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All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

i would like to ask a question i have read shrila pravupad books and had been in the association of devotees quite a lot. i want to know that what is the main obstacle in the pathway of spritual realization.. i mean to say some says its the nature of mind as stated in SBG (avanti brahmana), some says its due to lack of faith, some says we hav no strong sadhana, some says we hav material attatachment..?? all these answers are true but sometime i would think what is that main primary problem so from that all the secondary problem starts??? ahh we know our target is to satisfy krsna not to see the other side but i still wana know about it????(Core problem in KRISHNA CONCIOUSNESS??)

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  • Hare Krishna Abhijeet Prabhu

    Dandavat Pranam


    Please accept greetings of Damodar month from your servant.


    I dont know if I am qualified to answer your query. But two enemiess I have witnessed in my life, so I wanted to identify out them. Tey are Kapatata, and Ahankar.  This Ego is the main culprit.



    • hare krsna thanx for the wonderful words that inspired me a lot.

      a many manny happy greetings of Damodar month to u....'

      ur well wisher,

  • Volunteer

    Dear devotee Hare Krsna.   Crookedness/duplicitousness,  kapatya

    and it comes from weakness of the heart hrdaya durbalya.

    So now you know so what are you going to do to get rid of this?

    You have to firstly give up the association of all crooked persons

    and by Krsna's grace get the close, personal association of a devotee who is completely free of all kapatya.

    Then serve that devotee,  become their disciple and learn pure bhakti,  nis kapatya seva

    service without any duplicity at all.

    Then whatever prayer you offer to Krsna   He will immediately accept it.

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