• One thing we must never forget is that Guru, Shastra & Sadhu always guide us to be more & more humble.
    So, we should never be actually in a challenging way, showing our superiority over others, what to speak of Demigods!
    So, we can thereby check our each & every step & be doing justice to the image of our sampradaya.
    Jai Srila Prabhpada!!
  • The only anticipation should be to get strength to patiently wait For Mercy!
  • PAMHO Prabhuji!

    Actually, we have to become Kripasiddha & not Sadhanasiddha, so we need the blessings of all Vaishnavas (including the Demigods) in our humble efforts to get a drop of Love of Krsna. By just making small & steady efforts in the right directions we are never going to irk any Demigod or Demigodess, all the while rather we may be helped out by these great personalities. But we should seriously not expect Krsna or the demigods to do any favour upon us, & let this be CAUSELESS without anticipating anything.

    • Now its correct ! Thankyou !!!
    • Volunteer

      Bhumika Shukla Mataji, You said "But we should seriously not expect Krsna or the demigods to do any favour upon us, & let this be CAUSELESS without anticipating anything."

      What do you mean by this?

      We Goudiya (even other) Vaishnavas take shelter of Tulasi Devi. Only by Her grace the offering is accepted by the Lord. If Krishna did not favor us and send us His Devotee, where would we be?

      Krishna Himself appeared to teach us how to distribute Krishna Prema (Sankirtana) yet I have no desire to carry on His Instruction. How can I progress without the mercy of Krishna and His Devotees (Demigods)? I am powerless by myself.


      • PAMHO! I have said that we should not anticipate, but causelessly the Lord & His dear devotees would shower their mercy.

        Even Lord Chaitanya showed that the mercy comes unasked for!

        For instance Kurma Brahmin, also, the servant duhkhi made Sukhi...etc. etc.

        So, worshipping Demigods or Krsna with some expectation to immediately give mercy is not the right mood.

        So, we find that in Kaliyuga although the Lord & the Demigods want all of us to get pure Love of Krsna, they don't let it fall on us till we desire for something else....

      • Hare Krishna prabhu,

        I think mataji wanted to say about material benefits. You are absolutely correct that without the mercy of pure devotees we cannot get Krishna bhakti.

    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Well Said!...

  • Hare Krishna,dear Sunish Narayanan.
    Even if you have command me still you didn't offend me because you did this for my well being.
    So, my dear Sunish Narayanan prabhu, in both cases you didn't offend me, please do not feel worried.
    Thank you so much.
    Radha Radha.
    • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

      I am an insignificant person to teach great devotees there, but i feel if we are chanting, keeping vow of celebacy also it is not a challenge to any demi-god. Just like us there are billions of souls in human bodies on earth and if someone is trying to go back to Godhead no devi-devta will get envious to it. We see many examples in our scriptures that Indra used to get fearful when someone meditated to achieve power and win Indralok. But we are not after Indra lok :) nor do we deserve that. We want Krishna's  personal association ... even demigods aspire for that ... and we are not posing any competition to them because Krishna's abode is biggest than anything.


      Hare Krishna

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