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    Many devotees do this. In our temple, I have seen a family, who bring their gopal deity in a small cloth bag to even temple when they come for Sunday feast!!! When I was in Karthik Yatra last year in Vrindavan, I saw a devotee carrying the deities of Gaur-Nitai daily to all the places on his head!!! The sanyasies of the 8 mathas of Udupi worship the deities daily and carry them to where ever they go. In south indian brahamin marriages, the kanyadaan is performed by placing a saligram shila or a diety of baal gopal on the hand and they give a box to carry that deity called samputa. And it is expected that the husband carries this deity every where and worships it nicely where ever he goes. However, we need to be very careful regarding the cleanliness standards for the deity worship. we can not compromise on that at any cost. And if u feel u can not carry them with you and no one else is at home to take care, then you can put the deities to rest and beg forgiveness for not being able to serve them better.

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      My humble obeisances Sudheendra Prabhu, thank You for Your nice replies!
      But one thing i have to say.
      This type of topic was discussed in the Russian forum. And Devotees asked if we can put Deities into sleep. But most senior Devotees told that if one travels too much then better not to take responsibility of accepting Deity to our home. Because it is very important. To put Them to sleep again and again is not a good thing.
      Only in extreme situations.
      They are like children and should be treated as like children.
      Please forgive me for this!
      Your insignificant servant,

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    we dont call it a idol. Idol is something that has no life. It is but the deity which is representation of Krishna himself. There is no difference between Krishna and his deity.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhujis & Matajis. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Please help me regarding this.

    What if we can not carry the deities due to big size & other problems? Can we do manasa service for them & how to do this? Is manasa service on the same level as our normal daily services & can they be performed in case of unfavorable circumstances?

    If we go to the temple then can the service of the home deities be skipped?

    servant of servant

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      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
      If Deities are too big then one can carry Their photo and do the same worship as at home to the photo.
      For example, when i was in Govardhan Eco village i stayed with HG Nartaki Mataji and she had big Radha Shyamasundar Deities. But to the village she brought Their photo and served Them by offering fire, water, flowers...the same standard.
      And used to put Them to sleep, then wake Them up...
      No, even if we visit Temple out home Deities also should take food, the same standard should be followed. We can not skip.
      Temple is like a university. They show to us example of how to serve to our home Deities. It is like asking:
      is it ok if i feed my neighbor's child and it is equal with feeding my child at home.
      No! Krishna appeared in Your home just to accept Your care, in the form of Your food, love, songs, readings, clothes....
      Krishna sees our efforts to serve to Him.
      Your servant,

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    If i do not carry my Deities then They will get hungry and leave me :(

    Deities are not some kind of dolls. If we do not take care of Them then They will leave us.

    I carry them where ever far i go. At least one time They have to eat something.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare krsna mata ji

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

     in my view..each & every devotee & other people who r not a devotee.. always carry krsna every time.. it jst a point of how much faith u have & devotion...

    krsna is everywhere in this creation... & krsna always there with there devotees.. this is a krsna spl mercy on devotees...


    still a devotee wanna carry Lord Krishna's murti while traveling.. then devotee must give spl attention & spl services..

    if i m wrong then plss correct me....please forgive me for any offences.

    Your servant 


  • Hare Krishna mataji!

    I have got the same question. Can devotees help us in this matter, please?

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      Hare Krsna


      I have seen one Sannyasi carrying his deties of Jagannath,Baladev and mother Subhadra where ever he goes but I am not sure if we can also do d same cuz the standards hv to be maintained all the time if u hv the deity of Lord Krsna


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