cant it seem contradictory?.

here krishna, 

all glories to srila prabhpada.

lord krishna said in bhagvad gita that,one who attain my transcendental abode never come back into this material world. then why those jivas already in the spiritual world fall,although they are serving the lord,and if they become envious, then next question is how cn they become envious in the presence of lord in the spiritual world and nt in the material world. ok for the sake consider jivas fall out of evvy,and as bhagvad gita they again attain spiritual world, then what is the garentee that they will nt become again envious. and if someone says they fall because they belong to marginal potency, and if it is true then it means that they will always bearing a tendency to fall from spiritual to material and vice varsa. then cant the krishnas word feel contradictory that one who attain my transcendental abode never come back into this material world.  

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    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

      I have researched a lot on this and read many of the conversations of Srila Prabhupada on this. Actually eternally conditioned is a nomenclature. Originally we were all Krishna conciousness entities. Eternally here simply means that we don't know either the time when we came to this material existence nor when we will be liberated from this world.

      And eternally liberated  means who never came into contact with material nature (even if they came here with Krishna's will like Srila Prabhupada).

      Your Servant,


    • thank u prabhujis and matajis for their valuable knowledge

  • Hare krishnj mataji. u sai that jivas fall frm bramhjyoti, bt we alyways heard that we were eternl servant of god serving god in spiritual word. even more is tha jivas fall bcos they become envious to god and devotees there and want independence for enjoyment and then his natural love converted into lust as he immediately comes under modes of materil nature and the when first time jiva fal frm spiritual world he givem the post of bramha. so all these i hv heard frm devotes, leacturers etc. so how could u say explin how jivas first time falls? as per u if they fals frm bramhjyoti n nt frm vikunth then it mens originaly we were in bramhjyoti n nt in spiritul world wd krishna. plz forgv i i made any mistake
    • Volunteer

      so many things which we can not understand with our TINY brain. 

      When we are in ocean and we are dying and if some comes to rescue us will we ask 

      "oh tell me why i am in this ocean? how did i fall into an ocean? how is it possible?............."

      then he will start to explain us and while he is explaining some sharks may come and swallow us and FINISHED!

       In this way we are not capable to understand these things how we came here. But we will know it when we come to Krishna and ask Him. And He will tell us if we need.

      It is emergency to go out from this ocean rather then solving problems of this ocean.

      Your servant, 

      • Hare Krishna Mata ji and other vaishnavas,

        I just came to this conversation. This one is pretty old but very important. I will try to answer it to best of my ability.

        This very question comes to every beginner's mind. I have researched it a lot. Exact answer doesn't lie anywhere. But Srila Prabhupada have answered it many times in his conversations. I will try to conclude them here.

        We all are originally Krishna conciousness entities with a free will whether to serve Krishna or not. As we are marginal energy of lord we got attracted with maya and choose not to server Krishna and came here to exploit the material nature or to show lordship over it.

        Srila Prabhupada has said that anyone can fall from any position at anytime. As soon as someone wants to enjoy independent from Krishna he will fall from spiritual world not matter on what position he is. Same applies even after when get out of this material cluthces.

        Then question arises here why Krishna said who once attains his abode will never return to this material world

        Answer: For this reason Krishna didn't created this jail like the material world jails where when you commit a crime and get a time based punishment in jail. That's why Krishna created this jail in a way that living entity keep wandering in birth and death cycle until it realize its original position. So Krishna created this jail in a way that a living entity have to come here only once.

        One other thing I heard from a senior devotee that just like there is famous saying:

        Doodh ka jala chaaj bhi phoonk-phoonk kar peeta hai – Once bitten twice shy.

        So the memories of repeated birth & death goes with us. So after reaching the spiritual abode we will be aware of the position of maya (which we were not before falling to material world) and we will never leave the service of Krishna again.

        One more thing Srila Prabhupada said in one of his conversations that only 10% of souls are suffering in this material world, rest 90% souls are eternally liberated and serving Krishna lovingly in his spiritual abodes.

        One more thing Srila Prabhupada said that it doesn't matter how we fall? Thing is we have fallen and suffering, so we should try to go back rather to keep researching how we fall back etc.

        Hope I am able to answer this.

        Your Servant,


      • Volunteer

        Hare Krsna Maral mataji


        I have a question.

        if the present Jivas are falling from Brahmajyoti, how did the come to Brahma jyoti?

        Ofcourse, it is true,that it is not relevant.But as far as I know those who are not nityasiddhas,they fall down from spiritual world only once.and once they go back,they do not fall again cuz they remember the sufferings that they had in their material life.
        please forgive me if I said anything that is offensive.


        rakesh roshan

      • Ok well bt for materilistic person to convince them we must hv ans. we cnt left any question unanswerd. ok if we consider krishna is cause of al causes then how cn we explain ths question
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    i heard also another explanation.

    Jay and Vijay were gate keepers. They were not in the Vaikuntha but in the gate. I heard it in the lecture.

    And also heard that present jivas fall from Brahmajyoti not from Vaikuntha. And there will be no end to the  falling of jivas from Brahmajyoti. It is an eternal process. Jivas are unlimited. As like Krishna and His abode are unlimited. It says that Spiritual Worlds are increasing in size every time.  Everything in Spiritual world is increasing: beauty, love, faith, service, .....

    In this way there will be enough place for all of us. And we won't have material envy there. Because we won't have false ego "i am and mine" but true  ego "i am Krishna's servant's servant".

    Your servant 

    • Hare Krishna Ashwani prabhuji

      This is a very wonderful article . Is this article available in Hindi as well? ( for my parents).

      If so please upload one for me. I will very much appreciate that.

      Thank you again for sharing such a nice article.

      Hare Krishna

  • thaks very much prabhu

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