Hare Krishna!


I am going through a hard time in my material and spiritual life which has made me a little weak in spirituality (i had overcome this in between but now again i'm not able to sleep at night and it gets hard to wake up)

there are so many things going on with my family, school, spirituality, etc. and i can't handle it any more. i still chant my rounds, and remember lord krishna but i feel that i have gotten a bit weak in spirituality. also as a cherry on the cake, i have no friends nor any vaishnava association so that i can talk to someone about it. i always think of lord krishna as my friend but now since i have gotten weak in spirituality, it feels that he's angry and i can't talk to him. plus i also feel that why should i give him this trouble? i am in a really tight spot and i don't know what to do! please help me and tell me if i can talk to lord krishna, and is he angry from me?

Hare Krishna!

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  • Hare Krishna Pranavi mata ji,

    this vid. for you. watch it you will know.


    hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna Mata ji!

      i have actually watched this movie twiceūüėÖūüėĀ it is such a great movie about deity worship! thank you so much for reminding me the message again!

      hare Krishna!

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Does Lord Krishna get angry if we get weak in spirituality?

    No, but lord Krsna gets angry when we are envious of His devotees and due to envy balspheme or harm His devotees. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!

      ok prabhu ji! thank you so much! but prabhu ji, what if in my previous lives, i had unknowingly or knowingly harmed vaishnavas and don't remember now? say i was a dog in my previous life and i bit a vaishnava thus harming them. would lord krishna be angry at me for that or any other offence that i did in my previous life? i don't know that is why i'm scared

      Hare Krishna!


      • Sevak

        Hare Krsna 

        Say i was a dog in my previous life and i bit a vaishnava thus harming them. would lord krishna be angry at me for that

        No. Good or bad activities done by animal/birds do not have any implications on their sins/piety/offences. In other words animals/birds cannot do sinful or pious or offensive activities. 

        What if in my previous lives, i had unknowingly or knowingly harmed vaishnavas and don't remember now?

        Then it will affect pratice of bhakti in this life. But since we do not remember the offence there is nothing specific we can do about it. We should just continue to practice bhakti intensely so that the offensive tendency is removed.

        or any other offence that i did in my previous life? i don't know that is why i'm scared

        Generally the offensive mentalitydoesn't go away. If a person had offensive mentality in previous lives, it will continue in current lives also. If someone has committed offences in this life the only solutiomn is to fall at their feet and beg forgiveness. If somoene has negative feelings towards another devotee then depending on the severity it is better

        1. To stay away and stop direct interactions or 

        2. Try to see good in them and glorify it and ignore minor shortcomings or 

        3. If another devotee has caused some inconvenience, express it politely and resolve amicably . 


        Hare Krsna


        • Hare Krishna prabhu ji!

          okay prabhu ji! it has cleared all my doubts regarding this concept. thank you so much!

          Hare Krishna!


  • Hare Krsna dear mataji ,¬†

    Please dont worry too much . Krsna doesn't get angry with His devotees . You can share anything with Him . He is our supreme well wisher.  He cares for you . He doesn't feel like you are bothering Him . He loves us all a lot . He is merciful on the non devotees too . Dont think that you are giving Him any trouble . Your troubles are not silly to Him . He has concern for you . He is merciful head to toe . He loves us all a lot. 

    Coming to your becoming weak spiritually . Please continue to chant the holy names . Please chant with HH Kadamba kanana swami maharaj's kirtans and Jahnavi Devi Dasi mataji's kirtans . Many are available in YouTube. They are very melodious and life giving . I become very happy when I chant in their kirtans.  Please you also listen to the kirtans and chant after them . It will strengthen your spirituality 100%.

    All the very best 

    Please follow kirtan chanting too



    • hare krishna mata ji!

      ok thank you so much mata ji!

      Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna Pranavi mata ji,

    :-) Really cute you are already conversing with Krishna even now. When you told all this here. Do you think  Krishna is not seeing all this?

    Why don't you pick up a fight with Krishna and talk on this matter itself with Him. Say... " I don't have friends and I have accepted you only as my friend" pata hai hamare duniyan mei ( material world mein) kehte hai friend in need is friend indeed.  Aisa kab tak muhn fulake rahoge. Kuch toh bolo. I don't know about your problems. I always tell my problems to you. Now this is becoming onesided friendship. You know If you tell you problems I may or may not solve them. But you have a listening ear here. You can atleast take that I am a friend and tell me all ur problems. Likewise it would be easy for me to share all my problems with you. Hai na? this is not going to work like this if i only always keep telling..... my problems and you just sit there and listen listen. I don't even know if you like to hear my problems also. If you say you don't like hearing my boring problems then just say it. So that I would stop using you like stress buster.  

    Well. I also talk to Krishna but If I feel He is not replying, I start to fight. tum na rehne do tum baat toh karte nahi.. friendship kya nibhao ge. Mere friend banna hai toh dekho muhn mein aisa makkan bhar ke baithega toh nahi chalega. ulta chor kotwaal ko dante.. aisa ho jata hai.. :-) Well This all Sri Krishna is watching and enjoying right now also. Haan Haan hum kuch bhi keh bhi nahi sakte hai.. dost hai karke. sab ka ek hi jawab hota hai ..apke paas toh. Sabar ( have patience)., Let karma unfold. Everything will be solved. But ab toh sehan nahi hota hai na..aur toh aur aap toh shoulder tak nahi dete hai. to lean and cry on it. 

    jawab milega unse ki.. Mai toh yahi hoon na tumhare pass kyon kose jaa rahi ho. 

    well whenever I feel krishna is not replying I always pick up a fight like this. and make a funny conversation ..Like ulta chor kotwal ko dante.. woh bolenge tab.. mai toh yehi tha.. tumne mujhse baat karna chodh diya tum busy hogaye material world mein. I tell haan haan mai busy thi, woh aap toh yehi the na. Kyon nahi baat kiya. arey mai toh karta hoon. Kahan janaab.. ab jaake mai ladne aagayi toh aap baat karne lage. Friendship kiya toh aapka bhi itna hi hakh hai mere pe ki.. mai batak rahi toh aap mere haath ko thame, baher nikale. Par aapka ....lagta hai aap bhi apne devotee friends ke saath busy hogaye. hai na? 

    He will tell Oh!!  :-) make it funny conversation. this is what I do.  Kya OH?? you can extend this conversation as long as you want. I do like this. simply to start conversation with Krishna. And This Krishna is watching all this .. right now also. HAHHA


    kiran flute - Little Krishna - Making Fun With The Friends - YouTube

    Krishna Real Friend | Facebook

    Well, in friendship on one has right to fight with Him.. I mean comically. 

    Just gave my opinion.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna mata ji!

      thank you so much mata ji! i honestly was always tempted to do this but i felt that how can a neophyte like talk to the supreme personality of godhead this way? but since you know me well, and are still recommending it to me, i guess i can! thank you mata ji! the conversation you wrote was so cute!!

      Hare Krishna!

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