you through your decisions. No need to worry or doubt such decisions. You will always be on the right path.



  • SB 8.9.10

    sālāvṛkāṇāṁ strīṇāṁ ca
     svairiṇīnāṁ sura-dviṣaḥ
    sakhyāny āhur anityāni
     nūtnaṁ nūtnaṁ vicinvatām
    Word for word: 
    sālāvṛkāṇām — of monkeys, jackals and dogs; strīṇām ca — and of women; svairiṇīnām — especially women who are independent; sura-dviṣaḥ — O demons; sakhyāni — friendship; āhuḥ — it is said; anityāni — temporary;nūtnam — new friends; nūtnam — new friends; vicinvatām — all of whom are thinking.
    as monkeys, jackals and dogs are unsteady in their sexual relationships and want newer and newer friends every day, women who live independently seek new friends daily. Friendship with such a woman is never permanent. This is the opinion of learned scholars.

    SB 10.29.24

    bhartuḥ śuśrūṣaṇaṁ strīṇāṁ
     paro dharmo hy amāyayā
    tad-bandhūnāṁ ca kalyāṇaḥ
     prajānāṁ cānupoṣaṇam
    Word for word: 
    bhartuḥ — of one’s husband; śuśrūṣaṇam — faithful service; strīṇām — for women; paraḥ — the highest;dharmaḥ — religious duty; hi — indeed; amāyayā — without duplicity; tat-bandhūnām — to the relatives of their husbands; ca — and; kalyāṇaḥ — doing good; prajānām — of their offspring; ca — and; anupoṣaṇam — the care.
    The highest religious duty for a woman is to sincerely serve her husband, behave well toward her husband’s family and take good care of her children.
    never forgetting god is first thing for everyone, the second thing is to execute your religious duties proscribed above.
    if you cant because any reasons, at least you have to keep trying ,
    always having in mind that completely surrendering to god is above all vedas and religious duties.
    there is nothing else what can be said about this subject.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna dear Mataji,


    For important decisions, I normally turn to Krsna and Srila Prabhupada.I ask my parents and pay great attention to what they have to say. I ask my siblings, my closest friends. I have also asked temple seniors whom I can completely trust and respect and to whose words my family will also heed. Most important, I pay special attention to my gut feeling. Krsna responds if you ask Him what to do - I have personal experience of it so many times. My mother always says - listen to everyone, but use your own judgement. What everyone says is input - you have to see how much it matches with your gut feeling.

    If something has to happen, it will happen even if you dont want it to happen, and if something is to not happen, it will not how much ever efforts you put into it.

    If you have doubts, take a note book. On the left side, write the pros of the decision, on the right side, the cons. Then you give weightage to each of the sentences you have written on both the sides. YOu mind will become clearer. Example, once I was trying to decide whether to marry a particular person or not. I wrote his good points on one side and bad on the other side. In terms of count, it was approximately the same. Then i gave weights to each of the points - ie, how important is that aspect to me. And then I counted again. It cleared my mind and helped me decide. At such a time, be brutally honest with yourself - what you want and waht you are getting and whether and how much you are willing to compromise.

    At other times, just go with the flow mataji. I have also realised that most of the important decisions I have not taken in my life, life has taken for me and I have just lived. I thought I am deciding, but actually, I did nothing. Like when to be born, who will be my parents, what school to go to, what stream to study after school, what higher studies to do, which college? Even first job just happened to me. I did nothing.


    Your servant,



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