hare krsna!! I am a 18 yr old student,chant 1 round daily..hv a busy schedule 6 hrs of classes everyday plus 4 hrs of self study..i hv strted relishing the taste of chanting holy names of krsna ..feel like chanting more..but not at the sake of studies..any practical solution for this please help me devotees

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  • worthy discussion....hare krishna

  • hare krishna ,

    i am also an electrical engineering student and i started chanting from 1st january 2010 , i started chanting 1 round daily before breakfast and continued since then without missing a day , one thing i learned that there is no hurry, there is nothing in our hands its all because of krishna, i chanted one round daily for months and i had time to chant 16 also but i maintained my 1 round but slowly it increased to 2 then 3 and then 4 and sometimes i even chant 16 and even more and now i have to study for 10 hours daily but still i can chant minimum of 4 rounds , its important that what ever a devotee is doing has to be pure and in full krishna conciousness , one extremely important thing in a student life is that if a student is giving 100% in his/her studies then a student is practicing krishna conciousness all he/she has to think is that he/she is doing it for krishna......give your 100% in studies. This burning desire to chant more is nothing but the mercy of lord and his devotee on you .......u will suceed in chanting more but be satisfied in one at a time . Remember one thing that ur only 18.

                                                                              it is told by Chaitanya mahaprabhu that "one who is humbler than the grass and more tolerant than the tree is eligible to chant the holy name of lord", this is a test for u because no one can escape studies because it is more important than anything but at the same time there is desire to know lord.....  Once again i am saying there  is no hurry, let krishna guide you :-) it happens automatically:-)

    hari bol

    hare krishna 

    your sevant 

    • hari bol !!! thanks a lot for ur mercy devotees..

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Shreyans Pr.


    You said 6 hrs of classes and 4 hrs of self study that accounts to 10 hrs. You still have 14 hrs left right?? It is up to us how we want use this time. Scriptures recommend 6 hrs of sleep for a average human being. Lets give u 7 hrs for resting and 1 hr for travel and 2 hrs for other activities. You will still be left with 3 hrs in a day everyday. Find out where u are wasting the time. Rather I would say not utilizing the time properly. It becomes very difficult to chant in the day time as there are lot of other things that we need to do. So, it is better we get up early and do out japa first thing in the day. All other things will get adjusted accordingly. 

    If there is a will there is a way. So just have a strong will to make progress in devotional life and come closer to Krishna and for sure Krishna will help you

    Hari bol!!!

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     18 years old. Very nice age!

    It says that in this age whatever we learn we will practice whole life.

    Because of that we should use this ages 17-18-19-20 for the main goal of our life which is Krishna prem by learning Srila Prabhupada's Books and chanting the Holy Names.

    Please believe me, if You put Your full determination then Krishna will help You, and the Holy Names will show Their mercy for You in the form of sweet Gulab Jamuni :-)


    as David Prabhu told after chanting in Your beads chant in Your mind when You are in the class or where ever.

    and when ever we find free time in the college we can read Bhagavatam.

    If we use our best ages for Krishna then Krishna will answer accordingly.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krishna, David prabhu!!! This is the best process and I'll follow this !!!

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna, prabhuji!!! Just a lover would take delight in calling the name of his beloved, chant the holy name considering that this would give pleasure to Krishna!!! Think of His beautiful face and smile . Think of how he feels the pleasure when he hears you calling His name. Hope this will help!!! If He is satisfied, everything will be fi9 and there is nothing to fear of studies. Now, I'm 21. When I was of your age, I used to do the same. It helped and is still helping.

    • Hare Krishna!


      I notice that when I walk, with each step I think "Hare Krishna" "Hare Krishna" "Krishna Krishna" "Hare Hare" "Hare Rama" "Hare Rama" "Rama Rama" "Hare Hare."


      I pray this helps.


      Your Servant,

      Bhakta David

  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji. PAMHO. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Priya Sutradhar Mata Ji is absolutely right. It is true that if you have the time for eating and sleeping why not the time for chanting then if you are really interested and eager.

    I am 14 years old and I chant 16 rounds daily. To do this I have to have a tight schedule. Like sleep of only 6 or 7 hours max. I wake up 5 in the morning. And I have been chanting with mala for about 6 or 7 months. Now I understand that it is a matter of personal interest. It is said that if you help yourself then Krishna will surely help you. For the sincere seeker, time can also expand. Time is an energy of Krishna. The more you chant the more you advance in KC. I know that you are thinking that I do not have enough time and it was the case for me too a few weeks ago maybe... But your mind can change within seconds, Krishna is always present in your heart and He is the cause of remembrance and forgetfulness. He can change your mind in moments. So i advice you do like me: chant 1 round today and 2 tomorrow 3 next day .... and keep on increasing. You have to know that the purpose of life to become a surrendered soul unto to Krishna not to become materially opulent or become a doctor, engineer etc. If you become a doctor of something else become a KC doctor and serve Vaisnavas.

    May Krishna bless you with devotion. Hari Bol! 

    • Hare Krishna

      Nice to see young students so active in Krishna Consciousness and having good spiritual knowledge


      Hari Bol


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