Constitutional position of demigods

Hare Krishna to all!

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The general people believe that demigods know everything about the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His creation. People worship demigods to gain material gains because they believe that the demigods control the fate of all living beings. However, there are many instances that the demigods were not only bewildered, but also  were not aware who was Krishna. We learn from Bhagavatam that Brahma, the creator of all living beings including human beings,  was bewildered about who was Krishna and wanted to test Krishna and show his power by stealing all the cow boys and calves:  

SB 10.13.15 — O Mahārāja Parīkṣit, Brahmā, who resides in the higher planetary system in the sky, had observed the activities of the most powerful Kṛṣṇa in killing and delivering Aghāsura, and he was astonished. Now that same Brahmā wanted to show some of his own power and see the power of Kṛṣṇa, who was engaged in His childhood pastimes, playing as if with ordinary cowherd boys. Therefore, in Kṛṣṇa’s absence, Brahmā took all the boys and calves to another place. Thus he became entangled, for in the very near future he would see how powerful Kṛṣṇa was.

The King of heaven Indra also did not know that Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He wanted to test Krishna as we learn from following verses of Bhagavatam:  

SB 10.25.2 — Angry Indra sent forth the clouds of universal destruction, known as Sāṁvartaka. Imagining himself the supreme controller, he spoke as follows.

SB 10.25.3 — [Indra said:] Just see how these cowherd men living in the forest have become so greatly intoxicated by their prosperity! They have surrendered to an ordinary human being, Kṛṣṇa, and thus they have offended the gods.

In Bhagavad Gita Krishna clearly declares that the demigods should also understand and know that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead:

BG 7.30: Those in full consciousness of Me, who know Me, the Supreme Lord, to be the governing principle of the material manifestation, of the demigods, and of all methods of sacrifice, can understand and know Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, even at the time of death.

Now, I would like to know:

a. Are the demigods also living beings with higher potency than human being with a little better knowledge and power? 

b. Do they also under the influence of modes of material nature (goodness, passion and ignorance.? (Ref: Bg 14.5 — Material nature consists of three modes – goodness, passion and ignorance. When the eternal living entity comes in contact with nature, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he becomes conditioned by these modes.)

c. What is the constitutional position of demigods?

I will appreciate your valuable time and inputs in this regard.

Your insignificant servant,



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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    a. Are the demigods also living beings with higher potency than human being with a little better knowledge and power? 

    c. What is the constitutional position of demigods?

    Tattva wise - Demigods like indra, brahma, agni etc are Jiva tattva as written in Brahma Samhita

    dharmo 'tha paapa-nicayah shrutayas tapaamsi
    brahmaadi-kita-patagaavadhayash ca jivaah
    govindam aadi-purusham tam aham bhajaami

    Translation : I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, by whose conferred power are maintained the manifested potencies that are found to exist, of all virtues, all vices, the Vedas, the penances and all jivas, from Brahmä to the meanest insect.

    Here it is clearly said from Brahma to meanest insect are jivas, this includes demigods, spirits, demons, humans etc etc. They are all jiva tattva. Jiva in material world are given material body. So demigods have material bodies, their body is superior(more powerful) than our earthly bodies. 

    • Sevak

      Role in Universe : Demigods are given administrative roles in the universe. Like role of Surya deva is providing heat and light. Indra is responsible for providing rains. They can accept offerings from humans and other living entities and give them desired results.

      Like Hiranyakasipu, Ravana performed sacrifice/austerity to please Lord Brahma to get boons. Similarly even other demigods can give boons, like vedas say Sun god worship restores health, Indra worship can enhance progeny etc. Vedas even say that the demigods can in a limited way affect the material fortunes and that is the whole science of jyotish shastras. So the demigods are living entities, but have received powers from Krsna for administering universal activities. 

      Devotional service wise : The demigods are also devotees. There are innumerable occasions when they offer prayers and take shelter of the supreme lord. During the episode of Samudra manthan, they took shelter of Lord Vishnu and lord helped them in so many ways. Not all the demigods are pure devotees. Lord Brahma, Yamaraj are Mahajanas as stated in Srimad Bhagavatam. All demigods have spiritual masters, they have their devotional scriptures and they are making progress in Krsna consciousness. Like Lord Krsna is the spiritual master of Sun god Vivasvan as stated Bhagavad Gita, Supreme lord is also spiritual master of Lord Brahma. Brihaspati is spiritual master of Indra and so on. 

      There are some special personalities like Narada muni, who are sages for demigods, but there no administrative responsibilities for them. They are pure devotee preachers, who simply glorify lord and preach Krsna consciousness all over. 

      Because of their devotional service they get opportunity to take part in Lord's leela. Like Yamaraj came as Vidura which is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavtam, Narada muni came as Srivasa Thakur and lord Brahma came as Haridas Thakur in Lord Chaitanya's leela. 

      b. Do they also under the influence of modes of material nature (goodness, passion and ignorance.? 

      Jiva in material world means they can be conditioned by modes of material nature. Depending upon their spiritual realization, they are conditioned. Demigods are particularly characterized by mode of goodness. But for them goodness can act like material conditioning which is capable of preventing further progress in god realization. They due to their past good karma are given better facilities for enjoyment. Their sense enjoyment is also in mode of goodness. But this can prevent spiritual progress. 

      Hare Krsna 

      • "Their sense enjoyment is also in mode of goodness".

        Does any type of sense enjoyment comes under Mode of Goodness?

        Can you please give reference.



        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          rasyāḥ snigdhāḥ sthirā hṛdyā
          āhārāḥ sāttvika-priyāḥ

          Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart. (BG 17.8)

          Above is with reference to eating in mode of goodness. In 17th Chapter of BG Krsna gives a list many such activities. Even other wise singing, dancing, drinking, speaking etc can all be performed in mode of goodness. Demigods in higher planets have much better facilities for enjoyment in mode of goodness. 

          But the point is-  it is all temporary and does not satisfy the spirit soul which looks for transcendental reciprocation with Krsna.

          YS Bharat

      • Hare Krishna Bharat Prabhu!

        Your response to my inquiries have amazed me. There are so many thing I didn't know and might not know if you didn't put all information together in a systematic way and  explained nicely. Now I understand that demigods are also living being empowered by Krishna perform administrative duties and may take part in Lord's leelas; wonderful!  

        I feel I am blessed with you generous mercy. 

        I do not have appropriate words to express my gratitude to you for your valuable time and compassion for a fallen soul like me. 

        Please accept my dandvat pranam!

        Your insignificant servant,


  • a. -demigods are servants and different parts of the lords cosmic body in material world,

        therefore, they are super powerful and intelligent  comparing to humans.

    SB 4.7.42 — The demigods said: Dear Lord, formerly, when there was a devastation, You conserved all the different energies of material manifestation. At that time, all the inhabitants of the higher planets, represented by such liberated souls as Sanaka, were meditating on You by philosophical speculation. You are therefore the original person, and You rest in the water of devastation on the bed of the Śeṣa snake. Now, today, You are visible to us, who are all Your servants. Please give us protection.

    b. -demigods are in sattva guna.

    SB 8.5.31 — Since our bodies are made of sattva-guṇa, we, the demigods, are internally and externally situated in goodness. All the great saints are also situated in that way. Therefore, if even we cannot understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead, what is to be said of those who are most insignificant in their bodily constitutions, being situated in the modes of passion and ignorance? How can they understand the Lord? Let us offer our respectful obeisances unto Him.

    c. -demigods are made from the mercy of lord,

          therefore, thier position is to establish balance, peace and religious principles in the universe.

    SB 8.5.39 — Mahendra, the King of Heaven, was generated from the prowess of the Lord, the demigods were generated from the mercy of the Lord, Lord Śiva was generated from the anger of the Lord, and Lord Brahmā from His sober intelligence. The Vedic mantras were generated from the bodily holes of the Lord, and the great saints and prajāpatis were generated from His genitals. May that supremely powerful Lord be pleased with us.


    • Hare Krishna Dean Prabhu!

      Thank you for your quick and valuable response. Your postings are always full of nectar of love for Krishna. Prabhu I have a question in mind , " Why demigods could not recognise Krishna?

      Please accept my dandvat pranam prabhu!


      • demigods could not recognized krishna because krishna wanted not to be recognized in that moment.

        krishna lilas are arranged by krishna himself and everybody needs to play in that game as he wants.

        anything what was happen with demigods or krishna, have ultimate goal for welfare of all universe,

        therefore we should avoid judge them no matter what, always thinking that on mind.

        some vaishnavas talking on lectures inappropriate and even offensively toward some demigods,

        especially for sri brahma and sri indra, judging some their acts on material human level.

        but they dont know that actually they making offences to vaishnavas, degrading their progress.


        • Hare Krishna Dean Prabhu!

          So nice of you that you are providing me valuable guidance and advice.

          Why did  the question came in my mind?

          Because One senior devotee told  recently that 'demigods are also are under  the influence of the modes of material nature and they also have to follow the vicious cycle of birth and death. They also descend to material  worlds for example Brahma  took birth as  Haridas Thakur because he tried to test Krishna. 

          However, your authentic explanation provided me a clearer understanding what makes sense to my believe. I am so happy now.

          Thank you Dean prabhu for loading all religious pictures. By the way where do you get all these marvellous photos? 

          • 2545228564?profile=originalinformative post maybe you can post it in blogs session

            hare krishna

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