Can we chant silently in the office

Hari bol,

As sometimes even if i wake up in the morning what happens is 2 problems i m facing :

1. Can not complete chanting even if i wake up early, since have to prepare aarthi plates and everything in my house. So if i chnt in the office silently so that no one else can hear - is it okay???

2. I came to know that while in Pooja/Aarthi you must have clean stomach(evacuate) but in my case it doesnt happen at all.Can you suggest some Ayurvedic method or some Yogasanas...

It would be very helpful. 

HariBol, Your Servant

S. Girish

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  • Volunteer

    Drinking Triphala before bed maybe also helpful in addition to drinking some glasses of water.

    You have to breath with Your stomach and always walk with straight back.

    During day times try to sit in padmasana or siddhasana as much as possible.


    My Guru Maharaj says that CHANTING should be given foremost priority.

    So if we do not have enough time then no need for aratis or even Bhagavatam but chanting our minimum 16 rounds.

    And read Bhagavatam at the office.

    But this chanting we have to hear ourselves with full attention.

    At home i cannot sit and chant, because everyone around is sleeping i also feel asleep so i walk for two hours from one side of the room to another.

    But when Sun rises i come to Temple, sit and chant along with Devotees.

    So we have to act according to time place and circumstances.

    Your servant,

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  • well dean prabhu I guess you didn't get what I was implying to say..

    Jumping directly to raganuga bhakti is not possible only..

    the ones who make a showcase of this without understanding a d of devotion don't do anything good to themselves or others..

    incase you still don't have a whiff of what I am talking about then you should know that I am talking about sahajiyas..

  • Hare Krishna Girish Prabhuji!




    Radhey! Radhey!

    Prabhuji i have read all comments and i find them genuine from their own way.  If you are committed for your 16 round then you can start your chanting anywhere as per your comfort level and no to disturb others at the same time but make sure that the 16 round you are completing should be perfect & offence free,  it is a difficult task but still try offence free chanting.

    As Subhash Prabhuji said that there should purety in chanting weather it is xyz rounds you do.  He is also telling correct, Prabhuj if you would take my opinion then i would say that first of all we need to adopt the message of Bhagwad Gita which is given the Lord to us and the message is Love.  If we really consider that we are the pure devotee of Lord Krishna then we need to be a true human being who loves all kids of God weather it is animal,insect or Men/Women. We should not hate anyone,  we should not pride in our devotionalship.  We should be very humble for everyone and see the Lords existence in all living entity.  Our vision should be similar for chandal or brhaman.

    Prabhuji if we follow the actual message of Lord and apart of that we do chanting,Morning Aarti, Doing all Devotional Services positively then it means We are very dear to Lord.

    And one more thing that Lord is siting in our heart in the form of paramatama who knows everything about us.

    Hare Krishna

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari 

  • Hare Krishna Girish Prabhu,

    My view is different but not different from what Krishna told in Gita.
    By looking at your first question, it is clear that you are already bound by the Karma of Chanting the number of rounds.
    You are so much attached to the work that you have started feeling guilty of not completing it.
    Do not feel sorry for not completing the rounds. That is not your ultimate goal. What matters is the depth of devotion with which you chant the name of the lord. Chant with love and with your heart completely merged in His thought. That is what matters. Numbers are secondary. I mean, shift your concentration from numbers, to chanting with love.
    When you feel the deep devotion while taking the name of the lord with love, that itself shows that The Lord has bestowed His grace upon you.These are the moments that actually count. Hope you understood what I meant.

    About your second question, as others have suggested, have two glasses of water before going to bed at night and also in the morning once you wake up.
    Do not sit at your desk in office for hours at stretch. Get up every 1 hour or so and take a walk here and there and have a glass of water every time.
    Doing this would certainly help you.

    • Hare Krishna subash prabhu,

      I think one should definitely feel sorry for not completing the rounds.You are right about the fact that it's not the ultimate goal but that is the thing which will lead to the ultimate goal.

      If numbers were not important then prabhupada won't have stressed on the necessity of 16 rounds.I think one may hide behind the excuse of chanting with love and chant may be 1 round per day!!

      There is a reason why vaidehi bhakti marg is in place for us devotees.Jumping directly to spontaneous devotion marg[chanting with love if you will!!] won't bring any meritorious results.

      Having said this, it might be just me and please forgive me if I said anything offensive..


  • HK Prabhu,

    I'm sincere prabhu. please gothrough the last msg of mine. 


  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhujis,


    Thought I'll share with you the bad effects of chanting in the office. Yes, I have got a bad name that I am a Krsna devotee. A lot of people take advantage of me in the name of new found profound devotion, which disappears the moment their work is done. Experience teaches everyone, it has taught me also - now I try to differentiate between the so called devotees and the sincere sadhakas.

    Second, because of the bad name, one lady and I are consistently spending 10 min in eating our lunch and the balance time reading on the net - vedabase - we have so far completed Bhagavad Gita As It Is, Sri Isopanishad and are currently on Chapter 19 of Canto 1 of Srimad Bhagawatam. The entire office knows I do this - including my bosses in Mumbai and somehow, by the grace of the lord, we are continuing. Some people in office have got inspired and are now following ekadasi - with the condition that I tell them 1 or 2 days in advance when ekadasi is.

    Some people did try to make fun and create trouble taht we are reading in office, by the grace of the lord, there were some wellwishers also who adequately snubbed them and nipped the problem in the bud.

    Maybe it helps that I am in a regional office and one of the seniormost over here and absolutely ambitionless. To me, it is simply the arrangement of the lord. It wasnt like this always - nor was my resolve to pursue spirituality so strong then.

    What I am trying to say is that the lord sees our sincerity in attempting to serve Him and makes arrangements for us to be able to do so. Yes, there are challenges and struggles. Every time there is a struggle, I tell myself that my struggle is pleasing to the lord and continue with a smile.

    In spirituality, the act remains the same, the consciousness matters. If we are spending our non office time with friends and movies and other such things, and then chanting in office, naturally the effects will be opposite. That you have to decide based on your condition in life - both in office and outside. The sincerity is important - not the act. If you are chanting in office as a desperate attempt to fulfill your commitment towards the lord and towards all the duties you have taken on yourself in terms of service to be rendered, household responsibilities of wife and daughter in law (in my case), and still want to do your sadhana, then the lord sees. Thats why His equation with each of us is so unique. It is very personal and very unique. What works for me need not work for anyone or everyone. Just told you what I think and do.

    I dont know how much of this is making sense to you - after reading the other posts on this thread, I just thought I will clarify. I am not belittling your remarks at all - I quite agree taht chanting has to be attentive. To me, chanting is important - if you are sincere, the quality will also come. Just be desperate to please the lord, thats all.


    Your servant,


    • Devotee Rashmi, my situation is similar to yours. I work in Head Office so I get enough time to read Bhagavad Gita, Bhagvatam, Krishna - The Supreme Personality of Godhead. Currently, I am in canto 2 chapter 4. Luckily, everyone in my department support my reading of Lord Krishna.

      Can you please post the Web link of Vedabase ?

      Hare Krishna
    • Nice One Mataji !! Dandvat Pranaam !!

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