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Capsule cover (geletin) made of animal source should be avoided ? if yes what are other options

For weakness I was to take Revital (daily health suppliment) capsule but when I saw ingredients found it contains animal source contents, please tell me other pure veg tablets Dr. comments will be more appreciated.


Is Revital Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?
The outer capsule shell is made of gelatin which comes from animal sources. All the capsules that are available have this gelatin.
Revital liquid is, however, vegetarian.”


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well, even i have to ask this, m taking ecod caps these days for omega 3 fatty acids.. that contains fish oil, wat can i take instead of that!!


hare krsna expecting someone to reply soon..

Jai Shri Krishna..


Here's some idea, just used Google..with this querry "omega 3 fatty acids vegetarians"


I would rather go with.. Jagadatma das..regarding ayurveda..

Hari bol Mataji.  Lipid imbalance is most probabley a liver problem.   My doctor gave me yoga raj gul gula.  Eating oils is not so good for a weak liver. Get real proffesional advice.  High sourses of good omega lipids that are non violent are walnuts  lindseed   olive oil.  Veda says eating fish is equal to eating human flesh.   The fish eat anything thrown in the ocean includring dead bodies and then you eat the fish.  The vegetarian oils you can offer to Krsna.  An they taste good too.       Oh yes    Vegi caps are a little available with some manufacturers.
Hare Krishna. Organic Flaxseed oil is a better omega 3 source than fish and is pure and vegetarian and availble either as liquid or in vegie capsules.
Hare Krsna prabhu.  Travelling around I also find this a problem.  One friendly medicine shop in Orissa  helped me find vitamins in tablet form with the green dot printed on the pack.  I use A-Z tablets sometimes.  There are other vegetarian suppliments available.  I have not found  good quality sources available in India.  Ayur veda is good but you need a very good doctor to advise you.  Some companies are cheating on the ingredients and this is a major set back here.  A good doctor can tell you the best local supplier.  I am now useing hand made ayurvedic formulas. This is the safest and the best.    Good on line vitamins stores have everything you need but have very expensive postal charges.  Vitamins and minerals are very popular overseas.  Actually very effective ayurveda and other natural therapies are available in India at low cost.  We need to learn what they are.    Like genuine Cyvana prash and  Triphala .  Guavas. Moong water. Pure Kal namak salt .  Drumstick vegatalbe and green leafy sags.    Hari bol!

Hare Krishna prabu...


 Most of the capsule form medicine has an alternative as tablet form,instaed of taking capsule take tablet form.

example:- revital is an multivitamine, altenative is riconia as tablet form.(ranbaxy). omega 3 fatty acid also coming

as veg caps form. the advantage of tablet form is,

1.doest have any animal products.

2.easy to swallow . it wont stick in the throat while swallowing.

3.imidiate effect than capsule. disintegratin rate is higher than capsule form.

hari bol.....



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