Sangeetha Vaidyanathan replied to Binindita Mondal's discussion Govardhan puja
"Hare Krishna

You can use cherries or black grapes,strawberries can be used for lips"
May 15
Sangeetha Vaidyanathan replied to Mohini Madhavi dd Maral Alymova's discussion Decisions in Life?
"Hare Krishna Mataji

A disciple is the property of one's Guru and we depend on our Guru for every decision.I personally feel that you also depend on your Gurumaharaj and he will guide you always in the best possible way

your servant
May 15
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"All Glories to Sri Balramji"
May 15
Sangeetha Vaidyanathan replied to Cristian's discussion Best devotee music artists?
"Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

Sri Prahlad Das Prabhuji's kirtan are also sweet."
May 15
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Dear All Devotees,Please accept my humble obeisancesPlease refer to the link shows how cows are being ill-treated in the dairy farms of Cadbury and other chocolate industry.Please forward this to all your friends,relatives and colleagues s…
May 14