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One who gives trouble to other living entities also receives trouble. The wild animals do not give trouble to other living entities. The snake also does not bite any other living entity first. All these living entities are afraid of the human being. However the human being kills them. However, when the human being kills them and gives them trouble, then due to fear, in order to protect their lives, they attack him.

Bhagavan is very merciful. He mercifully gives us the human form of life so that by engaging in the devotional service, the living entity who has fallen in the ocean of distress, should go back home back to godhead in His lap. His distresses should be finished. However the unfortunate living entity, due to ignorance, spends this human form of life in futility, and goes into the lap of the illusory potency of the Lord. Then he keeps on wandering in the eight million four hundred thosuand species and receives distress. There is only one means of saving onself from this illusory potency of the Lord, which Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has told us. None can tell us that he has not performed any sinful activities and he is free from the sins. This is quite impossible to tell. We are all fallen and Mahaprabhu is the purifier and redeemer of the fallen. He accepts all the sinful persons, and fallen persons on one condition that all of them will give up forever all the sinful activities and bad habits after taking initiation from the bona fide spiritual master. The instructions given by Bhagavan Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu to Sri Rupa Gosvami describe these instructions.

By serving the saintly persons, one will be able to obtain the lap of Bhagavan. Other than this, there is no means of obtaining the love of Sri Krishna. Bhagavan is not pleased by the charity, meditation, visiting the holy places, and by mysticism (yoga). He obtains happiness only by the service to the saintly personalities. In Rama-charit-manasa, Tulasi-dasa has also supported this fact.


punya eka jaga me nahi duja 
mana krama vacana sadhu-pada puja


There is only pious merit in this world, and that is the service to the lotus feet of the saintly personalities by your mind, words and action.


sanukula tina para muni deva 
jo taji kapata, kare sadhu seva


All the sages, deities and demigods become favorable to such a person who giving up all the duplicity engages in the service of the saintly personalities.


Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura writes that: 

"tirthayatra parisrama, keval manera bhrama, 
sarva-siddhi govinda-carana"

Means, it is only the misconception or illusion of the mind that one receives the pious merit by visiting the holy places. Factually, one receives all the perfections only by rendering the devotional service to the lotus feet of Sri Govinda.


Remember, one receives Bhagavan only by the mercy of the saintly personalities. Therefore, take shelter of the holy names of Lord Hari. In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy, Kaliyuga, remembrance of the names of Lord Hari is the most straightforward and simple way of obtaining the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. That practitioner who sits in this boat of the holy names of Lord Hari crosses the ocean of birth and death. The condition is that he should not commit any offence to any dear devotee of Bhagavan. When one chants one hundred thousand holy names of Lord Krishna daily, means, one chant more than 64 rounds of the following maha-mantra:

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

then the holy names of Lord Hari will remove the offences of the devotee, and the path of the devotee is ascertained very easily. His coming and going in this material world full of birth and death stops once and forever. He obtains the immortal destination.

Hari bol! Hari bol! Hari bol!


Every day before you begin your chanting of the maha-mantra on the tulasi beads please offer the following prayers

1. Srila Gurudeva, Om Vishnupada Astottara-sata Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, who is the purifier of the fallen souls and who is the most munificient personality in the three worlds, should give me the taste and relish for chanting the holy names of Lord Hari.

2. Om Vishnupada Parama-hamsa Astottara-sata Srila Bhaktiprajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja, who is most worshipable, should give me the strength for chanting the holy names of Lord Hari.


3. Om Vishnupada Parama-hamsa Astottara-sata Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupada, who is the dear devotee of Sri Sri Gaurahari, should give me the strength for remembering Lord Hari.


4. Om Vishnupada Parama-hamsa  Sri Sri  Gaura Kisora Dasa Babaji Maharaja, who is the topmost devotee and who is dedicated to the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari, should give me the dedication for chanting the holy names of Lord Hari.


5. Om Vishnupada  Sri  Bhakti-vinoda Thakura, who is the embodiment of knowledge, bliss and eternity, who is the guide on the path of devotional service, should give me the strength to advance on the path of devotional service.


6. Om Vishnupada Sarvabhauma Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja who has reached the fourth stage (turiya avastha) should grant me the position in the fourth stage.


7. Innumerable associates of the Supreme Lord who are my spritual guides should bestow upon me the expertise in dedication to the holy names of Lord Krishna. They should mercifully bestow upon me the transcendental happiness.


hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare


The words of Bhagavan that bestow fearlessness


O beloved devotee, you belong to Me, you belong Me. The whole world is false. I have incarnated in the form of the holy name and have come to take you back home. You should chant My holy names. You should chant My holy names. Your distress will be over. You will begin to swim in the waves of bliss forever. I am the holy places. I am the pious merit. My holy name alone is the austerity. My holy name is the topmost religiosity. My holy name is the topmost devotional service. My holy name alone is the topmost spiritual destination and emancipation. Therefore I repeatedly tell you - "Please chant My holy names. Please listen them by the ears."

Dear devotees,  Please think over (ponder) the abovementioned words of Bhagavan very seriously. What is Bhagavan trying to tell us? What is the essential truth in the nutshell? What is the meaning of this?

My spiritual master is explaining this topic. Please listen carefully.

"Bhagavan is telling that one who has taken the shelter of My holy name, nothing else remains to be done for that person, because Bhagavan Himself is present in the form of the holy name. There is no difference between the holy name and the object or the personality addressed by the holy name (or the address and addressee). One who has taken shelter of the holy name of Lord Hari has received the shelter of Bhagavan. One who has been kept at the lotus feet by Bhagavan has no other duty to perform. By simply chanting the holy name of Lord Hari he has obtained everything.

"Please chant My holy name. Please listen My holy name."

The meaning of this is that, you should always chant the following maha-mantra

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare. Always sing these names loudly (kirtana). When you chant these names, then try to utter them aloud by your mouth. Try to chant with love and affection. Chant with great love and listen by your ears.


"Chant hari-nama sweetly and listen by ears"


When you do the kirtana of these holy names, then make the atmosphere in all the four directions full of Lord Krishna by the vibration of this maha-mantra. The ears of those who are listening, the eyes of the spectators or those who are watching and the mouths of those who are uttering would become purified.  Do such a sweet kirtana that the entire atmosphere and surroundings will reverberate with the purifying holy names of Lord Krishna. Do such sweet, sweet kirtana that the whole world would become immersed in the sweet mellow. The whole world would appear the sweetest and we would be able to see the sweet forms of Sri Sri Radha Govinda, who are the Lords of our lives, most beloved, wealth of life, and topmost wealth."

There was nothing present before the innumerable universes were constructed. First of all, Bhagavan manifested one lotus flower from His navel. That time Bhagavan was sleeping in the milk ocean. Brahmaji manifested over that lotus. The creator of this world and the maintainer of the fourteen planetary systems, Sri Brahmaji saw that there was only water and water alone around him, in which many big waves were rising. Then Brahmaji thought, "who am I? where have I come from?" In order to understand these facts, he entered into the stem of the lotus. He went as far as possible down the stem and searched, however could not find any cause of his origin or his identity. Finally, he returned and sat down on the lotus, and began to think, "what should I do now? where shall I go now?" When he was thinking like this, then one sound came, "tapa, tapa, austerity, austerity." When Brahmaji heard this aerial sound then he understood that Bhagavan is trying to tell him to engage in the austerities. It means Bhagavan was telling him, "You should remember Me, You should remember Me."

Then Brahmaji remembered Bhagavan and with the afflicted mood and pitifully, began to chant with love the most auspicius and purifying holy names of Bhagavan. Bhagavan became pleased by this chanting of the holy names and ordered him, "Expand the creation". On following the order of Bhagavan, when Brahmaji began to expand the creation, then the created beings of this universe began to chase him to devour him. Then being greatly troubled, Brahmaji began to shout, "One who has created me should protect and guard me."

Then Bhagavan ordered him to stop that creation and begin another creation.

When Brahmaji after deep pondering began the activity of creation again, then Naradaji manifested from his mind. Then the seven sages manifested. These seven sages filled the entire universe. This was the beginning of the seminal or hereditary succession. These seminal succession or lineages began to expand along with the time. Under these lineages, if one marries in one's own lineage, then he obtains a pure and successful progeny in the mode of goodness. As opposed to this, if one marries in the different lineage, then he is overcome by the defect of transgression or tresspassing or infidelity.

At the beginning of the creation (or the universe), the activity of creation used to take place by the mind. After some time, the progeny was produced by the association between the men and the women. In this way, the seminal succession or lineages began from Brahmaji. The knowlege that was given at the outset by Bhagavan to Brahmaji is available to us by the disciplic succession. Brahmaji is the original and first spiritual master. One who becomes connected to this disciplic succession of Brahmaji becomes saved from the defect of infidelity or tresspassing. One who does not connect himself to this succession and connects to some other succession becomes contaminated by the fault of tresspassing or infidelity. These are the words of the scriptures. One, who does walk according to these instructions, keeps on drowning in the ocean of sorrow.

The human beings should be able to lead the peaceful, happy life full of devotion, therefore, Sri Bhagavan composed all the scriptures by His own mouth. One who does not conduct himself by the orders of these scriptures (or one who does not follow these scriptures) receives the fault of the transgression of lineages. He begins to fall down. Such a human being never obtains the happiness, because one cannot happines if one is dissimilar or heterogenous. One obtains happiness if one if conencted to the homogeneous object or the likeminded personality.


If one does not follow the teachings of the scriptures and simply does as he pleases whimsically, then he cannot obtain the happiness even in the dream. Being heterogeneous alone is the cause of distress.

My spiritual master Nitya-lila-pravista, Most worshipable, Om Astottatara-sata, Sri Srimad Bhakti-dayita Madhava Gosvami Maharaja "Vishnupada" comes from this disciplic sucession of Brahmaji. My godbrother, the present Acharya (preceptor) of All India Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math Organization, most worshipable Om Vishnupada Astottara-sata Tridandi-svami Sri Srimad Bhakti-ballabha Tirtha Gosvami Maharaja is present on this earth planet and Nitya-lila-pravista Jagad-guru Om Vishnupada Astottara-sata Tridandi-svami Sri Srimad Bhakti-vedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja are connected in the same disciplic succession and  Any practitioner who is connected to this honest and bona fide disciplic sucession will certainly be delivered. He will become free from the terrible distresses of the birth and death once and for all. He will certainly obtain the abode of the Supreme Lord (Goloka-dhama). If one takes initiation in the bona fide disciplic succession, then the entire disciplic succession protects him. The disciplic succession bestows energy to him by which he obtains the ultimate goal of his life "the love for Sri Krishna" and finally goes to the abode of Lord Krishna. However one who becomes detached from this bona fide disciplic succession, one who breaks off from the main link, his disciplic succession is broken. Such an independent person does not receive the happiness.


One does obtain by building temples. Temples are the transcendental places for worship and adoration of Bhagavan. It becomes an offence if one does not worship the Deities in the temples with love and affection. Where does the worship of Bhagavan be full of love? As long as one does not chant one hundred thousand holy names of Lord Hari daily, no service or worship can be full of love or mellow. When Bhagavan will not be pleased, then what is the use of such worship. Bhagavan becomes pleased by the holy names of Hari alone. Only religion of this kali-yuga is to chant the holy names of Lord Hari with love and affection.

harer nama harer nama hare nama iva kevalam 
kalua nasti eva nasti eva nasti eva gatir anyatha

"In the Kali-yuga, only the holy name of Lord Hari, only the holy name of Lord Hari, only the holy name of Lord Hari, is the essence. There is no other way, no other way, no other way."


When the spiritual master himself does not chant the holy names, then how can the disciples develop the taste for the holy names of Lord Hari? When one's own conduct is not to chant the holy names of Lord Hari, then how can the disciples also chant the holy names of Lord Hari? If one considers this fact seriously, and if one grades (appreciates or judges) this fact truthfully, then the whole picture will be clearly present in front of our eyes. As a matter of fact, none likes or want Bhagavan. Ou minds are full of the desires for wealth, women (or assocation with the opposite sex) and prestige (desire for earning the name, fame, adoration and respect). Behind the shelter (or on the pretext) of the holy names of Bhagavan, we fulfill these very subtle desires. One who is bound by these desires (for wealth, women, and prestige) is very far from the love of Godhead. Therefore, Bhagavan Sri Krishna declares in the Bhagavad-gita that some rare soul among the millions and millions of living entities likes Me, and obtains Me. The practitioner should chant the holy names of Lord Hari with love and affection, they should utter by the mouth and listen by the ears, this is the most primary need for rendering the service to Bhagavan that is full of love and mellow. The service that is rendered after chanting 64 rounds will become full of mellow and Bhagavan will be pleased by such service. The temples are constructed with the same aim and object that the more and more people should engage in the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari, which is the primary goal of this human form of life.

By taking shelter of the holy names of Lord Hari one can obtain "The lotus feet of Bhagavan in this very life time" which is the title of this book. Other than taking shelter of the holy names of Lord Hari, there is no other way of obtaining Bhagavan in this age of Kali. Only by churning the milk, one will get the ghee or clarified butter. One may churn water as much as one likes, one will not get the clarified butter. This is the eternal truth.

This life is very rare and difficult to obtain. Being trapped in the enticements and allurements of the material world, we neither obtain the happiness nor we engage our time in a just and correct manner. Every simple invaluable moment of the life is elapsing with a great speed. Every day we are coming closer to the death, nevertheless we are not conscious of this fact. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura says:

visaya halahale, divanisi hiyajvale, 
mana kabhu sukha nahi paya

My heart is burning in the pioson of the sense gratification day and night. The mind cannot obtain happiness.

The human being knows everything. But still he feigns ignorance. This is his biggest foolishness and ignorance. This is his great misfortune. Bhagavan is the ocean of mercy and He has strored all of His potency in the holy name. He has not kept any condition for chanting this holy name. There is no rule at all. There is no restriction of time.

khaite-suite yatha-tatha nama laya 
desa-kala-niyama nahi sarva-siddha haya

(sri caitanya-caritamrita)

There is restriction of place and time for the holy names of Lord Hari. One will receive all the perfections simply by vibrating the holy names even while lying down or while eating.

sakala shakati dei name tohara 
grahane rakhali nahi kala-vicara

shri-nama-cintamani tohari samana 
vishve bilaoli karuna-nidana

tuya daya aichana parama udara 
atishaya manda natha!bhaga hamara

(Sri Srila Bhakti-vinoda Thakura)


"Out of Your kindness, You have invested all the potencies of Your respective transcendental forms into those names.In the chanting of the holy name, You have not placed any restrictions regarding time, place or other considerations. At any time, in any place, under any circumstance, the practitioner of devotional service (sadhaka jiva) can perform japa, kirtana, or remembrance (smarana) of the holy name.

Like Your transcendental form, the holy name is sat (eternal)‚ cit (full of knowledge), ananda (full of bliss), and it is superior even to touchstone (cintamani). You have distributed this touchstone-like Hari nama throughout the entire world.This is the topmost display of Your mercy. On the one hand Your mercy is extremely generous and beyond compare, yet on the other hand my misfortune is very great, for I have not even the slightest attraction toward the magnanimous name of Shri Krishna."

Our disciplic succession has alerted us repeatedly. They have repeatedly woken us up. "jiva jago, jiva jago" (Wake up sleeping soul, wake up). Nevertheless we are still sleeping. O practitioners of devotional service. We have wasted so much time. Whatever time that we have wasted cannot earned back again. However we should try to make the best use of whatever little time that is remaining. Even now if you take shelter of the holy names of Lord Hari then you would be able to cross the ocean of birth and death very easily.

After waiting for so many lifetimes of Lord Brahma, when the lifespans of so many Brahmas have elapsed one receives this human form of life by the causelss mercy of Bhagavan. There is no guarantee whether one would receive this rare body of a human being in this Kali-yuga only. Even if one receives the birth in the next Kali-yuga, still there is no gurantee that one will receive birth in the land of Bharata-varsa (India), in a good family and lineage, and in good association. If after obtaining the human form of life, if we get trapped in the bad association, then everything is lost. If we receive the human form of life, if we are born in the land of India, if we receive the birth in a good family, if we receive the good saintly association also, and if we receive a good spiritual master (a bona fide Vaisnava guru), then our life would be sucessful. Otherwise, whatever that will take place, whatever that is taking place, and whatever that is happening will manifest. By taking shelter of the bona fide spiritual master, one can advance in the devotional service by his order. One will not receive anything by practising devotional service whimsically. We have heard and also personally witnsess that those who act against the injunctions of the religious scriptures would certainly perish either today or tomorrow. There is not even an iota of doubt in this regard. When we meet many saintly persons who have constructed the temples of the Lord, they tell us that although they have constructed the temples, their mind is still not absorbed in the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari. They have no taste for chanting the holy names of Lord Hari. The only reason for this is that the devotional service that is being rendered in the temples is devoid of the transcedental mellow or humor. Therefore, offences after offences are being committed there. Bhagavan is millions of miles away from such persons.

If one's mind is absorbed in chanting the holy names of Sri Krishna, if one feels inclined to chant the holy names of Lord Hari repeatedly, if one feels bliss in rendering the devotional service, if the eight transcendental ecstasies are manifesting in the body, then the home itself is the temple. The temples have been constructed in order to chant the holy names peacefully and comfortably. The temples are not meant of eating, drinking, sleeping and enjoying, or for relishing comfort by hoarding money. That most holy place is the second manifestation of Bhagavan Himself. If we join the temple but do not engage in the devotional service, then what is the use of leaving the household life? Then rather it would have better if such a person had stayed in the householder life and engaged in the devotional service of Bhagavan and rendered service to the saintly personalities, then such a person would have obtained the Supreme Personality of Godhead right at home. There is no need of going and searching for Bhagavan. Even if you go and search for Him, where will you search Him? What is the guarantee that you will be able search Him out? Stay in the householder life, engage in your prescribed duties, render serivce to the mother and father, maintain your children properly, render service to the saintly persons and the devotees of Lord Krishna as per your economic ability and strength, then your home itself will become heaven. "Do not try to see God, but work in such a way that God wants to see you." Do not attempt to see God, but engage in such activities that God Himself come and see you.

Only trick for pleasing Bhagavan is to render service to the saintly personalities. Bhagavan becomes very quickly pleased by this. The history is an evidence for this fact that many householder devotees met Bhagavan. Bhagavan protected them. Bhagavan delivered them from the distress. Bhagavan saved them from the embarassing conditions. Bhagavan is not far from us. We simply earned the money with the unjust means, gratified the senses, and wasted the human form of life in the sense gratification. How can such an unfortunate person obtain Bhagavan?

The king of Jaipur (Rajasthan State, India) had made a  proposal to grant very  nice piece of land to build a temple to my spiritual master, however my spiritual master refused to accept the land. Why did he forbid? He told the king, "For rendering the loving devotional service to Bhagavan I do not have the sannyasis who are endowed with the love of Godhead. Therefore, even if I build the temple, it would not be able to render the devotional service nicely and I would be indicted in the greatly serious offence. Therefore why should I acquire this piece of land? I do not need your land."

On hearing the words of Srila Gurudeva, the king asked, "The sannyasis are very eager to get the land and you are refusing to accept. This is a matter of great surprise. I am wonderstruck. Then Sri Gurudeva told, "I do not want to construct a temple here. You can give your land to some other great soul."

At this time, there is the complete influence of the Kali-yuga. The mercy and reliogisity have disappeared from the root. The money has become most prominent. Just for the sake of a little money, one throttles the neck of someone else and suffocates him to death. There is no fear of anyone. The protectors and guardians have become the exploitaters and predators. There is only fear in all the directions. For the sake of money, the son kills the father, and the brother kills another brother. The marriages are also taking place as per one's whim. Although it is possible to marry a person from your own community, still on the basis of the bodily beauty or on the strength of the money, they establish the relationships as husband and wife between the heterogenous communities and the whole life become a hell. The whole life is spent in the fighting and beating each other. Even the calamity of divorce becomes imminent. The holy relation of matrimony between the husband and wife is broken. All this takes places because we do not marry within our community and with the likeminded person from our own group. If the female pigeon is married to the crow, then because they are heterogenous in the nature, there cannot any loving relationship between them.

In Rajasthan, even till today, the custom of family lineage is present. Here before the marriage, the horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched and then the marriage is fixed. Then such a marriage is always auspicious. The life of such couple become very happy and blissful. The chaste ladies manifest. It took three years to marry off my grandson and granddaughter. When the horoscopes matched, then only the marriage was fixed.

Only a chaste woman can serve the husband. There is only namesake love between the heterogenous type of husband and wife, or the love exists only out of selfish interest. What is happening these days in the big cities and villages? The woman throttles her husband to death by pressing his neck. The husband beats her like an animal. The transgression of lineages (varna-sankar) or unwanted progeny is on the rise. There is no shortage of the promiscuous persons. The co-education of the boys and girls has destroyed all the moral boundaries. One feels embarassed on seeing what is being shown on the television in the name of entertainment. In order to earn money, even if the religious programs are shown on the television, there is a very little content in those programs that are broadcast and more advertisements are shown. Whatever that has been dished out or shown in the name of Bhagavan has  no relationship with the reality, still we are wasting our time and money, and becoming ready to go to the hell.

Srila Gurudeva is explaining the difference between the homogeneous and heterogenous (like-minded and opposed) through one example. When there is a shortage of blood in some patient or if he has to undergo an operation, the doctor administers to him only the blood that matches with his blood group. He is given only the identical blood. He is not given the blood that does not match his blood group. If he is given the wrong group of blood, then the patient could even perish. Therefore, the life becomes peaceful and blissful when the husband and wife are of the homogeneous kind and not the heterogenous kind.

This is the matter of the marriage. This rule also applies to the spiritual master and the disciple. The practitioner's relationship with the disciplic succession is broken, if the practitioner has not received the diksa mantras from the bona fide spiritual master who is a member of the disciplic succession emanating from (or beginning from) Lord Krishna, then there is a doubt about the deliverance of such a practitioner because he has no connection with the bona fide disciplic succession, such an non-bona fide spiritual master transgresses the boundaries of the scriptures. He is separated from the chain of disciplic succession. Bhagavan does not accept the disciple of such an unauthorized and non bona fide spiritual master, because he has not obeyed the bhagavat dharma (the religious principles based on the transcedental scipture Srimad Bhagavatam and the devotees who embody those teachings). If such a disciple becomes connected to some other disciplic succession, then he is indicted in the defect of promiscuity and transgression of the family lineage. All those practitioners or devotees who are constructing the temples and making disciples whimsically would have to become devoid of the fifth and the ultimate goal of human life - namely the love of Sri Krishna. They would take next birth as the human being - there is no doubt about this. Due to transgressing Srimad Bhagavatam - the transcedental scripture, they become entrapped in the serious offences. They engage in cricitizing and glorifying one another. Due to such bad qualities, they begin to fall down. It is quite impossible for such a practitioner to be delivered. The direct evidence of this - "the absence of the eight transcendental ecstasies", only the women, gold and prestige is their earning. The devotion remains far away from them. Such people fall down from the bona fide path in this very lifetime and they perish.

The only simple and straightforward means saving oneself from the age of darkness, quarrel and hypocrisy Kali-yug is the holy name of Lord Hari. The words of Bhagavan Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are that, one who has no taste for the holy name of Lord Hari, one who does not chant the holy names of Lord Hari, he can not be delivered. In all the four ages (Satya-yuga, Treta, Dvapara and Kali) only the glories of the holy name are proclaimed. Especially in the Kaliyuga, only the holy name is the shelter.

kali-yuga basa eka nama adhara

In the age of Kali, only the holy name of Lord Krishna is the shelter.  Without the holy name, the material world cannot function. Bharata (the younger brother of Lord Ramachandra), Sita-devi (the wife of Lord Ramachandra) and our spiritual masters took shelter of the holy name. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu told that the primary duty of the human beings is not to eat, sleep, and engage in sense gratification. It is the primary duty of the human beings to remember the one who has given birth to us and to engage in His devotional service. This is the aim and object of the human life. The temples have been constructed only for fulfilling this aim and object, so that all the residents of the temple should chant the holy name and engage in Sankirtana (the congregational chanting of the holy names).  So that they can understand Bhagavan Sri Sri Radha Krishna ji, Sri Sri Sita Rama ji. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has mercifully bestowed upon us one transcendental place for rendering devotional service in the form of the temple. By staying in these temples, one who takes shelter of the holy names of Lord Hari, would always be victorious.

param vijayate sri krishna sankirtanam 
(sri caitanya siksastaka)

All victory unto the congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna.

By singing these words of Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, I give a stop to my speech. Please come and sing along with me.

nama-sankirtana haite sarvanartha-nasa 
sarva-subhodaya, krsna-premera ullasa

   "Simply by chanting the holy name of Lord Krsna, one can be freed from all undesirable habits. This is the means of awakening all good fortune and initiating the flow of waves of love for Krsna.

    sankirtana haite papa-samsara-nasana 
citta-suddhi, sarva-bhakti-sadhana-udgama

   "By performing congregational chanting of the Hare Krsna mantra, one can destroy the sinful condition of material existence, purify the unclean heart and awaken all varieties of devotional service.

                 krsna-premodgama, premamrta-asvadana 
                krsna-prapti, sevamrta-samudre majjana

   "The result of chanting is that one awakens his love for Krsna and tastes transcendental bliss. Ultimately, one attains the association of Krsna and engages in His devotional service, as if immersing himself in a great ocean of love."


hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hari bol! hari bol! hari bol! hari bol! 
nitai gaura hari bol! hari bol! hari bol! 

Your well-wisher,

Aniruddha Dasa




Book 3 Page Twenty Four


It is a great sin to kill a bay in the womb or to do abortion


abhidravati mām īśa 
śaras taptāyaso vibho 
kāmaḿ dahatu māḿ nātha 
mā me garbho nipātyatām

"O my Lord, You are all-powerful. A fiery iron arrow is coming towards me fast. My Lord, let it burn me personally, if You so desire, but please do not let it burn and abort my embryo. Please do me this favor, my Lord."

This is the incidence from Mahabharat. Abhimanyu has succumbed while fighting and reached the destination reached by the chivalrous warriors. His widow Uttara, following her husband, could have ascended the funeral pyre if she desired. However she did not do so, because she was the daughter of one great king, wife of one hero, and disciple of one great devotee. Later on she became the mother of one great king (Pariksit). She was most fortunate in every respect and she also knew how to perform her ultimate religious duties. Because all the sons and grandson of Dhritarashtra had been killed during the war fought at Kuruksetra. Asvatthama, the son of Dronacharya, cut of the heads of the five sons of Draupadi as they were fast asleep. Therefore the last son of Kuru dynasty was in the womb of Uttara. Therefore Uttara prayed to Bhagavan Sri Krishna that He should protect her son in every respect. He should save him. Bhagavan Sri Krishna is all powerful and complete in every respect. He covered the womb of Uttara by His own potency. He destroyed the Brahmastra (nuclear weapon) released by Ashwatthama and protected the last progeny of the Kuru dynasty. This baby in the womb of Uttara later on became famous as the most intelligent and topmost devotee Maharaja Pariksit.

This incident from Mahabharat is very important and gives one instruction to all the mothers that they should understand the duties of a mother. It is their primary duty to protect the babies in the womb. This is a great responsibilty on every mother. Uttara, the wife of Abhimanyu did not hesitate or feel embarassed at all to ask Bhagavan Sri Krishna about her request. Thus, she was able to save her son, and later on, became famous as the mother of a great king and a topmost devotee. We have no idea how much the child that is growing in the womb is important for us, for our family, for our lineage, for our country and for our universe. Who knows how great could have been the baby who was killed alive by us right in the womb for the fulfillment of our selfish interests or for the satisfaction of our desires.

These days, the abortion has a become a fashion or fad. Whether literate or illiterate, all the mothers and fathers are killing the babies in the womb. This is a very serious offence. There is no offence more serious and abominable that abortion. This offence is of such a great magnitude that if one aborts the baby oneself or helps someone else abort the baby in the womb, he or she will not obtain the human form of life for innuerable milleniums. One receives the human form of life by the causeless mercy of Bhagavan after wandering in the millions of species. This human form of life is very rare and one spends so many lifespans of Brahma in order to obtain this human form of life. Despite receiving such a rare opportunity, when the living entity comes in the womb of the mother, then the heartless and cruel mother and father destroy that baby even before he or she is born. Bhagavan has reserved a very special punishment for such merciless parents (couple). They are sent for many milleniums in the hell known as Raurava, where they have to suffer the innumerable distresses. After that hellish torment, when that couple receives the human birth again by the mercy of Bhagavan, then the woman remains barren, she cannot beget children and the man remains unuque. Despite receiving the human form of life, they do not receive happiness. They get some disease or the other. They succumb to death. Such man and woman do not receive happiness even in the dream.

Bhagavan is very merciful. When He mercifully produces some living entity, then He makes the arrangement for his eating, drinking, and living as per his past activities. Bhagavan also maintains the person who He gives birth to. Even before the baby takes birth, Bhagavan makes the arrangement for the food of the baby by supplying the milk in the breasts of the mother. Despite knowing all this, why do we become so ruthless and cruel? Without worrying whether the child in the womb is a boy or a girl, we should our responsibility to protect that child and do our duty dilligently. However out of ignorance, we worry about the future of the baby. Considering that baby to be a girl, we kill the baby even before she is born. This is a matter of great foolishness, this is the most reprehensible offence. When one will have to suffer the reaction to this serious and abominable offence, one's soul will tremble with fear. None will be able to save one at that time. Therefore, even now there is time. Correct oneself. Come to your senses. My spiritual master is instructing and guiding all. He is altering one and all.

Many times it is seen that some poor parents beget about ten daughters. Nevertheless their marriage takes place in good, educated, cultured and rich families, and their mother and father remain happy. On the other hand, as a contrast, some parents who have only sons, do not even receive their daily bread. They are soon to perish with hunger and thirst. What a great joke!

The female pig gives birth to twelve babies (piglets) and the bitch (female dog) gives birth to eight puppies, nevertheless they are able to nourish and protect their offsprings. They grow with time. Baiyya is one small bird, who makes a wonderful nest. One becomes stunned to see that nest. The construction of that nest is so beautiful that the people place it in their homes for decoration. The bird by the name Baiyya makes that nest inside the well, or it makes the nest on the top of the tree so that none can eat its babies. Its babies also do not fall in the well. This is a matter of great surprise. Bhagavan gives this intelligence to the bird. Bhagavan has given intelligence and knowledge to all the living entities, due to which, the activities of the entire world are going on. However due to misfortune, and due to ignorance, the mothers and fathers are misusing this intelligence and creating the babies int the womb (or killing foetuses). They are murdering the living entities. This is a matter of great foolishness.


Just think. After so many milleniums, one receives the human form of life out of the eight million four hundred thousand species. Having obtained this rare human form of life, one can obtain the Supreme Lord. On can return to one's real abode. One sit in the lap of one's dearmost Supreme Personality of Godhead, but what is he doing? He is doing such abominable tasks which other living entities do not do. This is the misfortune of the living entities. He has received the human form of life for the benefit of the other living entities, in order to protect them. However he wants to harm others, torture others, kill others and imagines that this will make him happy. This is the height of ignorance! How foolish is he! Such a person can never obtain the happiness even in the dream. One who gives unhappiness to others wil also receive distress as a result. One has to pay for what one does. As you sow, you shall reap.


Whatever spiritual practice and devotional service that the human being undergoes, all of it is destroyed from the root by the killing of the baby in the womb. Therefore, although you cannot give happiness to someone, then atleast do not give the distress. The plant that grows due to sowing one seed, one obtains hundreds and thousands of seeds of the same type from that plant. Similarly, if you sow the see of the distress, then you will obtain the thousand times more distress. On the other hand, if you sow the seed of happiness, then you will obtain hundred times more happiness. Similarly if you plant the seed of the holy name of Lord Hari in the heart of the others, then you obtain infinitely more results of that. It means, your mind will be absorbed to a greater degree in the lotus feet of Bhagavan.  Therefore, try to do good to all. Do good to oneself, and also to others. One who undergoes abortion or performs abortion on others after obtaining the human form of life, shall not receive the taste for chanting the holy name of Lord Hari even in the dream. What the holy name of Lord Hari? It is directly the manifestation of Lord Krishna. When the doctor put the sharped edged surgical instrument in the womb for killing the baby, that time the baby in the womb suffers laments. It undergoes suffering. He cannot protect himself, however he knows that someone is killing him. He contracts himself in the womb. He has no means of protecting himself. He is helpless. Just for a few rupees. the rutheless and heartless doctor cuts the body of that little baby who is growing in the womb into hundreds of small pieces. The doctor mercilessly gives tremendous trouble and pain to that baby. In this way, while writhing, trembling and tossing around in the pain, that helpless baby is cut into the pieces of blood and flesh. With great difficulty, the lifeairs depart from the body of the baby. Even the human beings do not receive such pain at the time of death. However can such butcher, such heartless soul receive the taste or relish for the holy names of Bhagavan.

Therefore, O practitioners of devotional service, please be careful, do not perform abortion even by  a mistake, otherwise all the practice, all the devotional service will be mixed in the dirt, and the future will become full of darkness. You suffer distress in this lifetime, and even in the future hundreds of milleniums, you will undergo the distress, which will have no end. The living entity who comes in the womb according to his past deeds, cannot protect himself in the womb. We should protect that living entity which has landed in the womb. Let that living entity take the birth. None knows which  great soul is there. One who takes birth is protected by Bhagavan. During the summer, when the effect of the heat wave is in progress, the water of the rivers, rivulets, streams, and lakes dries up. One cannot find water in the deep, bihada forests. The hot air blows like the hot furnace. The human beings sufffer burning hot sensation due to the heat of the hot sun. Nevertheless Bhagavan protects the animals and birds who dwell in the forest. Even in the absence of the water, the animals such snakes and scorpions who crawl on the ground, and the tigers, lions, jackals, rabbits (hares), and other such animals maintain their lives. Bhagavan by His own potency gives them a lease of life (protection to their lives).

The purport of this deliberation is that, Bhagavan protects every living entity.  He also gives the potency live to that living entity who He gives birth. If this was not the case, then the whole creation would have ended. Therefore, O practitioners of devotional service, please do not worry about the baby in the womb, let him take birth, make that baby listen to the holy names of Lord Hari, chant the holy names of Lord Hari yourself. Just take shelter of the holy name of Lord Hari and see. There is no difference between the holy names of Lord Hari and Lord Sri Hari Himself. There is no difference in the holy name and the Supreme Personality who is addressed by the holy name. Bhagavan Himself protects and maintains that living entity who takes shelter of the holy name, this the proclamation or the solemn declaration of Bhagavan Himself. None can harm the personality who has taken shelter of Bhagavan. Even the violent wild animals and the poisonous animals can do any damage to him, even among them, the same Bhagavan is present in the form of the soul. Bhagavan Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the direct example of this. When He set out on the pilgrimage of the North India, He decided to visit Vrindavan and the nearby holy places. When He was advancing through the forest of Jharakhanda (Madhya-pradesh), then all the wild animals joined (participated in) His movement of the congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari. The wild tigers, elephants, bears, and deer also began to walk with Mahaprabhu and began to sing and dance with Him. In this way, He proved that even the wild animals can remain peacefully and in a friendly manner in the movement of the congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna. Then why can the human not live peacefully in this movement? The human beings are actually cultured and endowed with good manners.

One who gives trouble and distress to others will also receive only distress. The wild animals do not cause any damage or injury to anyone. The snakes also do not bite anyone first. All these aniamls are afraid of the human beings. However when the human being kills them, gives them trouble, then due to fear, in order to protect their own lives, they attack him.

Bhagavan is very merciful. Very mercifully, he gives the human form of life so that the living entity who is fallen in the ocean of the distress should engage in the devotional service and go back to His lap, his distresses should be finished, however the unfortunate living entity due to ignorance, wastes this lifetime in vain and goes back to the lap of the illusory potency of the Lord. Then he wanders in the eight million four hundred thousand species of life and receives distress. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has told us one and only one way of saving oneself from this illusory potency. None can say that he has not committed any sinful activities and he is completely free from the sins. It is impossible to say so. We are all fallen and Mahaprabhu is the deliverer and reclaimer of the fallen souls. He accepts all the sinful and fallen persons on one condition that they would  forsake their sinful activites and the bad habits forever after taking initiation fromt the bona fide spiritual master. The prohibitions and regulations have been described in the instructions that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu gave to Srila Rupa Gosvami.


One can obtain the lap of Bhagavan by  rendering the service to the saintly personalities. Other than this, there is no other way obtaining the love of Sri Krishna. Bhagavan is not pleased by the charity, meditation, visiting the holy places, and practice of mysticism (yoga).  He is only pleased by the service to the saintly personalities. Tulasidasaji has supported this fact in the scripture - Rama-charit-manas.

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The description of the condition in which the person who has dedicated himself the glorification of the holy names leaves this world

 viniscitam vadami te na canyatha vacamsi me 
hari nara bajanti ye'ti dustaram taranti te

"I am pondering deeply and telling with great confidence, please do not think my words to be false. I am telling with full confidence that those living entities who worship Sri Hari cross easily this ocean of nonsensical and insignicant material existence which is difficult to be crossed."

When the last moment of the great personality who is dedicated to the holy name beginss, he begins to experience a sweet sensation. In that condition, he begins to expirence a divine, transcendental sleep. Ordinary human beings regard that state to be loss of consciousness or swoon. However that condition is not the condition of swoon. Rather it is the condition of his deep sleep and trance, in which the person dedicated to the holy names experiences the bliss of relishing the transcendental mellows. In that condition, the flow of blood from his heart to the limbs of his body begins to stop slowly and the waves of bliss manifest in his every skin pore. The death of a person who is dedicated the chanting of the holy names is very blissful. On the other hand, the death of a sinful person is very painful. The sinful person experiences such an intolerable pain in every skin pore, just like one receives when one is stung by a scorpion. Being unable to tolerate this pain, he becomes unconscious. The attachment to the material existence also him give pain, and the noose of the sense of possessiveness and infatuation also throttles his throat. When the time of the death of the person who is dedicated to the holy names comes, then Bhagavan manifests in his heart, and gives him His charming and enchanting audience, and attracts his mind towards Himself. Bhagavan keeps him submerged in the topmost bliss. Along with the last breath, Bhagavan pulls his dear devotee out of his old body, and Bhagavan gives him a transcendental and divine body, places him in an airplane, and while joking and playing with him, takes him to the holy abode of Goloka, where the person who is dedicated to the holy names is greeted on a large scale in an attractive manner. Such a person who is dedicated to the holy names obtains the transcendental body, which is a like desire tree in the holy abode of Goloka. The dull tongue is unable to describe that achievement.

On reading this article, many doubts may arise in the heart of the readers. First doubt is, We have not read in any scriptures or heard from anyone the description of the death of a person who is dedicated to the chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna that I have described here.  The second doubt is, Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the Lord of all the universes. What is the need that He Himself has to come to take the devotee who is dedicated to the chnating of the holy names to the spiritual world? Bhagavan can send some eternal associate and do this work as well.

I going to give the answer to these questions. Please listen carefully with attention.

There are innumerable universes in which Bhagavan performs innumerable pastimes. None can estimate or fathom the limits of these pastimes. Can anyone read all these pastimes in one's lifetime? Can one glance at these pastimes? Never. But yes, the transcendental knowledge manifests in the heart of the person who receives the limitless mercy of the spiritual master. All the scriptures manifest in his heart. Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura Mahasaya says that the holy lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva are the mine of the pure devotion. By offering obeisances to them, the transcendental knowledge manifests in the heart by his mercy. "divya jnana hrdaye prakasita". The spiritual master is the most beloved devotee of Bhagavan. Bhagavan becomes pleased only by his pleasure. The nature of the spiritual master is identical to the nature of Sri Hari. All the scriptures proclaim this because he is very dear to Bhagavan -

saksat dharitveana samasta-sastraih 
ruktastatha bhavyata eva sadbhih

and also you can see,

sri guru pada-nakha mani-gana jyoti 
sumirata divya drsti hiya hoti 
ugharahi vimala vilocana hiya ke 
mitahi dosa duhkha bhava rajani ke 
sujhahi ramacharit mana manika 
jo jehi gupta pragata jehi khanika'

The splendour of gems in the form of nails on the feet of the blessed Guru unfolds divine vision in the heart by its very thought. The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation, highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines. With its very appearance the bright eyes of the mind get opened; the attendant evils and sufferings of the night of mundane existence disappear; and gems and rubies in the shape of stories of Sri RŒama, both patent and hidden, wherever and in whatever mine they may be, come to light.—

These lines of the scriptures clearly declare that whatever that has been described in the scriptures and whatever that has not been described in the scriptures, all of that, manfiests in the heart by the mercy of the spiritual master. When any devotee meditates on the lotus feet of the spiritual master, and offers them obeisances, then Bhagavan gives him buddhi-yoga, the trascendental intellect.

dadami buddhi-yogam tam yena mam upayanti te 
(Sri Bhagavad-gita 10.10)

Bhagavan says that "I grant buddhi-yoga, the transcedental intelligence so that he can approach Me."

The association with a bona fide spiritual master is necessary. Only by the mercy of such a spiritual master, Sri Krishna gives him instruction from within, so that he can obtain Bhagavan in a straightforward manner. So that he can obtain the vision of Syama and Syamaa (Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani). See one mood -

sri guru pada-nakha candra jyotsna harata hiya aghakhana 
biharata syama-syama tahan, nita apano gruha jana 
nita apano gahajana ladili sukha barasave 
akha-michauli hoye kabahun, mohan chipa javen 
le hain bansuri china kisori, kahun avasara lakha 
rahe sada ananda-kripa, jahan sri guru padanakha

However all this will happen by the mercy of the spiritual master and by chanting the holy names of Lord Hari. Every single statement of the saintly persons is true. This is the greatness of the holy names. These are the glories of the holy name. Only by chanting the holy names of Lord Hari one can obtain this goal. Because the words of Bhagavan and innumerable pastimes of Bhagavan from the innumerable universes are filled up to the brim. When the water of the holy name irrigates the land of the heart through the ears, then the words of Bhagavan and the plant of His pastimes sprouts in the heart. Just as the seed of the banyan tree is as small a mustard seed, however one big tree is hidden in that seed and when that seed is planted in that land, then one great tree manifests from that seed. In this way, the potency of the holy name is unlimited. It is fathomless .It is unlimited. The holy name of Lord Hari that the spiritual master has uttered in our ears, will go to the heart and makes the chanter completely intoxicated and successful. Ah, just see the power of the holy name. The hunter by the name Ratnakara chanted the holy name of Lord Rama in the reverse order and became the knower of the past, present and future. Simply by  saying mara, mara instead of rama, rama, he was able to chant the holy name of Rama repeatedly and by the power of that holy name, Valmiki composed Ramayana. Bhagavan Sri Rama, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the teacher of the rules and regulations for an ideal householder, came to this earth planet and performed many pastimes. Valmikiji described those pastimes thousands of years before in Ramayana. This was the power of the holy names! The last state of the devotee who is dedicated to the holy names is also transcedental. The condition of the devoted chanter at the time of death are exemplified by Sri Haridasaji who is the preceptor of the holy names and the grandfather Bhisma.

Namacharya Srila Haridasa Thakura was an incarnation of Brahmaji, but he was born in the muslim family. That wretched person and fallen person who was orphan from the birth, illiterate, devoid of shelter, rejected by the society, became the preceptor of the holy names. Highly educated and well-versed twice born memebers of the society respected and honored him. He obtained the residence in the Purusottama-ksetra which is rare even for the demigods and which purifies the three worlds. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu has said Himself that, "Even the thousand hooded great serpent Sesa cannot describe the devotional mood of Haridasa even in the billions of years. His tolerance, austerity, the unalloyed and one-pointed dedication in Bhagavan is all worthy of being emulated."

Before knowing how wonderful and transcedental was the state of the death of Sri Haridas Thakur, who was dedicated to the holy name and who is the preceptor of the holy names, let us first try to understand something more. Sri Caitanya Caritamrta describes that the son of one great sage, by the order of his father, went to pluck leaves from the holy basil (Tulasi plant) for the worship of Bhagavan Kesava. After plucking the Tulasi leaves, he offered them to his father even without washing them. Being angry due to this, his father cursed him that he would take birth in the Muslim family. That same son of a great sage incarnated in the form of the great devotee Haridasaji, who is dedicated to the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari.

Sri Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya (the glories of the holy abode of Navadvipa) describes that during Dvapara yuga, while the pastime of Vraja were in progress, Brahmaji stole the cows, calves and cowherd boys and made the mistake of tasting Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Falling at the feet of Sri Krishna, Brahmaji begged for forgiveness for that mistake, then Bhagavan pardoned him and also bestowed upon him the vision of His own transcedental form. Brahmaji had the fear that he may repeat the same mistake and lapse again at the lotus feet of Bhagavan when He appears in the Kali-yuga as Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu (who is directly Sri Krishna, the son of Nanda Maharaja and who has appeared in Navadvipa bay taking the mood and complexion of Srimati Radharani). Therefore, he took birth in a low-class family.

The devotee of Lord Krishna may take birth in any family, he is always the best. After taking birth in the Muslim family, to instruct the world, to explain the glories of the holy name to the people, he appeared on this earth planet. In his every single hair pore, the sweet name of Sri Hari was filled. The name of Sri Krishna was always dancing on his tongue. Although he was eternally perfected, nevertheless he instructed the people by his transcendental behavior, those teachings are described in the book Harinama Cintamani (the touchstone of the holy name of Lord Hari).

O learned and intellgient readers, please come, let us observe the final position of Sri Haridasa Thakura who is dedicated to the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari and who is the preceptor of the hoyl names.

It was the afternoon time. Haridasaji had closed the eyes and he was lyinging down on one bed. From his lotus mouth, the following sound was continuously emanating :-

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare 
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare


The servant of Mahaprabhu, Govinda reached to him carrying the Maha-prasada (the transcedental remnants of the Supreme Lord) just as he reached everyday. He saw that Haridasa was seated in his seat. Govinda inquired about his condition and requested him to honor the Maha-prasada. That day, Haridasa had not completed his fixed number of the holy names. He would not honor the maha-prasada without completing that number and if he did not honor the prasadam, then it would constitute an offence. Therefore, he offered obeisances to the prasadam and took one particle from that prasadam and put in his mouth. Govinda went away and he told Mahaprabhu the entire incident.

Next day, after taking a bath in the ocean, Mahaprabhu reached the ashrama (the place of residence and devotional service) of  Haridasaji. After talking for some time, Haridasaji said, "O Lord, I have one request at Your lotus feet. It is the desire of my heart that when I give up this temporary material body, then Your charming form, beautiful face that enchant the mind should be before my eyes. Your swetest of the sweet holy name Sri Krishna Caitanya which purifies the three worlds should be on my tongue. O Lord, you are completely independent. You are capable of doing everythinп. Please give me this charity for sure."

On hearing the prayer of Srila Hariadasa, Mahaprabhu's eyes became full of tears and with the choked throat he said, "Haridasa, do whatever that makes you happy." After saying this, the Lord returned to his place.

Mahaprabhu used to go and meet Haridasa daily. One day, in the company of all of His confidential associates, He came to the ashrama(place of residence and devotional service) of Haridasaji. Haridasaji was lying on the ground and was chanting the maha-mantra.Mahaprabhu inquired him about his condition. All the devotees sat on the four directions of Haridasaaji and began to perform the sankirtana (loud congregational chanting of the holy names). Some got up and began to dance. In short time, a lot of people gathered there. Mahaprabhu told everyone to stop the sankirtana and narrated to all the glories of Haridasaji. All the devotees took the foot dust of Haridasaji on the head. Haridasaji with great difficulty indicated (hinted) Mahaprabhu to come before him. The tears of love were flowing from the sides of the two eyes of Haridasaji. He was staring at Mahaprabhu with unblinking eyes and was drinking the sweet nectar of His beautiful form. Today, his eyelids did not want to close and he was slowly and feebly chanting the names "Sri Krishna Caitanya, Sri Krishna Caitanya".  As everyone watched, his lifeairs left his body. All the devoteed called out "Hari bol".  Mahaprabhu took his lifeless body and began to dance. Mahaprabhu asked for one  prasadi (remnant) cloth of Bhagavan Jagannatha and wrapped it around the body of Haridasa. His body was kept on a very big airplane and all came to the shore of the ocean while performing the Sankirtana. The devotees bathed the body of Haridasaji and gave samadhi to him. By the touch of the body of Haridasaji the ocean became the great tirtha (place of pilgrimage).  Mahaprabhu Himself celebrated the ceremony of his victory and declared that, "one who took the association of Haridasa, who drank his foot bath water, gave the sand in his samadhi, honored the prasadam in his vijaya-utsava (the festival of victory or ascendance to the spiritual world), will cerainly obtain the love for Sri Krishna."

Then Mahaprabhu made every say "All glories, all victory to Hari dasa".

In Jagannatha Puri, on the way to "Tota Gopinath", near the ocean, even today, there is a beautiful samadhi of Sri Haridasaji, where every year on the day of Ananta Caturdashi, the festival of the victory of Sri Haridadasji is celebrated.

We offer millions and millions of obeisances to Namacarya Sri Haridasa Thakura.


"Namacharya Srila Haridasa Thakura should shower mercy on the penniless and most fallen, wretched and insignficant person like me. Making me drink some drop of the nectarean juice in the form of the holy names of Lord Hari, increase my happiness." This is the only prayer.

In the list of the persons who are dedicated to the chanting of the holy names, there is one prominent name - the name of the grandfather Bhisma. Just like Haridasaji, he also abandoned his body while having the direct audience of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. When the grandfather Bhisma was lying down on the bed of arrows, then Bhagavan Sri Krishna ascended on the chariot of Arjuna and in the company of all the Pandavas, went to meet him. All offered obeisances to Bhisma. Bhisma worshipped inside and also outside Bhagavan Sri Krishna who is present in his heart as the Lord of the universe.  After this, Bhisma told the Pandavas, "This Sri Krishna is directly Bhagavan. This Bhagavan Sri Krishna has give me direct audience when I am about to give up my lifeairs. Those people, who give up their bodies, while singing His holy names, obtain Him only.

sa deva-devo bhagavān pratīkṣatāḿ  
kalevaraḿ yāvad idaḿ hinomy aham 
mukhāmbujo dhyāna-pathaś catur-bhujaḥ

(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.9.24)

"Bhagavan is the master of all the demigods and worshipable deities. The people have the audience of Him in the dream only, with His eyes resembling the red lotuses, His face full of gentle smile, and endowed with the four arms. He should remain present here and wait till I do not give up this body."


When Bhisma was speeking like this, he controlled his speech and detaching the mind from everything, applied it in Bhagavan Sri Krishna, who is the original Supreme Personality of Godhead. That time, the yellow waist garment (dhoti) was present and waving on the beautiful four armed form of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. In this way, by the mind, word and vision, the grandfather Bhisma focussed himself in Sri Krishna. He gave up this perishable body. That time, the demigods and human beings were beating the drum. The flowers began to shower from the sky.

The state of death of the devotees who are dedicated chanters of the holy name is similarly divine and transcedental. We offer millions of obeisances to the grandfather Bhisma.

Whatever I mention in my letters is completely approved by the scriptures. All that is the words of Sri Gurudeva. One who maintains a doubt in this will fall down from the path of devotional service.

Therefore one should not regard this article or essay to imaginary otherwise he will make a very serious and dangerous offence. Therefore, I request all the devotees with folded hands that they  should maintain complete faith and devotion towards me, so that I also do not commit the offence (or so that I also do not have to partake of their offence or so that I also do not have to share their offence). It is my prayers to your feet that I shall be able to follow the order of the spiritual master even in the future. There should be no obstacle in this, I can loudly proclaim to the accompaniment of the thumping of the drums that there is no other means of devotional service in Kaliyuga other than this (the chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari). The scripture declares that -

jana chahiye gudha gati jeu 
jiha nama japa janahi teu 
rama-nama ka amita prabhava 
santa, purana, upanisada gava


harer nama harer nama harer nama iva kevalam 
kalau nasty eva nasty eva nastya eva gatir anyatha

nama bina kali kale nahi ara dharma 
sarva mantra-sara nama ...

nahi paya

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  • Hare Krishna

    Thank you for such a wonderful article.

    Jai shree Krishna

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