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Lord Krishna being the supreme personality of godhead can we worship Lord Balaram along with Lord Krishna. Also I have heard that Lord Balaram is an avatar of Sesha Nagam. So can we worship Lord Balaram along with Lord Krishna. Please help me solve this doubt please.

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hare krishna prabhuji

there is krishna balram iskcon temple in vrindavan and devotees worship them, not only this baldeva is worshipped along with jagannath swami in puri so it is ok to worship balram ji with krishna .


hare krishna

Thank you so much for solving my doubt. I completely surrender myself on to the feet of Lord Balarama. Hare Krishna.

Hare Krishna..

In every iskcon temple i visited, there are deities of Radha Krishna, Krishna Balaram and Nitai Gauranga. So yes we are worshipping Balarama also.

Also Panca tattva mantra we chant and it include Lord Nityananda who is incarnation of Lord Balarama and we took blessing of Panca tattva - Sri Krishna chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Lord Krishna), Prabhu Nityananda (Lord Balarama), Sri Advaita Acharya (Sadashiva and Maha vishnu), Gadadhara Pandita (Srimati Radharani), Srivasa Pandita (Narada Muni). 

Lord Balarama is first expansion of Lord Krishna in spiritual world and Sesha Naga in Vaikuntha loka is expansion of Lord Balarama. 


Hare Krsna 

Yes. Lord Chaitanya worshiped Lord Balarama, Subhadra & Jagannatha.

Gopis worship Krsna Balaram.

Hare Krsna


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